Broncos deny interest in McNabb

D. McNabb.jpgSal Paolantonio said Sunday that three teams have spoken to the Eagles about Donovan McNabb: Buffalo, Cleveland, and Denver.

The Broncos are the only team in the group with an established starting quarterback, so it’s no surprise they told the Denver Post there is “no truth” to the report.

Perhaps the Broncos are just covering their tracks.  Why not deny it?

Still, this is an odd fit.  Josh McDaniels’ offense is much different than Andy Reid’s and we can’t imagine the Broncos giving up the compensation required to get McNabb.

If the Eagles are going to trade McNabb or Kevin Kolb — and we doubt they will — the suitor will have to be desperate enough to give up major compensation.  Kyle Orton played well enough last season that the Broncos should not be that desperate.

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  1. If the Eagles are even the slightest bit unsure of Kolb they should try and get as many draft picks as they can out of him. Trade him to the Vikings for a couple picks this year and one from next year.

  2. So let the Debate begin on what the “Serious Compensation” really is … how many years does McNabb have left in him?
    I’ll start the bidding at Buffalo’s 3rd rounder …

  3. If the Broncos pick up McNabb, as a long-time Broncs fan, I would have to find a new team to root for. I can’t stand McNabb.

  4. McNabb’s talents are better suited to an offense that throws the ball down the field and one that has a running game. Reid’s offense was never well-suited to McNabb’s game and if it was, there would be a couple of SB trophies in Philly right now. We in Philly hope that McNabb ends up in a place that is complimentary to his talents, while Kolb takes control here, a guy who does have the right game for Reid’s offense. That said, Reid is much too stubborn and arrogant a man to fit his system to a player’s talent, or for that matter, bring in a QB whose talents better match the system. Players like Montana and Young are much better for the West Coast offense.

  5. “Kyle Orton played well enough last season that the Broncos should not be that desperate,” – didn’t catch more than a couple broncos games last year did you greg?

  6. Philly would be stupid to get rid of Mcnabb, I hope the management and owners are not listening to their stupid dirty loud mouth fat fans!

  7. Orton played well enough last season???
    I think before write you must watch games man, you’re paid to do it not to watch the stats. Orton has benn horrible last season, his stats are decent because Brandon Marshall is a phenom.

  8. actually watched a ton of broncos games. about eight. that’s why i said it. fun team to watch.
    Orton wasn’t a world beater but he was solid. ran that offense pretty well. Better than half the QBs in league. i don’t think McD is desperate to upgrade. They need to develop a young guy.

  9. It’s not hard for Mcnabb to call a play in the huddle. He doesn’t audible and he can’t read a defense. Therefore, he can play anywhere. Just block for him and let him unwind a screwball in the ground, at a players feet, or 30 feet over their head. 1st round pick Denver and he’s yours

  10. Orton was 6-0 at one point last season and before he was injured had the washington game in hand so maybe it’s you haters that only watched a few games.

  11. Gregg with the reply, god how I wish Florio would do the same. Your hits would tripple in a day just off of us who are loyal followers. Way to think outside the box my friend.

  12. No way in hell McDipsh*t parts with draft picks for McNabb.
    He needs to save those to trade away for elfish, slow corners and tight ends who can neither block nor catch.

  13. Why does McDaniels have such a hard on for veterans? Focus on finding talent in the draft. He’s digging for fossils when he should be digging for gems.

  14. Thank you lord!!!
    @drafy.. who is McDipsh? What team are you referring to? I thought this was about a McNabb trade?
    @filthy..Coach McDaniels wants to win know AND build for the future (ala NE) hense vets.

  15. Rosenthal is right about the Broncos having to develop a young guy, but he’s way off – about as off as his interview of Steve Smith – on Kyle Orton. While Orton’s arm strength is decent, his decision making and accuracy are terrible… he’s a borderline starter at best, nowhere near better than half the quarterbacks in the league.
    That being said, the real problem in Denver is McDaniels. Join thousands of Broncos fans advocating for the termination of Josh McDaniels at great Josh McDaniels Sucks t-shirts now available with the net proceeds donated to the Jay Cutler Foundation.

  16. # sniperhare says: February 10, 2010 6:29 PM
    If the Eagles are even the slightest bit unsure of Kolb they should try and get as many draft picks as they can out of him. Trade him to the Vikings for a couple picks this year and one from next year.
    McNabb isn’t worth a couple picks this year and one for next year unless you’re talk late rounders.

  17. @Cleg
    Under McNabb, the Eagles have kicked Redskin ass on a regular basis, moron. The only thing that could be good for the Deadskins is if they have a change in ownership

  18. To add to tombrookshire’s post (which I agree with), Donovan never developed the art of the touch pass and, he is not an accurate passer both of which is needed to run a WC-style offense.
    I would like to see him play under a different coach with a different system that fits Donovan’s strengths. Reid is the ultimate ‘square hole-round peg’ coach.

  19. As a raiderfan, you donkeys would be stupid not to pick up McNabb, he has his shortcomings but he would be a SAVIOR in Oakland. I would love if we got McNugget, but we might WIN and Al can’t have that

  20. Tombrookshire – not far off. The Eagles offense is poorly suited for McNabb, but he still is a far from perfect qb. I actually think Reid’s done a good job with what we have. McNabb is horribly inaccurate, poor at reading defenses/making quick (smart) decisions, and he can no longer buy time for inept receivers like Pinkston and Thrash to get open by moving around in the pocket. What he can do is throw the ball with some serious velocity and throw the deep ball to guys who are wide open – usually this happens off of play action. So, yeah I hate McNabb for the Eagles, but hope he’s a good fit with a run first, D oriented, play action type of team (out of conference please – see Jacksonville, Denver, and Oakland). Reid would have had to build a completely different offense to suit McNabb, and who would have known he would stop developing as a veteran passer after only 5 years…now we know and it’s time to move on. Give McNabb and Reid a chance to win with systems/personnel that fit.

  21. The Broncos better do what they can to get Kolb. I think Mcnabb will go somewhere and Vick will be the Eagles QB. If not he will be as soon as Mcnabb makes one mistake…lol

  22. “I would like to see him play under a different coach with a different system that fits Donovan’s strengths.”
    There are not any NFL teams that run the triple option.

  23. Oh yeah cause Orton is the answer for a good quarterback. I’d rather see Brandstater start over Orton next year.

  24. I think DMac’s skills would be best suited to a team like the Raiders. He would make that team at least .500 were he to go there. He has the arm to get the ball downfield and still has the athletic ability to give his WRs an extra couple seconds to get open. The thing is, Philly runs a variant of the west coast offense, a read and react style system and that type of offense never really suited Donovan’s particular skill
    set. That’s why a guy like Kolb, who seems to get the ball out much quicker than McNabb can step in and throw for almost 700 yds in his first 2 NFL starts.

  25. @Hank SJ , you are right on. You pretty much said in a couple sentences what it took me a paragraph to express. Reid never changed his offensive philosophy one bit to suit McNabb’s talents. Guys like Koy Detmer and AJ Feely sometimes looked more comfortable in Reid’s than Donovan because the tended to get the ball out quickly while a more athletic and strong armed guy like Mike McMahon looked absolutely lost in Andy’s WFO. I was very very skeptical of Kolb at first but now I believe he is the guy that should be starting next year.

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