Cribbs says deal is coming "very soon"

A month ago, Browns receiver Josh Cribbs sounded like a guy who wanted out of Cleveland. 

Now, it’s looking like he might never leave.

As a supplement to his agent’s recent comments regarding the progress that has been made on a long-term deal that would replace the three years left on Cribbs’ current contract, Cribbs told Tony Rizzo of ESPN 850 WKNR in Cleveland earlier today that the process is “going really fast,” and that an agreement will be reached “very soon.”

Cribbs predicted that an accord will be reached “[s]ome time before the [Scouting] Combine,” which opens in two weeks.

“I am satisfied with how quickly it’s moving,” Cribbs said.  “I’ve been getting updates at the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl when I was out of town.  I met with my agents.  They have been talking to Heckert all throughout the process and it’s going pretty good.  Holmgren has reached out.  He’s made a huge effort to get it done.  He said he wants me here and he wants me to play here.  I’m happy right now and I’ll be even happier once it’s finalized.”

We’re not sure why the team’s position has changed so quickly; maybe Holmgren has been ordering a bunch of pizzas.

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  1. As I said before. one trick pony. Sure he’s great at it but its only one trick (special teams/returns). He’s worth 3-4 mil MAX per yr for the return ability and the slim chance they find a QB that can make him better (36 catches and as many drops in 5 yrs in garbage).
    If they pay #1 wr money for him they are making a mistake. Even if he could somehow figure it out at 27 they dont have the guy to get it to him. Without a QB he is worth more to sign and trade, too a team that believes he is a #1. Which he is not. Then take that pick/picks (depending on the team/sucker) and rebuild your line so you can protect that QB you dont even have yet (unless Quinn gets a legit shot), so that one day he can get it too a real #1 wr which you dont have either, which is kind of the reason for the post.
    If you can get him for the right price he is a great sign.. if you pay #1wr cash it will be yet another mistake in a long line of them.

  2. As a Niners fan who was hoping for some sort of trade for Mr. Cribbs, I’d just like to say I’m disappointed by this.

  3. I’m confused……….Does he not still have 3 years remaining on his existing contract? hmmmm.
    Welcome to the NFL….contracts are worthless…

  4. As maybe the biggest cleveland fan ever, im very disappointed in cribbs and this website. Cribbs is the man. How ever He signed a contract. why does this website just poke a team that signed a guy for less than he was worth? Good move in my opinion, why give a guy more money that signed something and has never seen the playoffs? god love him, but come on. i want him here and so do my sons, but jesus, prove you need to be here

  5. Moving quickly??? Wasn’t Cribbs and his agent crying and crying that the Browns didn’t move fast enough… which was 5 minutes after Holmgren walked in the door and before a GM was in place?

  6. cue dolphinatic
    mike g… I agree I wasn’t happy that he signed himself into this contract and now wants a new one. But he did outplay his current contract and after asking for a new one he proved his worth last year. I think Heckert and Holgrem will handle this situation well without over paying him.
    You have to love a guy who plays his absolute heart out every game.

  7. Prediction—-
    Cribbs and his agent crow about ‘getting paid’ with some lucrative figure that’s really filled with new incentives and extra years. Cribbs doesn’t meet most of them without becoming a more than just a ten play a game player or just fades before the contract ‘pays the man’.
    What a bunch of hype agents make. How much of that $80 million contract Nate Clemens signed 2 years ago are the 49ers going to ‘pay the man’?

  8. Josh is worth every dime he wants in this new deal so far. Coming into this year he had a deal that was worth less than the amount that he contributed last year and he had the opportunity to holdout in training camp after being promised a new, better deal. However, he played the whole year for a very bad team and did everything they asked and then some. He forced teams to kick short or out of bounds on kickoffs and gave the Browns great field position, if they had anything that resembled an offense this year they could have been a dangerous team. Now then need to get a QB that can run an offense and receivers that can catch the ball and not run over people in the street.

  9. Cribbs should just keep his damn mouth shut. I’ve lost a lot of respect for this guy, and not really for trying to renegotiate when he has 3 years left, but for negotiating through the media.

  10. if the browns can cut him and not honor their part of the contract; the player has the right to demand a new contract. Especially when he is clearly under-paid. The “he signed a contract, he should honor it” point is a simplistic, child-like view of the situation.

  11. Or maybe Tom Heckert really has some control in Cleveland.
    The Browns seemed to be a stalemate with Cribbs on contract talks before Heckert got their, but ever sense hes arrived in Cleveland things have been moving forward on the Cribbs situation.
    I think Heckert sat down with Holmgren and talked to him about what he thinks Cribbs is worth. It might have worked because it seems like Cribbs is happy and things are moving rapidly.

  12. The Browns will not overpay for him and he totally deserved a new deal. The man plays his heart out for the city he is from and loves. Once Holmgren gets the offense on track, look for Cribbs to explode on offense as well as being the most dominating, game changing special teamer ever.
    The Browns continue to make smart moves and have quite a few picks in the upcoming draft to begin filling holes. Lookout NFL for these Browns, they will be contending sooner then you think.

  13. “We’re not sure why the team’s position has changed so quickly; maybe Holmgren has been ordering a bunch of pizzas.”
    Maybe Florio needs to quit trying to be a funny guy and just report the d@mn news, or continue to report what he thinks is news. As a Browns fan who reads the Plain Dealer on I get to read their articles on an hour before you report them on here. Find some REAL news on your own for once!

  14. dolphinfan – ironic “a long line (of mistakes)” (note: not denying it) – this coming from the team that took ted ginn? you know you’d rather have cribbs than ginn.

  15. It’s the way the NFL works though, if a team can cut you even when you are under contract, then you should probably be able to “cut” your team until you get a new contract. It has to go both ways or no ways (like baseball).

  16. The Coop says:
    February 11, 2010 11:30 PM
    Cribbs should just keep his damn mouth shut. I’ve lost a lot of respect for this guy, and not really for trying to renegotiate when he has 3 years left, but for negotiating through the media.
    Did it really hurt your feelings? Everyone, including yourself, have no clue what went on behind closed doors with Cribbs. Cribbs new that if the fans got behind him, this would get done quickly. Seemed to have worked!!!

  17. I believe Cribbs is a great player and person. Yes he wants a new deal, thats the business side of it. Im sure his agents pushed him a little bit to ask for the new deal. He loves Cleveland, he never wanted to leave but he knew he was worth a new deal.
    dolpinatic – Your one trick pony comment is absurd. I would think returning kicks and punts would be considered 2 different tricks. Oh yeah he covers those kicks and punts too. And I almost forgot he runs our flash package that teams hate to see(just ask the squeelers and their fans). And yes he is not a #1 reciever but he is a decent #3 or #4 to have on the field to make defenses know where he is because you never know what they could do with him.
    Big Show needs to hire me on his staff.

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