Packers, Bills, Chargers could be candidates for Porter

The last time linebacker Joey Porter abruptly was cut, he quickly landed on his feet.

And with a contract carrying $20 million in guaranteed money.

Though he’s three years older, there’s surely a team or two out there willing to give the soon-to-be 33-year-old defender a chance.

Here’s an easy way to begin connecting the dots — look to the guys who were in Miami when Porter picked up that contract with $20 million of it fully guaranteed.

Defensive coordinator Dom Capers is now the defensive coordinator in Green Bay, and the Packers are still making the transition from 4-3 to 3-4.  Porter would be an upgrade over Aaron Kampman, who seems to be far more suited to playing defensive end on a four-man line.

Then there are the Bills.  New defensive coordinator George Edwards was Porter’s position coach in 2007. 

How about the Chargers?  Former Miami G.M. Randy Mueller is now an exec in San Diego.

The Cowboys could be an alternative, if Porter is willing to accept a backup role behind DeMarcus Ware or Anthony Spencer.  Former Dolphins defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni, who worked with Porter each of the past two years, has returned to the defensive staff in Dallas.

Of course, there’s a chance that anyone who has worked with Porter will want to have nothing further to do with him.

So maybe we should be looking at teams with a 3-4 defense — and a coaching staff with no prior exposure to Porter.

33 responses to “Packers, Bills, Chargers could be candidates for Porter

  1. What team in Canada would that be?
    There is a ZERO ( how many tackles he had against NE) chance he plays for a 3-4 team that plays outside the Boston/Providence area.

  2. capers’ d forced kampman to play part time. his stats from this year will dwarf a fulltime porter’s stats in the same d next year.

  3. You know, Porter might actually be good for the Chargers. God knows they need somebody to light a fire under their asses.

  4. GhostofFlorioPast says:
    February 12, 2010 5:59 PM
    Buffalo is where careers go to die.
    Washington is where careers go to die

  5. i can’t see him a Redskin and if the Chargers get him and let go of Merriman that will be a BIG mistake.

  6. Who’s career died in Buffalo that did not start there ghost?
    Call me the ghostofflorioppresent, you are wrong.

  7. No way he’ll be in Green Bay, they have too much money tied up in the linebacker position already.

  8. Kampan is a class act and seems to be one of the hardest workers on the team—-BUT he is not a linebacker! Love the guy and wish him well, but Porter would definately fit, maybe even give us a bit more of an attitude.

  9. Come on to SF Joey, we can use some of that attitude on our defense…i’d welcome this move in a heartbeat

  10. he reminds me of warren sapp.
    stay away from the raiders porter. we dont want you to be part of the 2011 superbowl champs

  11. As a Packer fan, I’d rather see Brad Jones get the playing time before a half time player like Porter does. I think Jones was a great pick and he has tremendous upside. The Packers are set at backer in their 3-4 scheme. Although, Porter may be good with his hand on the ground coming off the edge in certain situations.

  12. @biggs13 … Joey had a bad year on 09 but he had plenty of bite in 08 and through most of his career.
    Florio, what do you have against Joey? Yeah, he talks … a lot. But so do many other players. At least Joey isn’t all me me me all the time. He’s usually talking about how the team is going to kick their opponent. And he usually owns up when he sucks. At least he did when he was with the Steelers. He’s never been the locker room disruption T.O. has been. Joey’s always been well liked by his peers. He’s done a lot of nice things for fellow players. Yeah, he says what he thinks … often when he’d be better off staying quiet. But when certain players do that, y’all seem to find it adorable. (One #85 comes to mind.) And he can be a big team motivator. Hope he gets a chance to prove that next year.

  13. The Packers wouldn’t go near him, even if he could play, the Packers don’t like loud mouths, combine that with the reality that he sucks and wants too much money.

  14. It’s a shame to lose someone who’s been a good player, but you have to look at the big picture last season. When the home team offense controls the clock for 45 minutes and the team still loses, [such as the 2nd game of the season with the Colts] who do you hang the blame for that on? When Pennington went down, Henne came out and did a great job and gave the team lots of chances to win. Like the game against the Saints [week 8] when Miami was up by what, 24 something to 0. Who let the Saints come back and win it? On average the defense allowed 114 rushing and 227 passing yards per game. The reality is the defense didn’t step up this season so changes need to be made.

  15. It would only be fitting that Joey would go to Buffalo and play against the Dolphins twice a year. Joey can still play.

  16. JimmySmith says:
    The Packers wouldn’t go near him, even if he could play, the Packers don’t like loud mouths …
    ROFL … do you guys read your own posts?

  17. @Deb-
    When Joey Porter talks trash, it isn’t because he’s messing around. It’s because he wants to be an ass.
    Also, ask Levi Brown what a cheap shot artist Joey Porter is.

  18. @SpartaChris …
    I didn’t say he’s messing around. No, he’s not messing around. That big mouth is genuine. And Levi Brown definitely was not his finest moment.
    Joey’s no angel, and I’m not defending everything he does. He’d be wise to curb his trash-talking–especially now that he’s older and less capable of backing it up. I’m just saying there’s more to him than a big mouth.

  19. Bottom Line Jerry Porter is pure TRASH all talk not bite….this is the EXACT reason Porter would make a perfect greenbay packer.
    HAHAHA!!! sign him GREENBAY

  20. SpartaChris says:
    February 12, 2010 7:37 PM
    I’d take him in Green Bay if he wasn’t an asshole.
    Being an asshole, he’d fit right in, in GB, at least with their fans.

  21. “Being an asshole, he’d fit right in, in GB, at least with their fans.”
    Minnesota will be the perfect fit for Porter if he wants to go to a garbage team that has a lousy fanbase in which no one has an IQ of over 5.

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