Payton to Porter before pick: "Watch the shot"

nfl_payton.jpgIn the moments before Tracy Porter’s game-winning interception, the Saints cornerback knew a “sticks” route was coming. 

Other Saints thought the Colts may go deep.

NFL Films footage shows the huddle before the big play.  Defensive end Will Smith tells Malcom Jenkins to watch for the slant-and-go, feeling like they are being set up for the big play.  Sean Payton is seen yelling at Porter, “Tracy, watch the shot!”  (We took this to mean Porter should be wary of a big play.)

But Porter stayed flat-footed while defending Wayne, not remotely fearful of the deep pass. Then he jumped all over the ball. has all the wired sound from the game broken up by quarter, and it’s fantastic stuff.  (It’s also on NFL Network’s Sound FX.) 

Here are some other highlights.

* Payton to Mike Bell after he slips near the goal line. “What kind of shoes you got on?!”  (Bell shows him.)   “That f–king figures.  Put on the cleats!”

* Scott Fujita walked up to Peyton Manning before the Colts’ final drive of the first half: “Why don’t you throw us a few?” 

* Smith on Dallas Clark:  “I’m jamming him and he’s still catching the f–king ball.”

* Payton to linebacker coach Joe Vitt:  “Dallas Clark has about 149 yards now.  Let’s not let their best player beat us.  That’s a sin.”

* Fujita to Lance Moore after his two-point conversion play was overturned:  “Good job buddy.  You went from an asshole to hero in about 30 seconds.”

18 responses to “Payton to Porter before pick: "Watch the shot"

  1. I Love NFL Films.
    I love them even more when they are covering the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints!!!!!!!

  2. I LOVE those mic’d up segments and wish we’d get a LOT more of it. I think that people would eat it up. It seems like we only get a few minutes per year.

  3. The Sabols deserve some consideration for the HOF … their work over the years has made this a much more fun sport to watch

  4. The NFL is making this way to esay .They can’t use the audio from the Manning/Wayne exchange but they got the Saints homerun call.
    Amazing ,simply amazing just think one week ago
    the Colts were being considerd for the team of the decade and Peyton as the best of all time.
    If there are any more hits to THE LEGACY even the most hard hearted Pats fan will be
    calling off the dogs.

  5. That’s why the Saints are champs.
    Payton is a great coach comanding and on-top of the situation.
    Caldwell isn’t on tape because Manning is in charge (hense the Int). Can you say predictable?

  6. Watched Sound FX today and heard all of these comments, plus more. VERY entertaining and enjoyable to hear the comments of the team players and coaches.
    The Saints Linebacker Fujita is a freaking riot to listen to….he clearly loves the game and is as relaxed as a player can be. I have a ton of respect for this guy.

  7. The Sabols for the Hall of Fame is an outstanding idea. I’d pay $50 or so for a dvd of the whole game wired like that, and I’m sure others would too.

  8. Awesome footage and soundbytes.
    On a side note, one of the announcers commented about how “fortunate the Saints were” after Porter intercepted Manning’s pass. I hate when commentators or analysts claim that a player or team is “fortunate” instead of rightfully stating that a player made a big play happen himself by making a good read and taking a risk (in this case of letting Wayne catch the ball and gain a lot of yardage if he doesn’t make the big play). Being fortunate had nothing to do with it. Sean Payton and Porter’s other teammates were warning him to watch out for the deep ball, and Porter had the sense to follow his instincts and jump the route. When Manning calls an audible and makes a change at the line to generate a big play, he is considered by some to be bigger than god. When others use their heads to make a play, they are considered fortunate. Can we say double standard? Or if we say it can those people even hear the question because their head is so far up a certain place of a certain someone? It’s not just the announcer who’s said this. Analysts and fans have been trying to claim this all week. What a joke and biased bunch of people.

  9. Fujita is hilarious on this. Glad they miked him. “I can eat Oreos faster than you.” Awesome. Whenever he made a joke to Manning, he’d go back to the other linebackers (mostly Scott Shanle) and sounded like a little kid telling him his joke and how Manning reacted.

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