Seahawks aren't sure what Walter Jones will do

Thumbnail image for NFL_wjones.jpgWe aren’t the only ones that don’t know if Walter Jones was joking about retirement or not Sunday.

According to the Associated Press, the Seahawks have traded messages with Jones this week, but have been unable to “reconfirm” his plans for 2010.  Publicly, Jones has said he’ll try to play again. He’s hinted at retirement on Twitter.

Seahawks offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates spoke with the Seattle media for the first time Tuesday and said he “won’t get involved with what route we’re going” at left tackle. Matt Hasselbeck is following Jones like the rest of us.

“Walt’s on Twitter,” Hasselbeck said on KJR 950 Tuesday.  “I’m going to stay on Twitter just so I can stay in the know and see what Walt’s up to.”

Hasselbeck has no idea what the left tackle is going to do.

“Knowing Walt, who knows,” Hasselbeck said. “It could be true, it might not be true . . . I have no idea.”

12 responses to “Seahawks aren't sure what Walter Jones will do

  1. dude hasn’t played since what November of 2008?
    a better title would be Seahawks aren’t sure what they can do to win
    there isn’t much to look forward to next season

  2. He’s a great player on and off the field he will be in the HOF someday. If he retires he’s had a great career with the seahawks.

  3. Walt was probably the best LT in the history of the game, but it is time for him to walk away while he can still walk. He would likely make an awesome line coach.

  4. He’s playing chicken with management to see if he can make it past a deadline for a bonus, or something like that. If he says he will retire, then they don’t have to look bad and cut him but if he says he will stay and they are forced to cut him, he can at least suck some dollars out of them to pay him to go away quietly. The guy is one of two HOF Seahawks, they can’t very well cut him like he’s Phil Simms.

  5. One of the best players ever at his position, & most people outside of Seattle have never heard of him. It’s a shame. Maybe he should have changed his name to Siete Uno & he would have been famous.

  6. plan as if he wont be there. and u wont be disappointed.
    then, if he shows up, gravy. an embarassment of riches.

  7. Drafting Walter Jones was the best thing that happened to Seattle during the Dennis Erickson era (besides getting Paul Allen to take over and keep the team from moving).

  8. Haven’t been impressed with Walter Jones play the past two years.
    OL’s don’t voluntary retire. And they don’t play chicken.
    What they do is eat chicken. Lots of it. Along with steak, pork chops and a lot of other fried foods. Then there’s the tell-tale gravy stains, too.
    Once they start eating its over, friends. Can’t you hear the sound of the balloon popping?

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