Saints parade draws city's largest crowd ever

parade.jpgSuper Bowl parade organizer Barry Kern has estimated 800,000 people were in attendance at the Saints’ rolling party,  the largest figure for any New Orleans parade.  Kern will provide a final number Wednesday after looking at aerial footage from helicopters flying over the route.

Traffic in the city was impossible to navigate, while supermarkets in outlying areas were reported to be empty.  That’s no surprise.  If the estimate is close to accurate, practically the entire region was at the parade.

New Orleans’ population is somewhere just over 300,000 and the greater New Orleans area is around 1.1 million.

The Saints didn’t say goodbye to their fans Tuesday.  Tom Benson, Sean Payton, and Drew Brees are among the many Saints prominently involved in Mardi Gras parades over the next week.

In the press area after the Super Bowl, someone asked Pierre Thomas how long the party would last.  Like all his answers, Thomas took about 15 seconds to respond, shaking his head in disbelief the whole time.

“Forever, man,” he said.

This is going to be some Super Bowl hangover.

32 responses to “Saints parade draws city's largest crowd ever

  1. I would have loved to have been there. I was at the game and will be at the game when they unfurl the Super Bowl Banner, but the parade had to have been awesome!
    GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!!

  2. Yeah. That was pretty spectacular.
    After the NFL Network ended the parade coverage they re-aired the Super Bowl in virtual entirety. So when the revelers were done celebrating in the streets, they could stroll into a bar and completely relive the experience. How sweet is that?
    And Mardi Gras is a mere six days away.
    We are getting unprecedented snow fall in the east. There will be unprecedented partying in New Orleans and Louisiana. And that is saying a lot on both counts!
    You have to wonder about Peyton Manning. He was born in New Orleans. There must be some part of him that is happy about what this is doing for his home town, right?

  3. footballguy76 says:
    February 10, 2010 11:19 AM
    This has to be one of the most celebrated pitied Super Bowl teams in NFL history! Good for them…enjoy it!
    fixed that for ya

  4. so now that they have enough money to throw a parade and have mardi gras I guess they don’t need anymore federal aid to help get over that hurricane right?

  5. Drove three hours to be there, know people who drove five hours to be there – crowds were great, atmosphere was awesome, positive and polite…what an absolutely great evening.

  6. @Erictheclown
    Do you really have to say “pity” in everyone of your posts? You use the word “pity” more that Manning uses the word “disappointed.” I PITY you……………….you sound very pathetic!!!
    It was one hell of a parade and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!!
    @ CYGNUS X
    You’re an idiot!! Everything was donated by other Mardi Gras Krewes that own their floats. I know because the Krewe I’m a member of donated one one of our floats. Blaine Kerne, the owner of the company who makes the floats donated his time and floats and footed most of the bill. The after parade party for the Saints was donated by all the local restaraunts in New Orleans. The high school bands who participate donate their time! Why don’t you shut your mouth and get over Katrina, must of us have!!

  7. “Saints parade draws city’s largest crowd ever”
    You mean even bigger than the crowds that showed up for the FEMA handouts after Katrina?

  8. Every time a New Orleans resident mentions Katrina on this forum, 500 trolls jump on them and say “Get over it, you’ve gotten enough sympathy”…..and yet, whenever the topic of New Orleans comes up, those same idiots bring up Katrina??
    Your team lost….get over it.
    The Saints have upset the natural order of the NFL (Favre, Brady, Manning winning the SuperBowls) and some of you just can’t get over it…..Here’s a newsflash….The people of New Orleans pity you because you’re so bitter and foolish, perhaps you should look into some government funded counseling for that problem.

  9. On every article about the Saints, damn near majority of the comments are disrespectful and show how people hate to see something positive and the best being celebrated. Katrina & FEMA? I’m sure you all can come up with something more original than that. Almost everyone who comments on here are douches and low-lifes who doesn’t have anything going for them so they have to dog the Saints for no reason. GROW UP

  10. Hey Florio!! How about a Turd Watch for some of your site members??
    They would out-number the NFL Turds, I promise.

  11. NOLAGirl, sugarlips & SonOfNOLA: I have to congratulate y’all on keeping your cool answering these cynical, negative sour-grape spouters. They certainly are not worth getting upset over. I am so proud of the SAINTS, the whole team and coaching staff. They deserve it, NOLA deserves it, the state deserves it. One question – Did you ever hear of anyone retiring to the north? GEAUX SAINTS!

  12. Fellow Saints fans – don’t feed the trolls. They post crap they know is hateful only to see if they can get a reaction. Best just to ignore them unless you have a big bag of troll chow. Rest assured they’ll meet the Big Billy Goat someday and reap the karma they have sewn.
    Don’t know if anyone on PFT reads these comments, but IMHO this site would be vastly improved if posters could flag inappropriate comments for moderator review. It’s fun to talk football; not so much fun to have to wade through the insults and trolling to get one or two informative posts. Visited here a lot in the playoffs and SB but doubt I’ll continue if the content and comments continues to be so ugly.

  13. so what happens to that 1.1mil fund Brees & Faulk were trying for
    guess partying & throwing away loads of money is more important than actually spending it on something resourceful for the city of New Orleans & the state of Louisiana
    don’t give me that once in a lifetime crap … it is a sport for christ’s sake
    either you party or you shut up about how Katrina’s effects continue to linger … you cannot have it both ways!

  14. Yes, a sport that the city of New Orleans has devouted 43 years to in hopes of success. Apparently, you don’t understand the culture and any knowledge of the city. No one’s complaining about the effects of post-Katrina, but trolls like you. Stay in your own lane and city and worry about how you can better yourself and others, rather than criticising and looking down on something that’s more important than anything you’d ever accomplished in life.

  15. The Saints beat the Colts in the SB fair and square. But you can’t say the same thing about the NFC title game. To the extent that the Vikings didn’t gift-wrap the game to the Saints by committing numerous unforced turnovers, the refs made sure it was a fait accompli (look that up Saints fans; I bet not one of you understands French) by calling a terrible game. You know it’s true, Saints fans!

  16. Man oh Man, I’m not a Saints fan, but I would have loved to of been there!
    That’s a once in a lifetime celebration. Even if the Saints win the Superbowl again next year, or any other year, it’ll never be as amazing of an experience it is right now. Enjoy every microsecond of it, New Orleans, you deserve it!!!

  17. TorVikeFan,
    The vikings did gift wrap the game by turning over the ball 5 times. It had nothing to do with the refs. The refs called several personal fouls on the Saints, some of which were justified, atleast one that I question. Those hits on Farve took their toll, the guy is too old to play the game. He used to be great and I think fans and other players used to repect him, that’s no longer the case.

  18. @TorVikeFan
    What’s done is done. Regardless of the Vikings outgaining the Saints 200 yards on offense, they put the ball on the ground SIX TIMES (3 being turnovers) along with an interception and you can’t expect to win a game by doing all of that, no matter how many yards they’d gain on offense. The Vikings’ fate was determined when all of that occured. The Saints are the Champs and that’s all that matters.

  19. CYGNUX- Not enough space to explain economics to you here but try to understand the concept that unlike other cities that have parades when their teams win Championships, New Orleans actually makes money on parades. There are about 300,000 residents of the city and the parade attracted about 800,000. Many of the 800,000 arrived in New Orleans in the morning and ate and shopped- translating into thousands of dollars in income and taxes-5% of which goes to your Federal Government which is probably putting into the Interstate near your house. As far as the parade goes, the floats and beads were 100% donated. Enjoy your tea.

  20. Boudin said-
    there were more people in the Vikings huddle than at the airport in Indianapolis.
    Thats funny. Pervy you suck.

  21. Over 2 million people attended the Philadelphia Phillies World Series Parade in 2008.
    Philly has 5.8 million people in its greater metropolitan area
    New Orleans has 1.17 million people in its greater metropolitan area
    Even thought there were alot more people at the Phillies parade it was only 35% of its population. While on the other hand more then 68% of the population of N.O. came to the parade. I really respect how they support their team.
    The Yankees had 3.2 million in attendance for their 2009 parade which is only 17% of their population.

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