Greg Olsen looks like odd fit for Martz's system

Greg Olsen.jpgMike Martz likes his wide receivers to catch and his tight ends to block.

“All tight ends, their first responsibility, they have to put their
hand down on the line of scrimmage and be a successful blocker, and
then they move to receiving,” Martz said Tuesday.  “To just skip by that and say, ‘OK, he’s a terrific
receiver,’ well, then you may as well just put another wide receiver in

That could lead to a problem for Greg Olsen.  Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune relays the opinion of multiple scouts that Olsen struggled to block when asked last year.

Expect Olsen’s numbers to sink under Martz.  The third-year player had an up-and-down season in 2009, but finished with 612 yards and eight scores.

Vernon Davis went from 31 catches to 78 after Martz left San Francisco, but at least Davis was highly useful under Martz because he’s a fierce blocker.  Olsen has work to do just to stay on the field.

29 responses to “Greg Olsen looks like odd fit for Martz's system

  1. Talk about being on top of things…….this story was out yesterday morning. 24 hours………your getting better!

  2. yea that’s right what other tight ends only catch and don’t block?that never works does it?guess somebody forgot to tell gonzelez and gates that.just trade him now and get a second or at worst a 3 for him. between this nonsense and lovie worried they might score to fast so his defense will be on the field to long it is going to be another long year for bears fans.will somebody please tell lovie you are supposed to score as many points as you can. that is what offense is for,they score points and the defense stops the other team what is so hard to figure out?

  3. Hmmm… the Bengals need a TE, and will have an extra third rd pick…
    Nahh, forget it. To add a decent TE would go against Cincy’s philosophy which is always play an unreliable TE.

  4. Martz caught lightning in a bottle with the Rams. He hasn’t executed anything remotely similar since.
    Hang in there Greg, the dude will be fired…2 years, tops

  5. He’s more than welcome in Cleveland. I mean, hes gotta be better than: Robert Royal, Evan Moore, Micheal Gaines, Steve Heiden or George Estrandia… right?

  6. Shame.
    Mike Martz is hardly a prolific coordinator anymore. The Bears would be willing to waste a, correct me if I’m wrong, a first rounder from a few years ago because he doesn’t fit with what the Bears are looking to do with Martz?
    What happened to coming in and adjusting around your talent? I’m sure if Chicago had some actual receivers, Olsen’s receiving numbers could go up. True, a tight end must block, but I don’t understand how you could make your LEADING receiver (in receptions and touchdowns a year ago) obsolete.

  7. Favre’s right tendon,
    You should have broke this story on your website. Wait, you don’t have one.

  8. Technically this isn’t s story at all. Any football fan could tell you that Olsen is not a good fit in Martz’s offense. The day Martz was hired I could have told anyone that Olsen will be a forgotten man in Chicago. I think the perfect TE for Martz would be a third tackle.

  9. Well Vernon Davis is a better blocker and a better pass catcher than Olsen, but Olsen is still blue chip talent at the TE position. Maybe they should trade him for a a really good WR. Like Boldin (but not Boldin because I don’t want Olsen in the 49ers division because they fail to cover TEs). Since the Broncos will no doubt be losing Scheffler they could trade Marshall for Olsen. It would help Kyle Orton to have a good bail out TE and it would help Cutler to have his old WR back.

  10. ESPN also just told me that Martz plans to use Hester as a third receiver. I can’t argue, but, again, who does he plan on using as a receiving threat?
    Or am I sadly confused about priority in a Mike Martz system?

  11. @this class sucks
    unless Denver said they were going to get rid of Scheffler why would they want Olsen? btw, what is Schefflers status with the Broncos since he was also benched in week 17 for attitude problems

  12. @ this class sucks
    Thats an interesting notion. We are already tied to Denver for the next ten years of scrutiny so why not go all in?

  13. I don’t like how Martz is already making excuses for how he is gonna use Olsen. He is probably our best pass catcher and he is gonna be marginalized by the system? You modify the system to your players strengths to utilize what you have. Dez Clark can block well and should be used as a tight end and Olsen occasionally can do work out of the slot and out wide. If they could get a top WR for Olsen and some draft picks I’m all for it. But not Boldin he is gonna be 30 and is kinda banged up. I’d love it if we could trade Olsen and a future 1st rounder for Brandon Marshall but the Bears won’t pay him so that won’t happen. And I don’t want Olsen to get traded for draft picks he was a 1st rounder who is a good player we can’t expect to get a late 1st rounder in return. Does he need work on his blocking yes. Should he bulk up this offseason to make him a better blocker yes. But to talk about trading him because he doesn’t fit what Martz thinks is stupid. Chances are that Martz and Lovie are gonna be looking for a new job this time next year.

  14. The Rams should draft the TE from Kansas State, Jeron Mastrud. He’s a great blocker, and fits the mold of McMichael.

  15. Cygnus, Tony Gonzalez is known for his receiving ability but has always been a solid blocker. The guy is probably the best TE I’ve ever seen, so don’t downplay his abilities. I know he had struggles adapting to the Falcons blocking schemes, but he’s a little older and its a new system. But many of his contributions as a receiver came from catches off his blocks, an area Olsen could stand to improve on.
    I don’t understand how Bears fans can be upset that Martz wants Olsen to improve his blocking. He’s absolutely right. Olsen himself was a large part of pass protection problems the last couple of years. We have Desmond Clark, who can handle the protection and still turn some great plays post pass rush. We’ve all seen it, and even though Olsen makes a great target he will never be one of the league’s top tight ends until he does his job at the line of scrimmage. But when he does, he is going to increase his opportunities to make big contributions more than he would abandoning pass protection and trying to stretch the field like a receiver.
    Maybe his numbers do go down as he’s adjusting to the scheme, but maybe he actually improves as a player because of the new focus. You idiots shouldn’t be complaining about coaches wanting to make the players better at their position. The tight end position includes blocking. No way around it.
    That said, I think Olsen has made strides and should continue to do so this year. He will not be obsolete in Martz’s offense. I doubt he will be featured in as many plays as Turner’s offense, but isn’t that what we’ve all been b*tching about for years? Olsen will have his chances in the new scheme, a target like that is never ignored in the red zone.

  16. If the Bears can come up with some blocking TEs, then Olsen could be moved to one of Martz’s 2 or 3 slot receiver positions, working across the middle. But yeah, if you cannot block, don’t work for Martz. Marshall Faulk was one of the best blocking RBs in history. Look at TE Manumaleuna in San Diego — he was Martz’s best TE in St. Louis because the man blocks.

  17. “Since the Broncos will no doubt be losing Scheffler they could trade Marshall for Olsen. It would help Kyle Orton to have a good bail out TE and it would help Cutler to have his old WR back.”
    Scheffler is basically Olsen. And they don’t want Scheffler. Receiving tight ends aren’t at a premium for McDaniels, blockers are. And B. Marsh is liable to be tendered at the highest level, meaning any team that signs him will have to surrender 1st and 3d round picks–that’s assuming that they don’t re-sign him themselves, which is looking more and more likely.
    So, in other words, don’t think that one is gonna fly.

  18. Would love to see this former Miami Hurricane come back to Miami but I dont see it happenin if hes not a solid enough blocker, Sparano n co aint havin that

  19. —–Nahh, forget it. To add a decent TE would go against Cincy’s philosophy which is always play an unreliable TE.——
    No Kelly has Been Reliable Foschi wasn’t bad,The Problem is we have the same philosophy as Martz and the Tight Ends Mail job and only real job is to block…We drafted Coffman a Receiving threat who could be like Clark but will we ever use him as such under Brat? Nope because we wanna ruin him and turn him in to a Daniel coats.

  20. He ought to just ask to be converted to WR. Hell, if they can anoint Hester as the #1 guy, surely they can slide Olsen in at #2. Then just burn a 2nd day pick on a blocking TE. How hard is that?

  21. Just make Olsen a wide receiver.
    He’s got adequate speed, he’s like 6ft5, and he’s a finesse player.

  22. The same football media yahoo’s said Olsen-Cutler was going to be big big big in 2009. Now say Martz-Olsen is going to be crap? Ok, we’ll wait and see. Thanks for the info.

  23. Olsen has been a horrible blocker since he’s gotten to Chicago. (Never saw him in college) There’s going to be people complaining regardless. People complain Martz is going to throw so much, and when he wants a TE that can be a reliable blocker, they complain that isn’t going to be using Olsen. I can totally forsee Martz succeeding when most people expect him to fail (ala Brett Favre this year). He didn’t exactly have exactly excellent offenses in Detroit or San Francisco and definitely didn’t have the talent at QB he does now. Of course, I’m not throwing out that he could be completely ineffective and cost the whole coaching staff their jobs either.

  24. Martz only wants TE’s to block because he knows his DEEP routes takes forever to f’ing develop and he wants all the protection he can get…don’t try to play the TE’s first responsibility is to block crap, call it like it is Martz, you’re a pass happy deep and deeper route azz who had a couple good years in STL and now your offense is nothing

  25. The exact same offense was run by Al Saunders in Kansas City in the early 2000’s, and he incorporated Tony Gonzalez into that offense, who ONLY had a couple of 100 catch seasons under Dick Vermeil. So, to say that the offense isn’t a good fit for a tight end isn’t true, he simply doesn’t LIKE to use the tight end. If Olsen is a good pass catching tight end, then this offense CAN work, Martz is simply choosing to ignore the position. Kellen Winslow thrived in the same offense back in the 80’s w/ Dan Fouts . . .

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