Gaines Adams had marijuana, alcohol in his system

Though his untimely death officially has been attributed to an enlarged heart, former Buccaneers and Bears defensive end Gaines Adams had marijuana and alcohol in his system at the time of his passing, according to the Index-Journal of Greenwood, South Carolina, via

Greenwood County Coroner Jim Coursey said that neither substance contributed to Adams’ death.

He had a blood-alcohol concentration of only 0.021 percent, roughly one-fourth of the legal limit to drive a car.

Adams, the fourth overall pick in the 2007 draft, suddenly died on January 17.  He was 26.

64 responses to “Gaines Adams had marijuana, alcohol in his system

  1. really? is this necessary? especially since the Coroner said “neither substance contributed to his death”…

  2. Barely enough alcohol to get a child drunk and a “substance” that you can’t OD… I agree with the coroner…

  3. Hey lets dump dirt on this guy’s name after his death, even though its completely irrelavent to his death or anything else. Great journalism.

  4. This post isnt needed…alcohol and dank is in like half the NFL players bodies right now for the NBA all star weekend

  5. The pasta he ate on August 15 didn’t have anything to do with his death either, asshole. Why don’t you print that fact ?

  6. on any given day I’d put up those same numbers myself, what’s your point?
    FYI, marijuana will show up on a test for weeks, this is by no means an indication that Adams was high at the time of death.

  7. necessary? being that he admitted smoking marijuana before the draft, and apparently never kicked the habit, just goes to reinforce that drug testing doesn’t work.

  8. Wow you’re a dick for posting that, it has no relevance at all
    I have alcohol and marijuana in my system right now but am I dead? no

  9. I agree with Rock, there’s no reason this should’ve been posted. It was the offseason and he smoked some weed and had some drinks. Who cares. It certainly didn’t attribute to his death.
    Saying this after the fact only makes the guy look worse. It’s tacky.

  10. The guy was huge and people like that sometimes have heart problems. His death had nothing to do with marijuana or alcohol, as the coroner said.

  11. Leave it alone. This is dirt bag reporting. Since it wasn’t what killed him, who cares. Why sully his name. This just underlines the character flaws it must take to be a lawyer. Shame on you. And the fact that it may be the truth does not set you free.

  12. @Rock56
    Agreed. But that’s the way it is. Its an ever growing stupid society where really simple people need really simple answers. The coroner says it had nothing to do with his death, but the morons need something to pin it on, you know?

  13. Everyone just needs to accept that the majority of athletes smoke weed.
    It’ll be legal soon enough anyways.
    Now let me go puff on this strong I got in my ‘nilla dutch.

  14. I am not sure the purpose of this story, but the headline should say. “Alcohol and marijuana in Adams’ system not considered to be cause of his death”.
    Alcohol can be a lethal drug for an inexperienced person. Marijuana on the other-hand has not in the thousands of years of medical OR recreational use caused a death directly related to the psycho-active drug in marijuana. In fact in order to over dose on THC you would have to ingest 15,000 pounds of marijuana in a 7 hour period to reach a lethal level. Don’t let the people who are ignorant to these facts lead you to believe any different.

  15. get over it, people love doobie snacks, they have for hundreds of years…and it’s not fatal, i bet the coroner can attest to that. Is it really any worse than a cigarette

  16. I think that the proper terminology would be that he had THC in his system. Because if there were actual pieces of marijuana floating in his bloodstream that would be an entirely different problem. Also the alcohol is not in sufficient amounts to mention as a possible cause.
    Therefore, I agree with most of my fellow commenters. Why bring this up? It is not newsworthy. Let this man, and his family, have some peace.

  17. good, let this stuff tarnish his name. I can’t believe people act like this is nothing. except pot is illegal, and is a banned substance in the NFL. Sorry he lost his life, but illegal is illegal. and just because it’s the off-season, don’t make it okay.

  18. “ben.there says:
    February 13, 2010 10:26 PM
    At least he had fun on his last night alive.”
    It can be detected in your system for up to a month.

  19. Well, it appears that Gaines and I have one thing in common.
    News flash, Mike. Most of your readers and viewers are using marijuana and/or alcohol right now.
    Also, it’s not news that the drug testing in the league doesn’t work. These guys make a lot of money, and if a common person (me) can routinely beat these piss tests, I’d like to think that a millionaire could do it without even breaking a sweat. I’m talking about testing for drugs and performance enhancers, not just for the wacky tobacky.

  20. 0.021?!? That’s what… A beer?
    As for marijuana… So!!!! The last three presidents have admitted to smoking drugs, so why is this still an issue?

  21. If he got into a car wreck, MAYBE this would be relevent..but this is not a story that should be printed anywhere. Let the family be.

  22. Seriously? You crying bitches are actually complaining about this being posted?! It’s gonna come out in a LOT of sports media outlets. Are you going to throw yourselves down on the floor and scream to them as well?
    Enough with the righteous indignation. No one is buying it

  23. when u sign up for celebrity, this is what happens.
    it isnt always how much u had the last day… consider cumulative effects.
    why does the man have to keep u down… when u fo it for him.

  24. Mike gave an honest opinion about how personal responsibility was thrown to the wind here costing Gaines his life. There is no pity party for being so ir-responsible that it costs you your life.

  25. Why do commenters have problems with facts.
    Toxicology report of a dead NFL player is news, simple as that.
    The job of someone who reports the news is to report the news. If there were further commentary to object to, go for it. But don’t get mad at reporting of facts.
    I see this in nearly every comments section. Are you guys this stupid, really?

  26. Marijuana is the best pain medicine. I have crohns and is better than all those pain pills that can really KILL YOU!

  27. ookie says: February 13, 2010 10:15 PM
    um…it’s news. It gets reported.
    Um…It’s really none of our business, and it shouldn’t be reported if it has nothing to do with his death. This is hardly news at all. It’s nothing more than an attack on a persons character.

  28. Hey,
    Way to go out of your way to tarnish a dead man’s image — especially when it had nothing to do with his unfortunate demise.

  29. Wow, what a bunch of worthless marijuana defenders on here crying about why this should have never been written. Strikes a nerve with the losers, doesn’t it. If a story like this gets you all worked up, maybe it’s time to admit you have a problem, fellas.
    Speaking of problems, Gaines never was too smart was he? Let’s see: didn’t qualify for college out of high school and had to play in a prep school for a year. Then he was redshirted because despite being technically a sophomore, he still wasn’t ready. Then by his 4th year out of high school, he finally ears a starting job at the end of the season. In his 5th year, he finally starts playing well enough to get national attention. His 6th year he made a big impact (why wouldn’t he? He was 2-5 years older than almost every player he went up against). Then at the combine he admits that he had “tried” marijuana… and then 3 short years later he was still “trying it” despite knowing the penalty for failing a drug test.
    Seriously, this is why Gaines Adams was a bust, because he wsa stupid and had no work ethic. He admitted he didn’t really work out his legs, even as an NFL player. Wasn’t that a major part of his job? To get himself as physically ready as possible? But Gaines would rather go around smoking pot than getting himself physically and mentally into the kind of shape you pay a guy $4 million a year for.
    I honestly expected them to find some kind of stimulant in his blood (because heart attacks in young people-Don Rogers, Len Bias are usually, but not always, caused by external factors like drugs), but the finding of marijuana definitely proves what was clear from his stay in Tampa-Gaines had no work ethic and he was dumb.
    And for those of you that make light of this or that concerning the alcohol-Adams was 260 lbs (though he played like he was 160), that is the equivalent of 2 drinks for him-I’m sure I at least quadrupled that last night but alcohol is legal.
    As for the marijuana, I keep seeing people say , “EVERYBODY DOES IT”… Uhhhh, bullshit! I don’t, never have along with a whole bunch of people that I know or work with. Stats show that a little over 60% of all Americans have used pot—-60% is not everybody—- but I’m willing to bet that the number would be closer to 40% if the other 20% weren’t influenced by the moronic ‘legalize-pot’ crowd hadn’t been saying for the last 10 years that, “EVERYBODY’S DOING IT!”

  30. brasho says: but the finding of marijuana definitely proves what was clear from his stay in Tampa-Gaines had no work ethic and he was dumb.
    I might vote that as the most moronic statement I have read on PFT for a long time!(That is saying something!) Did your old lady step out on you with a guy who smokes or something to write a novel about your personal “feelings” ?
    I got news for you brother.Many world class athletes,doctors ,lawyers etc.. smoke pot and are surely more ambitious and smarter than you. I know MMA fighters that smoke some and have large IQ’s. They could stomp your ass and then kill you at Jeapordy.
    Enough with the pot makes people dumb and lazy bs…too much could just as too much of that booze you drank last night!

  31. ok….first off Marijuana is ILLEGAL…and no everyone doesnt do it….and i seriously doubt that most of you idiots who are claiming to be dope heads have ever seen a joint in your life….and those of you who actually are dope heads, well i’m glad you’re proud of that…..have a good life riding on the back of garbage trucks

  32. And yes brasho…I can spell Jeopardy…but I have no spelling ambition! Too much beer does that! LOL

  33. i’m not saying they’re isnt athletes, doctor’s, lawer’s and such that dont smoke pot, but it’s a very short list
    that’s a myth that society rejected pot heads try to make themselves believe, so there pathitic lives dont look like such a waste
    pervy harvin
    do you just make up stupid comments to see what kind of reaction you can get…seriously….are you like 12 yrs old or something, you’re really immature

  34. @ brasho …
    Sounds about right. 60% have used it key word “HAVE” … I have used marijuana too – when I was a more juvenile fellow and now the only people I know that still smoke dope are the losers from my high school class that didn’t go to college and are working at a hog farm or the B.K. Lounge.

  35. LSU ROCKS “that’s a myth that society rejected pot heads try to make themselves believe, so there pathitic lives dont look like such a waste”
    That is about as true as it gets brother. Yeah there are plenty of top notch doctors, priests, pastors, lawyers, school administrators, respected members of society who smoke pot. But guess what ? theres a hell of a lot more lazy 20 something year olds who work part time and live in the basement of their parents houses getting high all day eating cheetos and then going to work at some dead end job.

  36. LSU Rocks says: are you like 12 yrs old or something, you’re really immature
    Thanks for the compliment douche bag…I love to push buttons on fat,overweight, middle age computer geeks like you.
    You guys must live in a tiny world with your hog farm and garbage truck comments about people who use pot. If you dumb asses REALLY knew how many pro athletes do you would be eating the giant crow. Bet some of your favorite players do. I personally am more a drinker.Alcohol is is much more dangerous a drug than pot.
    You LSU are a true idiot thinking it is a “short list” Especially when talking about athletes.I know more athletes than all you clowns,I was one.

  37. I’m glad you caught that, Prissy. It’s not the marijuana that made Gaines stupid, it was the fact that he was stupid and has so much to lose and yet he did it anyways that showed Gaines was stupid, along with the other step-by-step details of his stupidity. You didn’t just read the entire diatribe I wrote there and come up with one little thing, did you?
    Sure, you know doctors and lawyers, etc, that supposedly use pot. First off, the Docs are supposed to refrain from drugs. They could and would lose their license if they got busted… which leads me to the stupidy statement about Gaines. Unlike doctors, Adams was routinely tested, and it shows how moronic he is to smoke knowing he could get called in the next day for a test.
    As for your MMA fighters, I remember reading about the supposed exploits of a guy on here claiming to be an MMA fighter. Can most of them kick my butt? Sure, they had better be able to, that’s their freaking job. Though I’m sure I’d give a hell-of-a-lot better fight than you would because I’m probably stronger than 98% of them. Are they smarter than I am? Highly doubtful, that’s part of my job.
    As far as what you said here, “…too much could just as too much of that booze you drank last night!”
    Put down the weed and rewrite that in English, please! “Too much could just as too much of that booze…” That makes far less sense than spelling “Jeopardy” incorrectly, and for the record, I kick ass at Jeopardy when my mother-in-law visits (the only times I watch it). Anyway, yeah, I drank last night, LEGAL! And I don’t drink very often, but you know… Valentine’s Day and all… I had to woo my wife back after she stepped out on me with a weed head while I wrote my novel.

  38. That’s funny, Prissy. You were an athlete… Who wasn’t? I played football in college, big deal. I’m not throwing it in your face because it was nearly 15 years ago. My best friend was in Jimmy Johnson’s first training camp for the Cowboys. His cousin played for the Chargers in the Super Bowl (Shawn Lee) and he’s had numerous ex-teammates and friends from University of North Alabama that have played in the NFL and he says it isn’t as common as you potheads want everybody else to believe, too. Though he does say the numbers from his experience are a little lower than the societal averages.
    “Hosstyle In Tampa says:
    February 14, 2010 2:13 PM
    That’s why you’re a bitch brasho!!
    What a douche….you and MikeW”
    Okay, here’s the candidate for the 13 year-old on this board. “That’s why I’m a bitch”? Great freaking comment, what a genius you are, coming up with such a witty, well thought-out line like that. Your mom must be proud of her little boy that’s destined to live in her basement until he’s 40 years-old. Another find product of the Tampa-area school system. I’ve read enough of the comments section of the Tampa media Buc sites to know that most of the people that live in Tampa have 3rd grade reading levels…. so even if you weren’t made retarded by the copious amounts of pot your mother likely smoked when she was pregnant with you, and even if you don’t make yourself a burnout from the ridiculous amounts of pot you smoke (or want to smoke) to make yourself not feel so much pain about not being loved by mom, you’re still doomed to be an idiot because of your pathetic education. Congratulations, you’re destined to be a moron in three different ways.

  39. I’m with minority here. Anyone who smokes weed deserves to die. Or anyone who drives their car over the speed limit.

  40. Brasho – Pervy’s a douche just let him be. If you ignore him his hippie douchebaggery will just go away. I don’t spend alot of time in the comments section, but for a couple posts a week and I rarely keep up with them. Needless to say, every time I read a thread Pervy has posted on it – only emboldening the case against him that he is in fact a giant douche with no life.

  41. Anyone who is calling Florio and idiot for posting this story is…well…an idiot. It wasn’t done to posthumously smite Gaines Adams.
    As a Bears fan myself, it was surprising to hear this story, but PFT wasn’t the first place that broke it. If PFT plans on being the best football news feed out there, they better damn well post all of the top footbal stories like they do, regardless of how peeved people get.
    Do you really think that finding some pot in a system is going to tarnish gaines adams life? No. Darryl Kile died, had pot in his system, and nobody bats an eyelash.
    Lots of people smoke marijuana, it’s not like it’s shunned and highly looked down upon by the masses of society.
    Adam’s passed being known as a hard-worker, a family man, and someone who was dedicated tomaking it work. Granted he never reached his potential, I don’t think a little bong and a beer is going to ruin that image.
    It’s called news. Not everything is gold.

  42. TheDude13,
    I don’t have an issue with the fact that he used drugs. I don’t defend nor endorse those kinds of activities.
    What I take issue with is how opportunistic it seems when a news agency goes out of their way to report something that is not newsworthy. If he had died due to his drug intake, then I could understand — but as it stands, it has nothing to do with how he died. It comes off as callous and unnecessary.
    How would you like it if, at a funeral for a loved one, some asshole brings up some of his mistakes he made in life just for the sole purpose of “FYI”? Wouldn’t that seem unnecessary?
    Keep in mind the Adams family is still grieving — and now they have to deal with this because some media outlets don’t have any tact.
    That’s how I see it.

  43. achain,
    I agree with the fact that it wasn’t the greatest thing to be written, but we all knew it was inevitable when a day after they confirmed it was an enlarged heart, every news outlet said that toxicology reports would be available in 3-4 weeks. Sadly, as a member of the media, the standards in which they decide to release stories has been vastly reduced because what used to be news is now bland, and what makes news now is edgy.
    I have heard more toxicology reports from athletes who have passed than I wish to, but according to a lot of the standards today, that is considered journalism.
    It is unfortunate, and as I said earlier, I really do hope his legacy lives on as one of the few athletes who wasn’t “me-first” even when he didn’t live up to his first round billing.
    But in hindsight, does it surprise any of us that it came out?

  44. I love all you uptight anti drug zealots! you guys are amazing! where have you been?!
    oh thats right in the hypocritical law system of the united states! NICE!
    Well let me inform you of the “dangers” of pot.
    I’m 25, work two jobs and toke all day. I show up to work on time, I’m clean and am an all around awesome person.
    It’s true.
    A Canadian.

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