Romanowski addresses report of Redskins link

Earlier today, Jay Glazer of FOX reported that 16-year NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski would interview with the Redskins for the position of strength and conditioning coach.

In a Twitter post, Romanowski says this:  “Just to get the records straight I wasn’t called in by the Redskins to be their Strength and Conditioning Coach.”

Technically, it doesn’t mean he hasn’t been or won’t be considered for the job.  It only means he hasn’t gotten it yet and/or that he didn’t go to D.C. for the purposes of seeking the job.  Indeed, he acknowledges on his Twitter page that he is in Washington and that he has seen Mike Shanahan.

24 responses to “Romanowski addresses report of Redskins link

  1. Oh no he saw his old coach. That obviously means he’s going to be the new Strength and Cond. coach. After all, if you see your old coach after you retire you have to be doing so to interview. Anything else is against the laws of physics.
    Oh right nevermind. Just more no news. Good job Florio. So far you’ve reported that Romanowski won’t be the Skins SC Coach and that he’s denied your report. Way to make chicken ish out of chicken salad.

  2. All we need is a guy who was accused of taking steroids assisting our current players in the ways getting “stronger”. Can’t wait to see how this one turns out.

  3. Romo is promoting his line of proteins & supplements, called Nutrition 53. What better way than him being a strength coach, and having players use his products, and possibly the NFL endorsing his line? Not that it’s the case, or remotely close. Just throwing something out here.

  4. All things considered – he’s probably not the worst person to hire as a strength and conditioning coach.

  5. If you have heard Romo speak about fitness and strength and muscle growth”legal growth”. He knows his stuff he would bring knowledge, disipline, coommittment, fire. It can’t hurt hey at least let the guy get a shot at a interview before you slam him. Stop hating he’s a winner plain and simple, he’s won everywhere he’s played.

  6. It means Jay Glazer and his little punk PFT bi-octhes are complete LIARS!
    Just like 99% of their Redskins posts are complete LIES that these idiots make up.
    Now they’ve been caught (again) so the PFT response is …….LIE SOME MORE!!!!!!!!!!!
    Florio/Glazer and their little punk MDS (again).

  7. DieHardSkinsFan21 says:
    Welcome to the conga line. Does having your psyche on my belt loop make my ass look fat?

  8. Excellent, maybe he can juice up Lavar and Clinton for their lingerie death match.
    This franchise becomes a bigger joke by the blog.

  9. Why do 0-3gle fans always talk about homosexual sex? Does it have anything to do with being from the “city of brotherly love”?

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