Source: Stallworth is working out with the Lions

1043.jpgAgent Drew Rosenhaus said Tuesday that receiver Donte’ Stallworth, who was reinstated Sunday night and cut by the Browns on Monday, will be working out for an unnamed NFL team on Wednesday.

Per a league source, that team is the Lions.

Stallworth entered the league as a first-round draft pick in 2002.  The Lions used a first-round pick on wideouts in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2007.

Stallworth was suspended for the entire 2009 season after pleading guilty to felony DUI manslaughter.  He spent 2008 with the Browns, 2007 with the Patriots, and 2006 with the Eagles.  In his first four seasons, he played with the Saints.

43 responses to “Source: Stallworth is working out with the Lions

  1. hey trickbunny – you think Stallworth had to fly over Lake Michigan to get to Detroit from Cleveland?

  2. the one that got away!
    just what the lions need – another wideout who cant play half the time

  3. Maybe the Skins could sign him and trade away the primadona that is Santana Moss for a pick (AND TAKE A O-LINEMAN), assuming the other WR’s are coming on ok. They have two very good TE’s.

  4. When I saw this story, I was hoping that the Lions were the team!!! They need a reciever that has something to prove rather than the crap that comes here to pick up a paycheck!! Get Plax too when he comes out. What can be worse than 0-16 and 2-14??

  5. Good for the Lions, they need another WR. Calvin is a beast of a deep threat, if Stallworth is in good football shape he would give them a good “junk” reciever to rack up the YAC.

  6. 2008 Alcohol impaired fatalities (USA) = 11,773
    2008 Murder by handguns (USA) = 6,755
    Sentence for DUI manslaughter = 30 days
    Sentence for unlicensed firearm = 2 years

  7. 15 top ten draft picks and like 8 #1 overall picks cant make this a winning team, but wait, maybe Donte will get them turned around. He and Dede, wow, now teams will really fear the Lions.

  8. Vox,
    How come your name changed from VoxVeritas to .VoxVeritas?
    Did someone hack your account?
    No doubt it was. Anyone coulda guessed your pword was shavedballsfetish69.

  9. If only the Lions did the smart thing and drafted Andre Johnson instead of Charles Rogers in 2003.
    Then in 2004 they could’ve taken Jonathan Vilma over Mike Williams, Demarcus Ware over Roy Williams in 05, and in 07 could’ve stuck with Calvin Johnson (damn that’d be lethal), or taken Joe Thomas/AP…

  10. Sorry Vox, there’s no where in Canada with as many starving, sick, unemployed people as Detroit, Michigan.

  11. “Stallworth entered the league as a first-round draft pick in 2002. The Lions used a first-round pick on wideouts in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2007.”
    In what universe is that paragraph, in any way, relevant to anything?
    Geez Florio, if you didn’t have enough words to complete your assignment, just make the margins bigger.

  12. He may be better than Bryant Johnson…???
    But a year away from the game might hurt his chances…
    I wonder if the Detroit Free Press will do a 7 page spread on his misdeeds if the Lions sign him…???
    I’m still waiting on the 7 pager on Glenn Winston…
    Maybe they’ll tell Stallworth their doing a redemption piece on him then trash him too…

  13. whats so funny is if the lions won the superbowl next year all the people that knocked them would break their neck trying to jump on the bandwagon……..dont be a lion hater………….but just always remember WHOOOOOOO DAT baby…….who dat nation!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ask yourself if you would have a job if you took a gun to work, tested positive for drugs at work, got a DUI and killed someone, were prosectued for a felony………the answers to these questions for everyday working people is no so why should pro athletes still have their jobs when crimes like these are committed? It is absolutely ridiculous to give criminals this kind of money when they are convicted felons. I believe in second chances, but if you aren’t going to give second chances to the normal people in America then the pro athlete shouldn’t get second chances either. I have a friend who committed a felony when he was very young, and even though he did his time and went to college to be a productive member of society he is still being held down because no one will give him a good paying job even though he is qualified. These pro athletes should not be allowed back in the leage after they have committed a felony.

  15. Come on man!!!
    He blinked his headlights the dumb ass in the road should pay for the damage to his car… well his family that is………..
    So drunk driving is bad, but if you kill someone its not as bad….
    The dude was white wasn’t he??
    What gives???? shouldn’t he be up for execution?

  16. Sooooo, should he commit suicide, or live out his life doing good and giving back to the families who he hurt?? You decide haters!!

  17. Damn, I was kind of hoping he would be the latest Bengals reclamation project. If he still has wheels he could help since he never lacked for deep speed, something Cincy needs badly. Not that he would be a savior, but he could help open things up a bit. Oh well, onto wishing we’lltrade for Brandon Marshall.

  18. @Collin – you make a very good point. The reason why this happens is because pro sports isn’t about dignity, character, pride, honor, accountability, responsibility, decency, or serving as good role models to youth.
    If any of those traits exist, it’s incidental. Pro sports is about money. Cash. Filthy lucre. And as much of it as possible.
    Anything else is an illusion. One we love, and enjoy. Heck, I don’t think about it most of the time when I’m watching games on TV (free antenna TV, so no one’s getting my money). But it’s always there, whether we want it to be or not.

  19. if he still got speed and can get separation its a 100% upgrade over bryant johnson and Northcutt. put Stallworth in the slot and sign Torry Holt for the #2 WR

  20. They need linemen to help Matthew Stafford stay upright and get Kevin Jones some running room. Hell they could have the best recieving core in the NFL but they wouldn’t know if they keep having to pick their QB off the ground. I hope they can turn things around for the City’s sake and the fact you feel bad for them, and there’s just something about Stafford that makes you like him.

  21. Gotta take your hat off to Rosenhaus for convincing the Lions that there’s nothing awkward about a pairing of Donte Stallworth and the Motor City.
    Rosenhaus gets a place in the Agent Hall of Fame if he can just convince Toyota to hire Stallworth as a paid spokesman.

  22. dude torry holt??? get outta here with that nonsense. wait now that i think about it, sadly it would be an upgrade.

  23. When was the last time Stallworth finished a complete season?
    Do they have stoplights in Detroit?

  24. millensux says:
    February 9, 2010 6:37 PM
    “What can be worse than 0-16 and 2-14??”
    How about those records with another simpleton on the team?

  25. Kinda absurd you shot yourself and get 2yrs.. you get drunk ,drive and kill a man you get 1yr and reinstated.. ass backward bullshit!

  26. yeah that’s what the Lions need is ANOTHER receiver….The Bucs should be in this guys back seat

  27. kappao8:
    //yeah that’s what the Lions need is ANOTHER receiver….The Bucs should be in this guys back seat//
    Actually, the Lions badly need another WR. In the future, Williams might work out but he’s not there yet. Last year even the RB’s were better receivers than the likes of Northcutt and Bryant Johnson. The Lions have their tight end in Pettigrew. Now they need a couple WR’s to compliment Calvin Johnson. If they get that it will end a lot of the double teams and then CJ will lay beat downs on teams like Andre Johnson’s been doing. Just need to add a good free agent RB (Chester Taylor for example) or one in the draft in the second round and they’re ready to go on offense.
    As far as the Bucs go though, good luck. They aren’t willing to put out money for anybody.

  28. just another example where the NFL is the only job where you can commit felonies and still have a job after prison. way to go Goodell.

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