Bills raise ticket prices

Fresh off a 6-10 season and a last-place finish in the AFC East, the Buffalo Bills have decided to raise ticket prices by about 15 percent.

The Bills’ season-ticket price increases will range from $2 to $10 a game, meaning the average ticket price will rise from $51.24 a game in 2009 to $59.19 a game in 2010.

The price increases will apply to the seven regular-season games and one preseason game at Ralph Wilson Stadium. It’s not clear whether prices will increase for the one regular-season game and one preseason game in Toronto.

The Bills had, on average, the cheapest tickets in the league in 2009, and they’re still expected to be among the cheapest in 2010.

15 responses to “Bills raise ticket prices

  1. So does this mean they are going to spend more?
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. We all know the answer to that one. GO BILLS!

  2. being a BILLS season ticket holder, i loved the move to add toronto to the schedule, it lowered my cost and i don’t have to go to or pay for a meaningless game in december.
    this increase will have nothing to do with me not renewing this year. the fact that the team is a joke is. i’m done paying for this crap.

  3. This is actually a pretty smart move. This is one of the years that Toronto gets 1 preseason game thus the actual price for your season tickets won’t be terribly affected.
    Not to mention, if there is no 2011 season, this increase may not affect us Bills season ticket holders in a meaningful way until 2012. And the world is ending then, anyway.

  4. The Bills are not the only team, a friend of mine who is a season ticket holder for the Green Bay Packers told me that they have raised his tickets by $10 per game.

  5. It’s not clear whether prices will increase for the one regular-season game and one preseason game in Toronto.
    How much can they raise them to, $500.00 a game?
    Isn’t it something that the Bills have the lowest prices in the league but the Bills games in Toronto are by far the highest?
    I’d love to know what the 2nd highest prices in the league are, I really would.

  6. If the Bills can raise ticket prices and attract the same # of fans next year (hard to follow a 6-10 debacle?) than it shows the Bills can survive in Buffalo and the Raiders should go to L.A. and Jacksonville to Toronto.

  7. Real fans do not stop going to games just because their team does not have a winning season. I am a Browns fan and since 1999 I have been a season ticket holder.
    Don’t give up on the Bills they will be good again and when they are you can say that you were their throughout the good and the bad.

  8. wwwmattcom, is this your first season following the bills? you say its about time they raise their prices yet they do every year and yes, we all keep going to the games. no one in buffalo is sweating the team going to LA because its not going to happen, at least as long as ralph is alive…. which may only be a few more weeks

  9. i guess we the fans are paying dick jauron contract.this is a joke,fire jauron only to hire another bum,and raise ticket prices.and do nothing.comes FAs and

  10. the more money they make, the more money they can spend on the team. I’ll buy less beverages before the game to afford my tickets. The Bills can charge more. They do not raise prices consistently. Old Ralph cries poverty too often.

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