Tommie Harris thrilled to play for Rod Marinelli

Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris didn’t always seem happy in Chicago last season, complaining at one point that the team sidelined him when he could have played and saying the team’s injury report “wasn’t true.”

But Harris seems very happy with the Bears’ off-season decision to elevate defensive line coach Rod Marinelli to defensive coordinator.

“I really learned the game from him last season,” Harris said of Marinelli, per Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune. “I understand the game now instead of just going out there. I think having him as defensive coordinator is a great move.”

With Marinelli moving up to the coordinator job, the Bears promoted defensive assistant Eric Washington to defensive line coach, and Harris seems enthusiastic about that move as well.

“Eric Washington is a great coach, too,” Harris said.

Harris had career lows in tackles (19) and sacks (2.5) in 2009, but he said the team doesn’t need a major defensive overhaul. It just needs to follow Marinelli’s lead.

“We’re fine with coach Marinelli,” Harris said. “He’s a monster.”

14 responses to “Tommie Harris thrilled to play for Rod Marinelli

  1. Too late, Tommie. Kissing the coach’s ass won’t help. Harris is done. Every player reaches a point where he is no longer a positive for the team. Harris is past that point. Marinelli is a football coach, not a miracle worker.

  2. Harris better get healthy and have a good season next year. Or else he is gonna get cut along with the coaching staff. I could see us moving to a 3-4 especially if they hire Bill Cowher after Lovie fails like we all know he will. Harris doesn’t fit a 3-4 but many of our other D Lineman might. Idonije and Jarron Gilbert could play end in a 3-4. And Marcus Harrison is big enough to play nose tackle. Briggs and Urlacher could play the middle. Of course we’d have to find pass rushing OLB’s but with a full boat of draft picks in 2011 and a new GM working with Bill Cowher we could turn this defense around. OK I’m done dreaming now.

  3. “We’re fine with coach Marinelli,” Harris said. “He’s a monster.”
    Um, Monster? He went 0-16…
    …Tommie needs to stop screwing around and get his game back. He used to be a monster… Now, not so much…

  4. Yeah, Marinelli really improved Harris’ performance last year. Kind of like how he improved the Lions’ record during his head coaching tenure. What exactly has Marinelli done since he left Monte Kiffin’s shadow in Tampa Bay?

  5. They will still suck. The only people that think this team will be goo are those silly Bears fans. Man can they get confused.

  6. I am sick of this “bearsrule” tool talking negative about the Bears on every Bears thread.
    I hope you DIE of ass cancer you pathetic joke of a human. Fans like you make me SICK…

  7. Why Nelson? He’s right. Tommie is toast, or at least has looked like it for three years now.
    Could he get it back? Maybe, but if that’s a degenerative knee condition, which it’s rumored to be, then he’s done for.

  8. elsonLRodriguez says: February 10, 2010 10:35 AM
    I am sick of this “bearsrule” tool talking negative about the Bears on every Bears thread.
    I hope you DIE of ass cancer you pathetic joke of a human. Fans like you make me SICK…
    I’ve been a Bear fan for a long, long time. If you want to be a water carrier, that’s your business. I’m negative because the Bears have become a laughingstock. As far as a pathetic joke of a human, your comment pretty much tells everybody about you. Karma’s a bitch, pal. Find a place and hang on.

  9. Mattchew182 , I’m with you dreaming about a 3-4 except for one thing…. No way do you put Briggs in the middle. I don’t think there is a better weak sider in the league. Leave him out there and he could be the piece that makes the Bears front 7 a threat 3-4.
    Urlacher and Hillenmeyer would be in the middle with Pisa at strong side. Until one of them got hurt and Nick Roach stepped in, and Tim Shaw behind him. I’m assuming Jamar Williams departs via free agency.
    Also, Gilbert and Alex Brown and Idonije would make good 3-4 ends but are you sure about Marcus harrison at nose tackle? He hasn’t been able to take over the starting job next to Tommie from Anthony Adams. a 3-4 starts with the nose tackle and I’m not sure we have anyone accomplished enough to peg into that role. If we have another shitty season and then lucky this time next year, we’ll see what Cowher thinks about it.

  10. Of course Harris is ‘thrilled’. He is getting paid like 10 mil a year to make “tackles (19) and sacks (2.5)”. I was definitely one who was advocating for him to get a new deal. It really sucks that he didnt even come close to delivering equal value on the field.

  11. hahahaha ya marinelli talks the talk doesnt walk the walk i heard how great of a teacher he was every year i was watching the lions. The things he said may sound well to a player to pump him up but besides that he is awful leave him as a positional coach he is better one on one the beard D will be worse now that he has a more broad job

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