Broncos deny rumor that team is for sale

We shared on Thursday a rumor that has been making the rounds regarding the possible availability of the Denver Broncos.

According to Jeff Legwold of the Denver Post, the team “strongly refuted” the rumor. 

“The team is not for sale. The rumor is false,” team COO Joe Ellis told Legwold.

Meanwhile, we’re compelled to mention that Legwold — whose item appears in an online blog maintained by the Denver Post — resorted to the old-school, two-finger typing “internet report” label when referring to our story, without mentioning PFT or linking to the item.

And people actually still wonder why newspapers are dying.

16 responses to “Broncos deny rumor that team is for sale

  1. – Mr Bowlen is the team for sale?
    – No.
    – What about that huge for sale sign?
    – That’s a typo.

  2. Florio – nobody cares about your internet reporting.
    Last we looked… you sold out.
    Give it a rest.

  3. I think Legwold uses that because the Post (and its legal team) won’t print the words “bull shit.” It is the most polite and courteous way to out the “rumor” for what it was: BULL. SHIT.
    There is no WAY that city and that state would let my Donks leave. Anybody who knows Denver knows that it is a Bronco town. The Nuggets and Avs and Rocks all are second-class citizens.

  4. Who gives a shit if Legwold didnt mention PFT. Your “rumor” was incorrect.
    I guess you follow the mantra “bad publicity is still publicity”.

  5. Legwold was hired by the Denver Post after the last newspaper he worked for, the Rocky Mountain News, decided to call it quits. Maybe he’ll help run the Post into the ground.

  6. So newspapers are dying because an occasional one doesn’t credit PFT for repeating a rumor? You better call the Poynter Institute, Florio. They’ll be relieved to learn that someone has figured out the problem.
    At least the Denver Post actually contacted — and identified — a reliable team source to refute the rumor.

  7. Wow, a little sensitive there Florio.
    Legwold is coming off a week where he did great work getting Floyd Little into the HOF, according to Peter King he set the bar for presenters.
    Leggy is a true professional journalist, and why would he want to link people to his competition?

  8. certaincoachditka says: February 12, 2010 9:43 AM
    – Mr Bowlen is the team for sale?
    – No.
    – What about that huge for sale sign?
    – That’s a typo.
    lol, good one.

  9. First of all, even IF (and a big if at that) the Broncos were for sale, the chances of the team moving away from Denver would be near zero. The Broncos have had one of the longest sell out streaks in the NFL (going back to the AFL days as well) and no business person in their right mind would take the guaranteed money in Denver and move the team to L.A. or another city.
    Secondly, this was a rumor started by PFT because of the connection with the sale of the Rams (partial owner of the Rams also owns the Avs and Nuggets, so the Denver connection could be spotted by Stevie Wonder). It does not hold water anywhere else (i.e. legitimate news sources, not rumor mills), so thanks PFT for creating this unfounded nonsense. Maybe newspapers are dead because they employ too many crap wannabe ‘journalists’ like Florio.

  10. Wht can’t there be any rumors that the Raiders are for sale?
    Suks to be us Raiderfan.
    Senile Al should buy the Broncos. Then he could ruin them.

  11. Actually Mr Florio
    Its better he didn’t announce the PFT was wrong ONCE AGAIN!
    Jeff Legwold is an excellent writer so maybe he was ashamed to admit he was referencing your site.

  12. hey MileHiClown… That’s what we said in Cleveland too.
    But in all reality, this is a no-story. Every time a team gets sold (see Rams) other teams investigate the comperable value of their organization at the same time. Its a level of evaluation outside the snobbish Forbes bullshit which carries has almost no merit in the real market

  13. Wht can’t there be any rumors that the Raiders are for sale?
    Suks to be us Raiderfan.
    Senile Al should buy the Broncos. Then he could ruin them.
    The Raiders have been for sale for over 30 years, AL just doesn’t remember.

  14. All 32 teams are a business. Every business is up for sale – every day – for the right price. Just think, if someone offered you twice what your car or house was worth – would you take it? What about three times, etc.? So, on the one hand, it’s accurate that the team is ‘for sale’. On the other hand, unless Bowlen is soliciting offers, it’s not really accurate to say it’s for sale.

  15. Florio, you are a tiny man, in every sense.
    Does Bowlen neex money? No reports check bouncing.
    Also, IF the Broncos were sold why would there be any desire to move the team? 75000 seats sold, television momey exactly the same…what, Iowa would do better? Sheesh.

  16. Mr. Bowlen got a stadium paid for by taxes … our taxes !!! Why would it suprise you if he took the money and ran …. it is a business …. a strike or lockout may be on the horizon … welcome to the U.S.A. Fans aren’t even part of the equation … it is Corperate America at work … it wouldn’t even suprise me and I work for a living … no silver spoon here …. open your eyes people. If the idea is conceived … it can and probably will happen.

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