Pierce says neck isn't a problem

Antonio Pierce was in New York this week for medical tests, and asked to meet with the team about his future while he was there.

The bad news is those meetings led to his release.  The good news is that he says an MRI on his injured neck revealed no problems.

In comments to the Newark Star-Ledger and the team’s website, Pierce may not even look at his release as bad news.  He’s about to hit unrestricted free agency, and couldn’t thank the Giants enough for the opportunity to play for them.

“I talked to Coach Coughlin, I talked to Jerry Reese, I talked to as
many people as I could talk to before leaving the building. I told them
I have nothing but love for the Giants and I always will,” Pierce said.

An article by the team’s website indicates they feel the same about Pierce.  But the lovefest obscures the reality that the Giants didn’t think Pierce was worth a high salary.

Drew Rosenhaus has already started to look for a team that feels differently.

15 responses to “Pierce says neck isn't a problem

  1. Exactly the response I would expect from Pierce. The Giants are a class organization that treat their players with class. Pierce was a great player for us and I’m glad to see he understands that this is a business decision, nothing else. He wasn’t going to be worth the $5 mill to keep him around. I wouldn’t be shocked at all to see him come back after he retires and be around for some kind of advisory role.

  2. i guess pierce would be lookin for a team where he can be a full time starter, i think the Bears ought to look in to this so he could possibly replace Urlacher

  3. If neck is really ok, that love could end quickly if the Eagles are concerned about Stewart Bradley’s healthy return. Witherspoon should be moved to the outside

  4. really classy on both giants’ and pierce’s end as they parted ways. showing respect and admiration for one another reflects well upon both player and organization. nice to see. the mara family has always had a tradition of treating their players with dignity and the true Giants seem to recognize this appropriately.

  5. gonna miss you peirce, you were another big part of that super bowl win over the pats. glad to see that this ended well on both sides. heres hoping he comes back to the giants sideline as a coach some day

  6. “I wouldn’t be schocked at all to see him come back and be around for some sort of advisory role”
    Yes, He could show the rookies how to hide a handgun,an illegally transport it over state lines,all with the classy teams approval
    Take them shopping so they know what kind of apparrel to wear when sporting a burner in the city. This way they won’t you know, shoot themselves.

  7. AP was an excellent Giant. The shame of this is that he has really worn down over the past 2 years and doesnt look like more then a backup at this point. I will always be a fan of his, and his class on the way out only furthers that. He mentions in one quote he would like to stick in the NFC East, but I dont think he would be an improvement for any of those teams.

  8. If no team sees him as a reliable starter, the Eagles could use depth at LB. He’d be a solid backup to Stewart Bradley

  9. The Giants had no choice but to make this move. AP is no longer worth $4.5 million per year. Even as a team leader, you can’t lead a defense when you are one of the big problems. It tough to yell and scream at people to do their jobs, when you can’t do your own.
    AP was a good Giant, and Giants fan will always be thankful for the Super Bowl he helped win. But it’s time to move on, hopefully to someone younger and better.

  10. I wonder if he might need to retire due to those injuries?
    AP was awesome, big part of the superbowl run, and a great leader.
    It’d be cool if the Giants had some sort of assistant LB coaching position for him. He really seems like he’d be a good LB coach.

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