Report: Former NFL player Daryle Smith dies at 46

Daryle Smith, an offensive lineman who played for the Cowboys, Browns and Eagles, died today at the age of 46, the CBS affiliate in Knoxville, Tennessee, is reporting.

According to the report, family members said Smith checked into UT Medical Center on Tuesday, suffering from pancreatic problems and gall stones. He went into a coma shortly after arriving at the hospital and died today.

Smith played for the Cowboys in 1987 and 1988, for the Browns in 1989 and for the Eagles from 1990 to 1992.

Born and raised in Knoxville, Smith played his college football at Tennessee.

19 responses to “Report: Former NFL player Daryle Smith dies at 46

  1. I’m sure I am stating the obvious here, but with the hell that pro athletes put their bodies through, I wonder how long before they link his playing days to his death? Condolences to his friends and family!

  2. Hello Mr. Smith,
    Please accept from yours sincerely a sincere (and very well meant) arse-chewing. Of course, this comment is offered only as a personal attack (i.e. from Sarcasm for Dummies: not for publication):
    At the very least please offer condolences to the family ye bumbling insensitive nincompoop!!!
    Florio does have very bad hair, bordering on being a modern day male (methinks) medusa, with all the entangled spaghetti on his noggin, but at the very leat he has been housebroken on this issue.
    Kind regards,
    Your friendly neighbourhood Island

  3. PFTiswhatitis, it’s possible. And I don’t want to accuse the guy of anything, but it could be alcohol related, as pancreas issues typically are in younger people.

  4. PFTiswhatitis,
    Probably Type 2 diabetes and other problems related to obesity, which is probably typical for someone whose body carries the kind of weight an offensive lineman does for such a long time.

  5. 46 year-old men die all the time. His status as a former pro football player doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with his death. Maybe it did; maybe it didn’t.
    Conspiracy theorists are always hard at work, I guess.

  6. Or could it be a young man in his 40s simply died, as many do around the world everyday. Does the always have to be something sinister or spectacular going on. Stop taking your limited minds so seriously.

  7. I would like to see the Lions have a decent year
    someday? Their fans have suffered through
    losing season after losing season with the Ford
    family at the head of the organization. I know it’s
    their team, but they obviously don’t care about
    winning or they just pick the worst people they
    can find to run their football operations. (i.e. Matt

  8. So Levito, why don’t you tell this audience exactly how much alcohol you consume and your age ? Also in what year did you obtain your Medical Degree ? And in Medicine, do you really consider anything that involves someones death as being “TYPICAL” ? For God’s Sake Man, please let Mr. Smith rest in peace and try to think about what you say before you carelessly write it !!!

  9. My guess is this young man was uninsured and was having undiagnosed gall bladder problems. He did not seek medical care because he didn’t have the money and thought he could handle the pain but…. his pancreas failed due to the non-functioning gall bladder…. Happens all the time…almost happened to me.

  10. I just read some of these commits and I am now realizing how cold hearted people in this country are. I always new they were but this really confirms what I have always known. Some of you jackasses won’t live forever so you better think twice about the poor souls that aren’t as fortunate as you to have a long life. Remember life is short and when you go to sleep each and every night thinking about that. Just maybe you won’t see the next day. It doesn’t take a disease for someone to die. Anyone at anytime can just pass away. There are little babies that don’t even get to see the 2nd birthday. So to all you people that think their going to live forever keep your stupid comments to yourselves.

  11. Pancreatitis and gall bladder problems are SOMETIMES caused by diabetes… heredity may also be a factor…gallstones lead to liver and pancreas problems/failure if left untreated…no alcoholism or diabetes necessary.

  12. another untimely death that “OBAMA” care could have prevented……my big ole butt…my condolences to his family……46 is very young but it happens all the time and nothing is gonna change the facts of life……….

  13. It seems that everyone is ignoring the obvious answer. Since he was a football player in the ’80s he very may well have been involved in the use of Steroids. Steroids create all kinds of havoc with the body and, depending on the user, can cause kidney, liver, thyroid, or any number of other problems with the body.

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