Panthers don't plan to franchise Peppers

With 13 days to go until the period for applying the franchise tag closes, there’s no reason for any Panthers fans to hold their breath regarding a possible return in 2010 by defensive end Julius Peppers, who has spent all eight of his NFL seasons in Carolina.

Per a league source, the Panthers don’t plan to use the franchise tag on Peppers for a second straight season.

The reason is simple.  Given his compensation in 2009, the rules push the franchise tender to $21.8 million for 2010. 

That’s $1.326 million.  Per game.

Peppers simply isn’t worth it, in Charlotte or elsewhere.  And though the Panthers currently hold Peppers’ rights, they can’t trade him until March 5.  But they won’t hold his rights on March 5 unless they use the franchise tag.

And if they use the franchise tag, Peppers should immediately sign the thing, since no one is going to pay him $21.8 million for one season of football.

(The transition tag isn’t an option, either, since the price for a one-year guaranteed deal will still be $21.8 million.)

So just as Drew Brees walked away from the Chargers in 2006 with no compensation to San Diego, Peppers most likely will leave the Panthers and go somewhere else.

At an annual salary far less than $21.8 million.

27 responses to “Panthers don't plan to franchise Peppers

  1. Duh. Of course they won’t. 21.8 million is just too much. Peppers will be the hottest FA this offseason.

  2. The Panthers franchised Peppers last year.
    Isn’t the rule that you can’t franchise players more than once?

  3. They might not be completely empty handed depending on their activity in free agency this year. They could be looking at a decent compensatory draft pick. Maybe they can turn into a franchise DE. The Chargers used their compensatory draft pick from Brees to draft like a LB or something who they eventually cut. Ironically I think he plays for the Saints now.
    Hopefully Peppers doesn’t sign to a team in the NFC North. I’m sick of watching him run through our O-line.

  4. Actually, I take that back. A player can only be franchised twice, but the second year there is a 10% salary increase from the previous year.

  5. I dont agree with you when you say Peppers should sign the franchise tag immediately if he is offered it.
    Yes of course no one is going to pay him $21.8 million to play per year but he is risking alot by playing on a 1 year deal. His production has already started to decline so if he signed the franchise tag that extra $11 million or so he would make by signing the tag could easily cost him $20-30 million dollars in a long term deal if he has a major injury or plays horribily.
    If he goes in to free agency now teams are going to base the contract he gets on what he has done recently and what he could do over the next few years. Like I said if he excepts the tag and is seriously injured or plays badly teams aren’t going to be willing to give him a contract like the one he would get now.
    1 bad season will offset what ever money he would gain by signing the franchise tag and would cost him even more money. It could go from a $80 million deal to a $40 million deal in the blink of an eye.
    Why risk it? He knows hes going to be 1 of the highest paid players in the league so why gamble all that just for some extra money.

  6. @Route36West
    I agree with a lot of stuff you said especially with how 1 bad season could dramatically drop his salary but think of it this way.
    The Redskins gave Albert Haynesworth a 7 year, 100 Million dollar contract with a record 41 Million guaranteed. (I looked that up, I did not have that memorized)
    If Peppers signed the franchise tag he would get $21.8 Million guaranteed plus the $16.7 Million he earned this year ($38.5 Million). Essentially, he will make what Haynesworth makes in 7 years in just 2 years with the ability to sign what I assume will be a pretty decent offer next year assuming he plays decent. If he does get like a career ending injured he will still have made about as much as Haynesworth and that contract is taking Fat Albert to his retirement anyway.

  7. I just don’t understand wanting long term contracts when they can just release you at any time, and you would be making 20 million for 1 season. As long as you don’t die, you’re almost definately going to play more than that 1 season, so you can get a contract after that. Just plain dumb

  8. Why won’t the Seahawks pay Peppers in a capless year? Paul Allen’s worth is a hell of a lot more than Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones combined. Many times over.

  9. @ mnmaverick
    If no one has addressed this, yes you can franchise someone more than once.
    49ers fans: would you want the Niners to take Peppers? I am undecided. I t would be awesome to have a line that was him, Smith, and Franklin but he will be expensive and that could be money that goes to the )-Line or the Secondary or possibly even a QB so any other 49ers fans what do you think?

  10. So long, Pep. Thanks for giving us Panthers fans a thrill four out of sixteen Sundays per year.

  11. I’m a Panther PSL owner/season ticket holder and go to every home game. I have watched this guy since his college days at Carolina (that’s Chapel Hill for the yankees in here). This guy has made some amazing plays; however, if you really look at the long term for a team looking to bring him in or in the Panther’s case keep him around, this guy is 30 years old and is not getting any younger. If you sign him to a 4 year deal he will be creeping up on 34 and his 12th year in the league. In year 3 and 4 of the deal and do you really think he can produce at the level he is going to get paid at? Yes, it stinks the Panthers will get zero compensation, yes at times he is amazing, however when the guy plays in big games he is just a little better than average. His big games come against the lesser teams in the league with 3 sack games, but when we need him to step up, ie playoffs, division games, he seems to just be average. Take it for what its worth, but this guy crippled the Panthers depth last year with the tag. There were no free agent signings last year except for guys that were border line practice squad guys. Once the injury bug hit we resulted in trading for guys that did sniff the field at their previous team.
    Now we are in a situation were Julius walks in 2010 and Fox walks in 2011. So be careful for what you wish for when 90 comes to your town for a visit.

  12. Not to be a noodge, but why is it again that the Panthers won’t franchise him with the intent of trading him? He would have to sign his tender to be traded anyway. Are they thinking that all interest from other teams would suddenly dry up?
    Doesn’t it make sense for them to franchise him to keep him from signing with a division rival even if it’s for a conditional 7th rounder and a 6 pack of Zima?
    I agree that no one is going to pay him $21 million to play for 1 year, but if someone is willing to pony up $30 million guaranteed, why would his being franchised change that?
    I refer everyone to that Matt Cassel trade. You think the Panthers could get a high 2nd and a vet DE for his rights?
    It’s not like they have to worry about the franchise tender counting against a cap that would keep them from signing any other guys in the mean time. There is no urgency if he signs the tender.
    Again, why won’t the Panthers franchise him with the intention of dealing him for SOMETHING instead of letting him walk for nothing?
    Is it because the league has for years tried to act like teams don’t franchise guys that they intend to trade? I might buy that, but Cassel and John Abraham might disagree with you.

  13. @LT2_3 . . .
    the problem with franchising and trading him is that the team that trades for him will want a long-term deal, and the starting point will be $21.8 million for the first year.
    so then if the panthers tag him and no one is interested in trading for him and if he signs the tender, they’re stuck with a one-year, $21.8 million price tag.

  14. Like @panthers09, I too am a Panthers PSL holder and have seen every home game in team history.
    And I have seen enough of Julius Peppers. He can go now. As I see it, the real problem that fans from other teams don’t understand is that his highlight reels are indeed spectacular but there’s just not enough in them.
    The guy takes plays off. He takes whole games off. Hell, he practically took the entire 2007 season off.
    If you want to pay Julius Peppers an outrageous sick pile of coin to be your franchise DE, go right ahead. But you better get used to scratching your head after a game wondering why you never heard his name called.
    For every Pro Bowl tackle he abuses on national TV, there are 2 or 3 no name jabeep practice squadders who make him go invisible the next week and the week after that.
    I’ve seen enough. Or *not* seen enough, as the case may be. The Carolina Panthers can pay 2 or 3 other marginally talented DE’s less than half his total money and still get 10 sacks a year out of them. Plus they’ll play like mad demons on every other play.
    Goodbye, Julius. Thanks for your time spent here but it’s time for you to move on and tease somebody else now.

  15. Peppers is overpriced and unless he comes back down to earth, the will not sign anywhere.
    He’ll get his $21M, but that will be for 2 seasons of play, not one.

  16. Its not that he doesnt want 20 million is everyone crazy or cant read? They dont want to give him that much thats why he has to go find a long term deal some where so he can get alot of guaranteed money, only long term deals come with a big guaranteed money…
    so stop saying that hes an idiot because he doesnt want 20 million for one year!
    Anyways hes going to play for the Giants because they’re going to trade Osi and get that extra cap space for Peppers!

  17. @LT2_3…
    And, for that Carolina $21.8 million, he’ll show up four weeks out of sixteen. Them’s the breaks.
    There are other ways to win football games.

  18. @ Mike Florio
    And how much guaranteed money would you expect him to get as a free agent? I bet it’s over $21.8 million.
    Wouldn’t Peppers prefer that $21.8 million as part of a long term deal with a bunch immediately instead of paid out over the course of 1 season?
    If Haynesworth can get $50 million guaranteed, how much can Peppers get and wouldn’t the $21.8 million part of it be a drop in the bucket?
    I guess the point you are making is that he isn’t worth a deal with $21.8 million in guaranteed money to anyone. I’m not sure I buy that. Heck, Bernard Berrian got $16 million guaranteed a couple of years ago.
    I still don’t get the logic unless his agent is threatening to be unreasonable in negotitions with another team if he’s tagged and the Panthers are buying it.
    I don’t know who your “league source” is that doesn’t see it this way, but perhaps they have a vested interest in Peppers not getting tagged?
    Is it another team that might want his services without having to give up anything? Is it the league itself that wants to send the message that players won’t get paid like they used to and that they are really as broke as they say? (collusion theory)
    It just doesn’t make sense. If a team is willing to pay him a bunch of money and guarantee it, then why wouldn’t they be willing to do the same thing and give up a first rounder too?
    Sure, there’s a little bit of risk for the Panthers, but I’m sure they could move him for a Cassel type deal – a high 2nd and a vet DE – at the least.

  19. he’ll go to the Patriots and play OLB. they tried trading for him last year. he’s basically an OLB for the Panthers with all the dropping into coverage he does.

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