PFT Daily: The Panthers' Peppers predicament

In honor of the first day of the 2010 window for using the franchise tag, let’s take a look at the player with the biggest name — and, if he’s tagged — the biggest salary.

Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers.

So sit back, relax, and prepare to work extra hard later to make up for the two minutes you’ll be wasting now.


15 responses to “PFT Daily: The Panthers' Peppers predicament

  1. Please, for heaven’s sake and all that is holy, PLEASE let us be permanently logged in! I just typed a whole response that got lost with the stupid ass “Content Submission Error”!
    Anyway, what I basically said was that the Panthers should let him walk and try to re-sign him. Let the free market decide his worth, which should be significantly less than $21.8M/yr (unless Dan Snyder gets involved).
    Risky, yes. Especially with Peppers hinting constantly that he wants out of Carolina. But you simply cannot pay him $21.8M to play next year. That is ludicrous.

  2. I’m glad he is gone. He will find out he is NOT going to get the 15 mill a year he THINKS he is going to get.
    Now the panthers can get 2 good defensive tackles instead. Well they would if they had any draft picks to do it with.
    Jerry Richardson should fire himself and rehire himself for half price for being such a noob.
    End of Line.

  3. @slow joe
    I am aways permanently signed in. There is a check box on the sign in screen that says keep me signed in you click it and as long as you post from the same computer you should stay logged in.

  4. I hope Chicago pays him 21.8M to play next year. Price = Supply vs. Demand. And Chicago has some real problems on the Defensive Line. He would surely fix one of them.

  5. The still photo on the front of that vid has Peppers lookin like he’s from an episode of Urban Hee Haw.

  6. Can they not transition tag him now, and should he receive and offer sheet just choose to match or let him walk? That way the market dictates his salary and the Panthers get the choice as to whether to keep him or not.

  7. The Panthers need to grant permission to Peppers’ crook agents to negotiate contracts with other teams, or another team. And then Carolina needs to swing a deal with the team that gives them the best offer, which won’t be as much as you would think for a player as good as Peppers.

  8. Stainless Steel:
    The problem with giving him a transition tag offer is that he might sign the thing. I think once they offer it to him he can sign it and then they would be on the hook for another HUGE one year salary.
    The Falcons have not won a Super Bowl either. All teams in the NFC South have now been to Super Bowls and two of them won (Bucs and Saints) and two of them lost (Falcons and Panthers).
    With the Saints appearance and victory in Super Bowl XLIV, the NFC South joined four other divisions in the NFL whose members have all appeared in Super Bowls. (AFC East & West and NFC East & West)
    No current NFL Division is comprised of teams that have all won Super Bowls.
    Of the current Divisions who have placed all four of their teams in the Super Bowl, the AFC East (Buffalo 0), AFC West (San Diego 0) and NFC East (Eagles 0) have three teams with victories. While the NFC South (Falcons 0 and Panthers 0) and NFC West (Cardinals 0 and Seahawks 0) have two teams with victories. The AFC & NFC North have each placed three teams in the Super Bowl with two franchises having won at least one and the AFC South has only placed two teams in the Super Bowl and has one winner. The Colts. Of course several teams have won multiple Super Bowls and they would skew the number in any one division through the roof because of it. This is just a listing of which teams have appeared in or won at least one Super Bowl.

  9. @Tim: I always check that box but I’m always eventually logged out. It used to happen in about two days. Now it seems I stay logged in for a week or two. I’m thankful for the improvement, but I still would like to stay permanently logged in, or at least be made aware that I’m not logged in before I type out a comment.
    @druid1: The Falcons have never won a Super Bowl. But all four teams have been IN the Super Bowl. However:
    1. The Panthers and Falcons lost theirs.
    2. The Falcons were in the NFC West when they played in the 1998-1999 Super Bowl.

  10. He seems frustrated that the front office isn’t wooing him. Last year, he ignored them, missed OTAs and workouts, and was a huge distraction. The Panthers are tired of the distaction and the cost for mediocrity. Peppers is a Free Agent on March 5/

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