Polian tells Brackett he's a priority

Thumbnail image for G. Brackett.jpgIn the painful moments just after the Super Bowl, Colts President Bill Polian sought out middle linebacker Gary Brackett and told Brackett that the team would do everything within “all reasonable bounds” to re-sign him.

It’s a significant gesture, and a recognition of what Brackett means to the Colts.

The Colts usually let their linebackers walk in free agency, with the next man up already on the roster.  But Brackett means more than David Thornton or Cato June ever did.  Brackett is the emotional leader of the unit, and the respect his teammates showed for him throughout Super Bowl week was unique.

Polian said Brackett’s negotiations could take a while, but it’s a good bet they will find a way to close the deal.  The team could also use the franchise or transition tag to retain him.

11 responses to “Polian tells Brackett he's a priority

  1. It would be a good move to keep him if it’s not too expensive. They should try and see if they can get anything for Bob Sanders. Bullitt is a solid enough replacement. They are paying him way too much to play 1 or 2 games a year.

  2. Brackett should be thrilled he was not thrown under the bus like Polian did to the O line. I could not believe Polian would do that to the Oline but nothing about the Defense who could not stop anything. I understand him not talking about Manning as you cannnot upset the big guy. I do get a kick out of the talking heads who say “Favre interception which prevented the Vikings from trying a field goal (which is not a gurantee) lost the game for the Vikings when it in fact put the game in overtime and the talking heads say “Manning interception was not the reason the Colts lost”, right, the guy runs it back for the TD that puts them up from two TD’s with about 2 minutes to go. I know everybody loves Manning and hates Favre but good God, get serious.

  3. Actually, Manning had a very good game. Hard to tell what happened on the pick 6…bad pass, bad read, bad route, Reggie’s knee more injured than we thought, flat-out great play by Porter…not sure. Regardless of who/what is to blame for that play, Manning did very well the rest of the game. Don’t think you can put a bullseye on that one play and say that’s the reason they lost. I can think of about 4 or 5 plays and reasons why the Colts lost.

  4. cut Sanders and there will be a lot more money for enveryone! Sanders is good when healthy, but when is he healthy……oh the off season!

  5. They’d better lock him up quick. Every team in the league is going to be scrambling to throw money at an undersized cover-2 linebacker.

  6. Rjgreen-Cutting Sanders would only save around a million dollars. It’s not worth it.
    Brackett will easily be re-signed. I’ve never had any fear of him walking.

  7. Gary has always been a class act since he played in Glassboro. A good example and argument against the thugs in the league.

  8. I hope the Giants sign him so he can return home. He was a great player at Rutgers and we need a MLB and a leader on Defense desperately!

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