The 200-plus guys who won't be unrestricted free agents in the uncapped year

We posted during the holidays the list of the 200-plus players who would have been unrestricted free agents in a normal season under the salary-capped environment.  In the uncapped year, the minimum years of service to qualify for unrestricted free agency moves from four years to six.

The player also must have completed the terms of his contract.  If, for example, a player drafted in 2006 signed a five-year rookie deal, that player is neither restricted nor unrestricted — he’s still committed for one more year to his current team.

Here’s the full list of players whose rights will be retained by their current teams via application of one of the various levels of restricted free agency tenders.

Presumably, most of them have realized by now that they won’t be hitting the market in March, unless of course their current teams decide not to extend to them a one-year tender offer.

9 responses to “The 200-plus guys who won't be unrestricted free agents in the uncapped year

  1. Going to have a huge effect on the FA market this year, that’s for sure !
    So not only is there no salary floor, there are not going to be anywhere near the number of FAs that could demand big money on the market, and the top 8 teams are restricted in who they can sign.
    I think the players are going to find that fabled riches of the uncapped year quite mythical with perhaps a handful of exceptions. And I don’t have a lot of sympathy for them. Their obscene salaries have driven up the cost of attending games to an unreasonable level.
    Not that the owners aren’t just as greedy. They are driving the costs just as much as the players. And if there’s a lockout or strike I think they are going to be very surprised at the backlash they will suffer from the fans.

  2. For the 35,000th time, Ronnie Brown is not an RFA. If there is no new CBA, a sixth year of his deal kicks in.

  3. That’s brilliant. Blame the workers, not the owners. The fascist and monopolistic NFL wants to suppress any and all groups that threaten their ability to control the rules of making money.
    They’ve repeatedly made it very clear they don’t care about fans, periodically threatening to relocate if they don’t get a new subsidized stadium deal paid for by taxpayers.
    And, now, they want to give significantly less money to their bread-and-butter assets, who they’ve repeatedly suppressed from demonstrating any individuality on the field.
    Time for a new league. Once again.

  4. I think this has to be strange for guys like Leonard Weaver who came into the league in the 2005-2006 offseason and signed 4 year rookie contracts and were unrestricted free agents last year are now restricted free agents this year.
    Eagles players Leonard Weaver and Sean Jones played out their rookie contracts with their orginal team and both were unrestricted free agents last year. They both ended up signing 1 year contracts with the Eagles and probably figured they would either get contract extensions with the Eagles or have another chance at free agency. But now b/c of the cba problems they dont have a choice where they play next year.
    I dont think Weaver or Jones want to leave philly. So they probably dont have a problem with it except maybe wanting security of a multi year.
    But Im sure there are many other players in this same situation who arent happy about this at all. So it must be a strange thing for them to be going through right now. For Players that didnt know this could happen the only people they should be mad at are their agents because they are the ones that didnt tell them if they signed a 1 year deal that they might not have a chance at free agency the following year.

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