Romanowski comes clean regarding his desire to rejoin the NFL

We should have known that former NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski’s word isn’t necessarily his bond, given the whole steroids thing. 

And so when Romanowski said Tuesday that he “wasn’t called in by the Redskins to be their Strength and Conditioning Coach,” the reality is that he wants the job.


“I’d cut off my right arm to be back in the building, in the locker room, around a team, helping a team win a Super Bowl,” Romanowski told Gary Williams of Sirius Mad Dog Radio on Wednesday.

It’s not a surprise, given that Romanowski did whatever he had to do — including taking steroids — to stay in the building, in the locker room, around a team, helping a team win a Super Bowl for 16 years in the NFL.

So it sounds like Redskins coach Mike Shanahan has opted merely to pick Romo’s brain regarding the non-steroids techniques available to make a guy better prepared to play football.

“You know, we’ve talked and I basically, he knows what I brought to Denver,” Romanowski told Williams.  “When I got there I brought people with me — massage therapists, high-performance therapists, speed coaches – guys that are still working for the Denver Broncos.  I implemented breakfast because I saw that guys were walking in in the morning either not having eaten breakfast or they were walking in with a McDonald’s bag. 

“So, literally, I was about helping the team win Super Bowls.  And the only way you can do that is by addressing weak links, OK?  Weak links were, OK, guys were breaking down.  We need to get them healthier.  Biomechanically they need to be better.  Nutritionally they need to be stronger.  And I knew the experts.  They needed to train better.  I bought $10,000 worth of exercise equipment for the Denver Bronco weight room in the first couple months I was there because I didn’t like some of the equipment they had.  So I wrote a check and said, ‘We need this stuff because this will help us win.'”

We assume he simply paid cash for his steroids.

On his Twitter page, Romanowski confirmed that he met with Redskins coach Mike Shanahan, G.M. Bruce Allen, and the entire offensive staff “to present a Performance Plan.”

And in lieu of the elective amputation of any limbs, Romanowski has opted instead to attach his lips to Shanahan’s rear end:  “Our meeting went well and with Coach Shanahan[‘s] leadership and Bruce Allen’s guidance the Redskins are the team to beat this year!”

So it looks like the Redskins have obtained some free information from Romanowski, that Romanowski has gotten some free pub, and that Romanowski can saw off every appendage on his body and he won’t ever get back into an NFL locker room.

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  1. He then added, if i don’t get the job,I’m sending my juiced wife out there to spit on them….

  2. I hope the Skins hire him…We need someone in the locker that would kick Fat Albert’s A$$ back into shape and punch Portis for running his mouth and not his legs!

  3. Maybe he could go to St. Louis and then He and Mcgwire could have a crying jag over how sorry they are.

  4. You act like this is the only guy to take stuff he wasn’t supposed to, in order to get an edge. I think Romo is more of a tool for spitting in a playe’s face and breaking the face of a teammate.

  5. I find it funny that Florio continues to bash Romanowski for steroid use. How many players have been banned for substance abuse? How many athletes have been suspended for steroid use? It seems as if, for some odd reason, Flo has an issue with Romo. I don’t get it.

  6. It’s FOOTBALL, not the World Chess Championships
    I want to see guys run FAST, hit HARD, and make PLAYS that the normal Joe can’t make…….
    Let them enhance their performance all they want, I want them ENHANCED…..
    Oh wait nevermind they already let them do that, they just selectively choose who to punish, i.e., the Vikings.
    It’s on 😉

  7. the whole lot of them are on dope. why single out romo?
    steroids would help the pain over that severed arm, though.

  8. So why doesn’t he just open up a high end professional athlete trainng center and make millions doing that rather than earning a modest income as a low level coach, working 16 hour days. Romo’s name still has cache and the star power to attract professional athletes in the off season. Geez, many guys even starting to train with Jay Glazer, a broadcaster for heaven’s sakes!

  9. We can say everything we wants, any way Romo was a heck of linebacker he won with the 49ers ant then won with the Broncos literally changin Denver defense. Every non kicker or QB in the NFL took steroids in off season and in training camp so stop with those bullshit about steroids.

  10. Many NFL player are juicing. All Romo did was admit to it.
    The guy was a warrior and would be an asset to any team that hired him.
    After reading this “article” I walked away thinking that not only did Florio get picked on badly in high school (we all knew that was the case already); but the guy who bullied him the most looked exactly like Romo.

  11. Romanowski: “I implemented breakfast”.
    Really? I always wondered who it was that started the tradition of eating breakfast. Now I know.
    Absolute genius, that Bill Romanowski.

  12. romo is awsome. every player from that era was on roids. who cares. like ray lewis isnt on roids! haha. roids are not a bog deal as the media makes it out to be

  13. dzil says:
    Romanowski: “I implemented breakfast”.
    Really? I always wondered who it was that started the tradition of eating breakfast. Now I know.
    Absolute genius, that Bill Romanowski.
    LOL Good Stuff “dzil” That’s funny.
    Romo should work for Al Gore.
    I always eat my breakfast while navigating the Internet.
    The two of them both have a couple of great inventions. Get together boys. The world is awaiting what you both can do if you put your minds together.

  14. “When I got there I brought people with me — massage therapists, high-performance therapists, speed coaches, drug pushers with roids and needles.”
    “We need to get them healthier. Biomechanically they need to be better. Nutritionally they need to be stronger. Pharmacologically they need to get bigger….uhhh…errr…Print that and I’ll bust your eyeball out of its socket!”

  15. Dude is creepy if you ask me. He always has this half smile on whe broadcasting and looks like a psychopath. Watch his Raider postgame videos.

  16. Romo was the kind of old-school dirty son-of-a-bitch linebacker that every team wants to have. Put the steroids aside and remember that the dude did have some crazy work ethic. He’s definitely the kind of player that can be a positive influence in the locker room.
    He’s right. You win in football by having bigger, faster, stronger players. I doubt he really has any special expertise in the area, but he’s the kind of man who can inspire (scare) lesser players into giving their all and becoming better athletes.
    Take the chance, Shanahan. Why not?

  17. HaHaHa I hate to be the one to tell you ignorant gullible people out there who are bashing Romo about steroids but theres a pretty good chance your favorite player is, has ,or was on hgh or roids at some point.Just because they don’t get caught doesn’t mean they have never taken a performance enhancing drug it’s the way of the nfl and it has been for years.

  18. My apologies if I repeat anything posted since I skipped through many posts….
    I didn’t care for the constant steroid bashing in this post. It comes off as if you feel bitter about something in regards to Romo. He was a great player period.
    As someone just said, your favorite players are probably using some form of drug to stay on top of the NFL. Many players have/still do use steroids but work around the testing. They probably also use HGH and/or other similar products. Everyone cries about it but most guys are using one thing or another.
    Let’s be honest, most people would prefer to watch the current league than one that was truly drug free. Everyone wants to see the strongest and fastest guys possible.

  19. Regardless of whether the guy took steroids or not (which we know he did), the guy survived and played at a VERY high level as an NFL linebacker for 16 years. Strength, conditioning, and nutrition ALL together played just as much of a role in his longevity as the steroids did. Trust me (C.S.C.S., from NSCA…look it up). Florio, you’re bashing of one man for doing something that most other players in the NFL, both when Romo played and today, DID and DO is pathetic.
    Romo makes a good point with what he can potentially bring to a team and, in that aspect, I believe every word he says. Just b/c the guy was one of the very few to come forth and admit his use of anabolic steroids, HCG, and HGH doesn’t mean he wouldn’t make a phenomenal Strength and Conditioning coach. I think the Redskins would be lucky to have a guy who goes balls to the wall (minus the steroids of course) when it comes to training and nutrition.

  20. Florio,
    Your cheesy little steroid/Romo jokes are getting old. You look like you could benefit from a little strength training, you should consider hiring Romo to give you some advice.

  21. Gotta love the way a certain category of fan thinks football players are blameless. That they can beat wives and girlfriends, drive drunk and do steroids yet not be held accountable.
    Your priorities are all messed up. People like you are enablers for all the coaches who look the other way when they’re destroying their bodies and pushing this stuff on other players and our children.
    But there’s nothing we good people can do about it except let the Lord exact justice and punishment on you all.

  22. I want Romo back on the Raider postgame show! I always hated him but secretly thought he should be a Raider. He finished his career a Raider and I am now forever a Romo fan and love watching him on tv. Damn right he’s a psychopath!!! I doubt coaching is his gig.

  23. Hiring Romo to be a strength and conditioning coach would be like hiring Bernie Madoff to manage your 401k.

  24. He was a player who juiced – take away great when they admit they juice.
    There are a lot of players who don’t juice in the league.
    The league policy is a joke, it set up to not catch the player, to give him every chance to have a clean test, that is until they test positive. Then you are too dumb for anyone’s help.

  25. Wow, so Romo was into Steroids. Like half of the league. And Florio thinks he should be banned. Banned forever. He also has what, 3-4 Super Bowl Rings and worked himself like a dog. Yes, he punched a teammate. I see a certain wideout in Carolina still playing. Roids……….I see many certain people in the NFL still playing. Or coaching. It is not like he killed a dog or anything. Oops, you can do that too, and a bunch of em, and still play.
    PS: Bernie Madoff did nothing our Federal government is not doing with our Social Security Trust Fund. Same thing. Send them to jail.

  26. Florio you are completely naive and stupid if you don’t think the majority of players are on HGH or some sort of steroids. He legit helped the Broncos out enough that they STILL implement his ideas and philosophies towards training and staying healthy. He played 16 years in the league and didn’t miss games, regardless of what you want to say he still was more dedicated than 99% of the players out there. His LEGAL ideas on training will HELP out many other NFL teams and keep their players healthier during and after their careers.
    Not to mention, you take any sort of steroids or HGH under direct supervision of a doctor you are going to see benefits; benefits that will not in fact harm your health.

  27. —And in lieu of the elective amputation of any limbs, Romanowski has opted instead to attach his lips to Shanahan’s rear end: “Our meeting went well and with Coach Shanahan[‘s] leadership and Bruce Allen’s guidance the Redskins are the team to beat this year!”—
    LMMFAO!! And, Im a loyal Redskins fan. But, I’m also a realist. Romo is apparently bat shit crazy. And that kids is what steroids apparently does to the brain.

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