Dolphins interested in Boldin?

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Anquan Boldin said last month that he won’t request a trade.

But that doesn’t mean other teams won’t contact the Cardinals about trading for him.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports, citing “two people in contact with the Dolphins,” that the Dolphins might offer a draft pick to the Cardinals for Boldin.

According to Jackson, an offer from the Dolphins would be for a third-round pick or later. It’s not known whether the Cardinals would accept a later-round pick for Boldin, but it would make sense for the team to consider moving him: The Cardinals have some good younger receivers in Steve Breaston and Early Doucet, and Arizona’s offense has actually been more productive in games Boldin missed than in games Boldin played.

Per Jackson, the Dolphins are not likely to make a move for another receiver who might be available, Denver’s Brandon Marshall.

22 responses to “Dolphins interested in Boldin?

  1. The article in question stated the two people could “envision” the Phins giving up a draft pick. Big deal. I can “envision” myself nailing Megan Fox.
    Seems like a bit of a jump to go from there to “might”, as if the two people in question knew something concrete.

  2. Don’t forget about the Bears either. They have the 11th pick in the 3rd and the Dolphins have the 9th according to the Sun Times.

  3. Why do Bears fans keep convincing themselves that they will get Brandon Marshall or Boldin when they have no draft picks or players worth trading for them? Give it up, a third rounder will not outbid another suitor for either of those guys. Also, given the Bears have needs at every position on the field I would be surprised to see them trade one of their few picks.

  4. My question is why aren’t Ravens interested? I guess that they are going to try and get someone like Vincent Jackson or Brandon Marshall?

  5. “Greg B. says:
    February 10, 2010 9:17 AM
    Patriots have a surplus of draft picks. One of those for Boldin would be a good move for them

    If I were the Patriots, I’d be looking more at defense, than another receiver.

  6. Wartooth says: February 10, 2010 7:32 AM
    And in about 2 hours PFT will be posting that the Dolphins never had any interest in Boldin…
    Hey Wartooth, PFT didn’t post the original story, the Miami Herald did … Last I checked, the Miami Herald was a fairly credible news source. Lighten up, pal …

  7. mcarey032 says:
    February 10, 2010 9:47 AM
    My question is why aren’t Ravens interested? I guess that they are going to try and get someone like Vincent Jackson or Brandon Marshall?
    Who said they aren’t? The Ravens are contemplating trades for a wide receiver as we type.

  8. @ Rmbay –
    i was gonna respond to this article but then i started envisioning Megan Fox, completely lost my train of thought.

  9. Boldin or Marshall + Defense help = Dolphins taking over the AFC East since the Pat’s defense is OLD and ineffective now.

  10. I wounder if their will be any tampering between the Miami Dolphins, the former Florida State wide receiver and his south Florida based agent.

  11. Barry Jackson is a boob. His articles are almost always pure speculation. Thus, the Herald is not any more a “credible news source” than PFT as many articles, i the hopes of being “first,” are nothing more than puffery.
    Bill Parcells is unlikely to look to an aging, oft injured receiver who is in decline, or on the verge of it, to fill a need – especially if it means giving up a third rounder. This team has a lot of needs, to be sure, and they have enough of them not to give up draft picks. Where they get a #1 WR is a mystery but, knowing how they are, I sincerely doubt it will be Boldin.
    Free Agency is not going to yield much this year due to the uncapped year. I would think the Fins will find an okay guy (Donte Stallworth or David Martin – a TE but is a good down the field receiver – are examples) for this year, maybe pick up someone in the draft in the later rounds, or just stay with the sub-par stable of possession guys plus Ted “Sideline” Ginn. This offseason will be about NTs, LBs and an FS primarily – and it needs to be. Without a real #1, though, their offense will still struggle, Henne will not have the targets he needs to develop into the gunslinger he can be, and they will exit before or just into the playoffs.
    Too many holes to get it all in an offseason where quality Free Agents are going to be few and far between.

  12. NOT A CHANCE – the Cards trade Q for a 3rd round pick….none…NADA.
    Just because we have depth at the position does not mean we are going to hand over a player for a lesser value.
    The Cards will take a 2nd and a 4th…that’ll be as low as they accept.
    If not, the Cards will pay out his contract (which is small) and Franchise him the following year….thus keeping him for 2 years…which is just fine by us.
    Wake up….next headline….MIAMI will offer nothing more than a low first round pick for Fitzgerald.

  13. the offense was stagnant after ronnie went down, no playmakers on offense. bigger problem is the defense the NT middle LBs and safety positions need to be addressed. if the price is right boldin would be huge though

  14. “Mr Krinkle says:
    February 10, 2010 10:30 AM
    I wounder if their will be any tampering between the Miami Dolphins, the former Florida State wide receiver and his south Florida based agent.”
    It would be a trade, not free agent signing. Would be tough to NOT have tampering when you’re talking about a trade.

  15. Why does he want to stay in Arizona after they’ve repeatedly refused to pay him?
    Maybe my desire to see him in a Pats jersey is overriding something I should understand, but he’s told the leadership multiple times that he wants a raise. He’s getting paid something like one-fifth of Fitzgerald’s salary.

  16. Alan – They cut Martin so that he could find a new team when healthy. He was on IR and they did not have a roster spot for him. Fasano is an FA and didn’t have a good year (but is a Parcells guy) and Haynos is nowhere near the receiver Martin is, or blocker for that matter and that’s saying a lot because Martin is a lousy blocker (but he was a WR somewhere in his past – think a poor man’s Shannon Sharpe).
    That said, I think you’re right and they don’t re-sign him or Stallworth for that matter. But, both are examples of middle of the road or just slightly better guys who are available without draft pick compensation and these are the type of guys Parcells et al. will likely look at. Not many outstanding guys are available and either of those would be better than what they’ve got – I just used them as examples because I am too lazy to really look at what’s available. I think Lee Evans is and he would be an example of marginally better but enough so to be worth signing.

  17. if the cards could get a good O linemen or maybe a TE or maybe a CB or some combination then it might be worth the trade. If Boldin is still unhappy they should get rid of him while he is still good. He gets hurt every year any way

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