Complaints emerge from agents regarding lack of CBA info

As the NFL and the players union continue to push toward an uncapped year and with no reason to believe that a new CBA will be finalized by March 5, we’ve heard that multiple agents are concerned that the NFLPA is not providing the agents, and in turn the players, with enough information regarding the status of the talks, or the rules of the first year without a salary cap since the salary cap was first adopted in the early 1990s.

Multiple agents are getting their information from third parties (like PFT), and they believe that they should be getting their information directly from the union.

There’s a belief in some circles that the NFLPA should get the benefit of the doubt, given that the current regime has been in place for less than a year, and in light of the reality that they’re trying to focus (as they should) on the issues presented by management.

Still, we’re told that a possible rift (or more properly a “schism”) is developing between players who want to defend their decision to elect De Smith as Executive Director and agents who want results.

So it could be that some agents will complain about anything and everything until signs of real progress emerge.  Regardless of the motivation, the complaints currently are focused on the lack of guidance coming from the NFLPA regarding the realities of the looming uncapped year.

6 responses to “Complaints emerge from agents regarding lack of CBA info

  1. You can bet your behind the Agents are concerned about the rookie cap proposal being squashed and the length of rookie contracts being shortened, as had been ludicrously proposed on Inside the NFL a few weeks back by De Smith.
    If it doesn’t have to do with effecting their ability to make money (one way or another) you can be sure they could care less about it, and how it impacts the players.

  2. haha, the players are gonna be taught quite a lesson. That’s what they deserve for electing a guy who does nothing other than spout a bunch of rhetoric instead of DOING HIS JOB and cutting a deal. Hilarious.
    The owners won’t need to lock out the players, because eventually the players will have to accept whatever deal the owners offer.

  3. I figured, in some way, that De Smith had the players drinking the kool aid, that Smith wasn’t givin them all the info.
    I mean the guy held a press conference to say “Yeah, I don’t know enough about what’s going on to fully comment, but, the owners are dicks.”

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