Teams can use franchise tags starting Thursday

V. Wilfork.jpgThe next two weeks represents the quietest time on the NFL calendar until July, but there will be some league business conducted.

Thursday starts a two-week window for teams to assign the franchise tag to players. The deadline to use the tag is February 25.  (One of my New Year’s resolutions is to stop saying that teams “slapped” the franchise tag on someone.) 

Mike Reiss of notes that this period will be especially important for Vince Wilfork and the Patriots.  Reiss believes that Wilfork is the Patriots’ top priority at this time and he “wouldn’t be surprised if momentum builds” to a possible extension.

Still, reaching a deal could be a long process. It would be very surprising if a contract was signed  before February 25.  The Patriots won’t just let Wilfork go, so he’s among the most likely players to get tagged this month.

16 responses to “Teams can use franchise tags starting Thursday

  1. how can players bitch about being labeled with the franchise tag when their Union approved it with the owners. I love Vince but if he gets the tag and then starts bitching about making “only” 7 million then he can kiss my big toe.

  2. Poor baby going to get franchised and make 7 mil , try working for a for a living and making $1000 a week, and having to worry if your going to get laid off .

  3. Probably be real nice for the Patriots that their QB thinks he’s overpaid and doesn’t seem to be interested in having them prove how valuable he is to them by giving him a contract equal to other QBs of his caliber.
    I imagine that leaves them a little extra $$$ to entice players to stay with the team.
    Tag on Wilfork wouldn’t surprise me- but I doubt he’d be insulted – He’d know why.

  4. Doh! I thought Florio wrote this article.
    Move along folks…nothing to see here…keep it moving, please.

  5. Poor baby going to get franchised and make 7 mil , try working for a for a living and making $1000 a week, and having to worry if your going to get laid off.
    I’m sure if you worked for a billion dollar industry and you were the top performer contributing as much impact as Wilfork does you would probably make more money, and have more job security. Just saying

  6. I may be wrong here, but I don’t think it’s the money of a franchise tag. I think it’s that he wants a long term deal and feels he deserves one. He played out his rookie contract.

  7. Guys, what amazes me is how you’d deny these guys the same rights that you have. How would you feel if you were denied the right to make a better living and your boss told you that you should be happy to make what you are now and that others would kill to make as much as you?
    Franchise tags penalize UNRESTRICTED free agents (exclusive can’t negotiate with other teams while non-exclusive cost the other team draft choices) while RESTRICTED free agents are penalized by the fact that signing them costs the other team. The other teams have to take loss of draft choices in mind and lower their offer to compensate for that when they sign non-exclusive franchise players or restricted free agents. How would you like it if you got an offer from another company but they had to give your old employer compensation and wouldn’t give you as much as you know that they pay others in their company for the same job because of that?

  8. PAY THIS MAN!! I hate the Pats but since they are on the tube as much as the cowboys I see alot of them and there are two things I noticed all year; A. Wes Welker is this teams MVP every week they play. B. Vince Wilfork is never covered by less than two people and sometimes three. Still put up All-Pro numbers! This guy is as the ancor of that defense, you dont need him sour with the front office. PAY THE MAN! & RESECT THE U

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