McNair stresses continuity in keeping Kubiak

We watched the Texans’ press conference to announce Gary Kubiak’s extension Wednesday in case any major news came from it.  It didn’t, but we’re going to post some highlights anyhow.

1. Texans owner Bob McNair stressed how important continuity was because the Texans were close to being a championship team.  He cited they were close in 15 of 16 games.

“I think if we’d have made the playoffs this year, we would have gone a long way,” McNair said.

2. McNair called Matt Schaub a Super Bowl caliber quarterback and believes Kubiak can take them to the big game.

3. Kubiak was asked by John McClain of the Houston Chronicle how much he was getting paid.  Kubiak smiled and said, “I don’t know.”  McNair said it was more than he wanted to pay, and less than Kubiak wanted.

4. Asked for areas of need, McNair mentioned running backs, the interior offensive line, defensive tackle and the secondary.

5. They wouldn’t address Dunta Robinson’s situation.

6. The Saints and Texans will continue to practice against each other in training camp.

4 responses to “McNair stresses continuity in keeping Kubiak

  1. Gary Kubiak Career Coaching Record 31-33
    2006 — 6-10
    2007 — 8-8
    2008 — 8-8
    2009 — 9-7
    Four years with ZERO playoff appearances. Is that really the kind of continuity you want to keep?
    Bob McNair loves that sweet 9-7 record Kubiak hung last year and with ZERO playoff appearances to base it on had dreams of sugar plums and going deep into the playoffs dancing in his head.
    Can you imagine the poop hemorrhage McNair will have if the Texans ever go 11-5 and don’t make the playoffs… like sometimes happens …. like the Pats in 2008?

  2. kubiak is a bad coach who makes poor decisions like running back chris brown and his use. and his keeping on the roster of kicker kris brown. sounds redundant?

  3. What Citizen Strange said. What warranted this extension? Going 1-5 in the division? 7-17 against the division overall? 8-25 against teams with winning records? Ahh, stuck on mediocrity. Put up or shut up next year(though we’ve probably said that the past 2 years). Better start preparing for the opening game so they don’t get blasted opening week, looking unprepared, and then hear the coach say his favorite phrase of “It’s on me” or “I just didn’t have my guys ready; I gotta have them ready.” Hoping for the best, expecting the worst.

  4. The Texans aren’t championship caliber regardless of NcNair’s pipe dreams. They were just as close to 7-9 or 6-10 as they were the playoffs. This team just doesn’t scare anyone. No one marks the date on the calendar and says ‘this is who we have to beat’.

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