Redskins interviewing Romanowski for strength coach job

Bill Romanowski once lobbied to replace Mike Shanahan in Denver; now he might join Shanahan’s staff in Washington.

Jay Glazer reports that Romanowski is interviewing in Washington to be the team’s strength and conditioning coach.   Seriously. 

There are a ton of jokes that could be made here, but we’ll leave them to the commenters. 

Instead, we wonder if the NFL will have an opinion on the possible hiring of an admitted steroid user and pill enthusiast for a job that puts him in charge of the conditioning of an entire team. 

The NFL has largely avoided the steroids issue that has plagued baseball, but this hiring could put it front and center.  We don’t doubt Romanowski knows conditioning — he owns his own nutrition company — but this is like if the Cardinals hired Mark McGwire to run the team’s weight room.  (Our sister site, for one, appreciates that football writers don’t get too pious about the issue.)

Still, this move is a bit much.  It’s not a big leap to think that a man that believed in the power of illegal performance enhancers as a player would feel the same as a coach.

63 responses to “Redskins interviewing Romanowski for strength coach job

  1. Oh man! This is awesome news. Can you just imagine the roid rages & fights during training camp? WOW, I hope he gets the job.

  2. WOW! This is freaking hilarious. Could you imagine the attitude in that locker room. I don’t know how much they’ll win but they definitely will be the biggest mother humppas in the league. JUICED UP…..WHAT!

  3. I can’t wait for his 30 page power-point presentation to Danny Snyder on how to mask steroid use, break teammates eye sockets (Hopefully Chris Horton ko.’s Carlos Rogers), and protein shakes.

  4. In 2010, the Redskins will be the strongest, angriest team in the league.
    Of course, they’ll also lead the league in back acne and most minute testicles.

  5. I hope nobody in DC is afraid of needles… by DC I mean on the Redskins team, not in DC proper. Will Marion Barry be hired for public relations? Perhaps team ethics coordinator?
    Bring back the Whizzinator!

  6. He’d be perfect here in Pittsburgh. The steelers could finally address the conditioning problem that seemed to nag them in the second have this past year. A little ‘roid’ rage could also help them more easliy unleash hell. They need to go after him as well.

  7. Will he inject his “Cream” via a shot in the buttock?
    And also, will he spit in the face of each minority on the team?

  8. Despite my ‘roid rage I am still just a rat in a cage.
    “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” by Smashing Pumpkins

  9. Odds for winning next year’s Superb Owl from bodog:
    Indianapolis Colts 13-2
    San Diego Chargers 8-1
    New England Patriots 10-1
    New Orleans Saints 10/1
    Pittsburgh Steelers 11-1
    Dallas Cowboys 12-1
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    Minnesota Vikings 12-1
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    Atlanta Falcons 30-1
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    Carolina Panthers 40-1
    Miami Dolphins 45-1
    San Francisco 49ers 45-1
    Seattle Seahawks 45-1
    Denver Broncos 50-1
    Jacksonville Jaguars 50-1
    Washington Redskins 50-1
    Buffalo Bills 100-1
    Cleveland Browns 100-1
    Detroit Lions 100-1
    Kansas City Chiefs 100-1
    Oakland Raiders 100-1
    St. Louis Rams 100-1
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers 100-1
    >my face when Patriots not 18-1

  10. Romanowski and Mark McGwire have formed a specialized sports training firm. Osi Umenyiora will be joining after his upcoming retirement…

  11. First of all people:
    I’m sure the black players on the skins will love reading some of the little gems he has dropped over the years.
    Sports sections across the country can start writing the articles now:
    “Today, _______, the starting ______ for the Washington Redskins, was suspended 4 games for violating the Leagues policy on performance enhancing drugs”

  12. This hire is possible because Dan Snyder, much like Bill ‘the Pill” Romonowski, has no credibility or scruples. Only a man with credibility would see the breatdth and depth of the problems this hire would create. But a man with no credibility or scruples, says — what’s the problem?

  13. The Shanahan connection is obvious, but you have to wonder what he’s thinking. This is like putting the rooster in charge of the chicken hormones.

  14. wow. the circus is starting in 4skin country already. talk about an embarassment even considering this knuckelhead.
    this org is probably the top 5 worst run orgs in the nfl no question about it. It is still big time dysfunctional and shanny will get canned within 3 yrs finishing last in the nfc east and missing the playoffs.

  15. Yeah, Baby. I am so juiced by this. Next thing you know, Snyder will hire Victor Conte as a special team consultant. Romanowski! I am pumped. Check out his Youtube clip. It will make you want to slap your co-worker!!!

  16. The native american community is rejoicing a decision by the Washington DC based NFL franchise to rename their team. Previously they were known by the offensive nick name of the “Redskins” which portrays native americans as blood thirsty savages. The team announced today they will now be known as the Washington Roidskins. The current helmet logo showing a native american chief will be replaced by an acne covered butt cheek being injected by a hypodermic needle.

  17. The dirtiest player in the history of the game and a long term steroid cheater. And the Redskins are seriously considering hiring this scum ?
    I hope the league steps in and prevents this from happening, otherwise they are going to have to institute daily drug tests for every member of the team.

  18. Wow, really insanely lame jokes in here.
    Would you rather have a wetbrain drunk DWI case like Chuck Cecil on your team, or a brilliant seasoned veteran (who, despite a relatively minor infraction that near-EVERY player is guilty of) who brings a wealth of strength, conditioning and wellness training to the table. The pros outweigh the cons, but everyone just sees “STEROIDS”. He isn’t calling plays, he’s simply bringing his obviously excellent resume’ and experience to a team that desperately needs an infrastructurally sound overhaul from the ground up. The ‘Skins could do a ton worse than Romo.
    Reality Check: At least 50% of your football heroes have/are juiced/juicing. Deal with it.

  19. Well, if George Bush Sr. could appoint Arnroid Injectmeegger as chairman of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, The Freak can be the Skin’s Strength coach.

  20. Redskins will be the most effective team in the league at recovering fumbles at the bottom of scrums. In addition to Strength & Conditioning they’ll be experts at spitting, eye gouging, yambag-pulling, and nipple twisting at the bottom of piles.

  21. @KriegtoSkansi: My joke was not lame. It was of high quality.
    Also, Romanowski is a douchebag who deserves mockery and derision. If you went to his high school, he would have shoved your pencilneck in a freshman locker.

  22. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. The dude messed up big time with the entire steroids thing, I *highly* doubt the most visible Strength & Conditioning coach in all of the NFL will be peddling pills to his players.
    His nutrition company is actually legit now anyway, so perhaps he’s changed as far as attitudes toward strength & conditioning.

  23. This just spits in the face of eveything they’re trying to do right in the NFL….
    This team already had no balls….
    What’s next..? elway’s gonna come on board as the speed coach…?

  24. Steroids. hahaha. What a joke. its almost like pro sports turned their head because they built monsters and top performers that made professional teams MILLLLLLIONS!
    Hell, no one even mentions the 70 Steeler teams that introduced steroids into team sports. Instead, they are worshipped as one of the best “dynastys” of all time. As a matter of fact they want to put the “steel curtain” in the hall of fame as a group. lol. The Steelers of the 70’s can do no wrong. Owners, coaches, players and even fans could give a rats ass anymore. The bigger story is the folks that didn’t do steroids.

  25. I was wondering why he was being interviewed on ESPN the other day and he was sloberring about what a terrible person and teammate he was and how he changed his life and he was sorry.
    Regardless of roids anyone who can spit on or physically injure another teammate (career) because of he is a malajustment in life is a worthless POS.

  26. “Reality Check: At least 50% of your football heroes have/are juiced/juicing.”
    100% of your Redskins suck.

  27. Lost in the press conference, Snyder just announced Rae Carruth is the VP of Player Development……

  28. He unknowingly used steroids as a Raider. That’s it!!!
    He was told by Victor Conte that it was a pro-hormone!!!
    As Jim Calhoun would say “Get some facts and come back and see me!!!!”

  29. Hiring a coach who was so dirty he once spit on an opposing player? Albert Haynesworth is disgusted by this.

  30. .VoxVerita=sheep.
    So glad you add your two sense. Remember Jerry is shopping for your groceries come 2010 draft. That equals disaster. Parcells’ influence on your team is fading. Jerry and his hair piece are not going to do as good of a job as the tuna did down there. The tuna picking your players has kept you all competitve, but the fact of the matter is is that your o-line is going to completely break down next year, your left tackle hotel adams is worthless and you all waste draft picks on worthless players like Roy Williams. Stop commenting on what the skins are doing and pay attention to what they are doing in dallass you little troll. You probably aren’t even from texas, you probably started cheering for the cowgurls because they were winning when you were in middle school in the 90’s and you just followed the heard like the sheep you are.

  31. Mark McGuire WAS hired by the Cardinals, genius. As a hitting coach. What was he known for? Hitting the ball a mile.
    Romo, aside from having a few screws loose, was known for not missing a start in 15 years and always being in great shape.

  32. Roidanowski to ‘SKins? Sounds about right. Can’t wait til those training camp fights with the roid rage….

  33. “So glad you add your two sense.”
    haha, ok.
    I was just going to let it go but I can’t do it to you. Unless you’re talking about my sense of smell, touch, taste, sight, hearing, or common sense, I think the word that you were searching for is “cents”.
    “Remember Jerry is shopping for your groceries come 2010 draft. That equals disaster.”
    Yaya, of course.
    “Jerry and his hair piece are not going to do as good of a job as the tuna did down there.”
    Betcha they can draft an offensive lineman better than Parcells can. In fact they already have. Doug Free is better than any offensive lineman that Parcells drafted in four drafts. I’m pretty happy with the Cowboys’ post-Parcells drafts, to tell you the truth. Felix Jones, Tashard Choice, Orlando Scandrick, Mike Jenkins, Anthony Spencer, Doug Free, all are pretty good players. And that’s just the ’07 and ’08 drafts.
    How do you feel about Parcells’ post-Cowboys drafts? Jake Long at #1 overall, kind of a no-brainer. Parcells finally drafted an offensive lineman that wasn’t a scrub! How about Pat White in the 2nd? Who else?
    “the fact of the matter is is that your o-line is going to completely break down next year”
    Thanks, Tuna. Man, he made so many whiffs on the OL. Al Johnson, Justin Bates, Jacob Rogers, Stephen Peterman, Rob Petitti, Pat McQuistan, E.J. Whitley… are any of those guys still in the NFL?
    “your left tackle hotel adams is worthless”
    Oh I wouldn’t say that. He’s a five time Pro Bowler. I believe he gave up 5 sacks in ’09. When he got hurt against the Vikes in the playoffs, his worth was very clear.
    “you all waste draft picks on worthless players like Roy Williams.”
    Dude, you’re a Redskin fan calling out some other team for dropping picks on players? How about some perspective. The Cowboys had 12 draft picks last draft. Your Redskins had 6.
    “Stop commenting on what the skins are doing and pay attention to what they are doing in dallass you little troll.”
    OK, the Cowboys have won the division two out of the last three years. The Redskins have had two winning seasons this century and haven’t won the NFCE since five coaches ago (Zorn, Gibbs, Spurrier, Shottenheimer, Robiskie)
    “just followed the heard like the sheep you are.”
    You’re welcome.

  34. “Mark McGuire WAS hired by the Cardinals, genius. As a hitting coach. What was he known for?”
    Steroids, just like Romanowski.

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