Spagnuolo has an escape clause upon sale of the team

NFL_spagnuolo_250.jpgRams minority owner Stan Kroenke, who has the right to match Shahid Khan’s offer to buy the remaining 60 percent of the team, isn’t the only guy who can throw a wrench in the team’s immediate future.

Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that coach Steve Spagnuolo has the ability to walk away upon the sale of the team.

Though it’s apparently not the same cash-and-carry deal held by Dolphins V.P. of football operations Bill Parcells, who had the ability not only to leave but also to be paid the balance of his contract, it gives Spagnuolo the rare ability to exit his employment, with no strings attached.

So if anyone wants a coach who went 1-15 last year, the line starts, well, pretty much anywhere.

12 responses to “Spagnuolo has an escape clause upon sale of the team

  1. Spagnuolo is a fantastic head coach. He wouldn’t last 3 days without a head coaching job. You act like he is Mike Martz or Scott Linehan.

  2. @ Chris:
    At least Scott Linehan and Mike Martz had two wins to rub together in their first seasons as head coaches. Spags wishes he was half the head coach those two were.
    Your Giants fanboy wang is showing.

  3. “So if anyone wants a coach who went 1-15 last year, the line starts, well, pretty much anywhere.”
    Seriously, Florio? I know things change quickly in the NFL but this guy turned the Giants defense around in one season, and had a GIGANTIC hand in helping them win the Superbowl. Seeing how the defense collapsed after he left, he might have had as big an impact as anyone in their organization. He inherited an awful team in the Rams, and no one expected him to turn it around in one season, especially when they have no QB. It’s going to take some time. But I bet there are plenty of teams that would jump at the chance to get the guy.
    Glib gets old. Insightful analysis doesn’t. Stick with the latter.

  4. He will not walk, there are only 32 jobs available and none open at this time. I think he will watch what is going to happen with the new owner.

  5. if he does walk, he likely wont have a job till season after next (approx 10 months). if the sale happened a month ago, he could have got a plum job the next day.
    MOST owners and new HCs arent going to fire an HC/DC guy they just hired to get him.

  6. LOFL Chris….Don’t know how much football you watch, but I’m a life long Rams fan and Steve Spagnuolo makes me long for the days of Scott Linehan. Spagnuolo is clueless on the sidelines. The game is too big for him as a head coach. He can’t follow it. It was evident week after week. I hope he walks away.

  7. @slipkid…i have to disagree with you on this one,if an owner knows that he can improve his situation by hiring spagnuolo,why not?

  8. Fballguy – I watch a ton of football and while I can’t speak as much to Spagnuolo’s ability as a HC, I can say unequivocally that the guy is a fantastic DC. Not just a motivator (which he absolutely is), but a guy who can really scheme. I would think having both those attributes would translate well to becoming a HC. I think it’s a little premature to say you long for Scott Linehan after one season. Give the guy at least another year before you write him off. He’s a first-time HC. I think people assume that coaches don’t learn and improve with more experience, but they do. Look at Belichick. Failed in Cleveland, became an all-time great with the Pats. Do you think Cleveland wishes they hadn’t given him the boot?

  9. Florio,
    Did Jimmy Johnson not lead the Cowboys to a 1-15 record in his first year as head coach in Dallas in 1989? We all know how that turned out.
    I’m not saying the Rams are on the verge of a dynasty, but you act as if the Rams would have been a better team with a different coach. Considering that this Rams team is almost completely bereft of talent, except for Steven Jackson, Spagnuolu certainly deserves the benefit of the doubt.
    I think Spagnualo’s going to end up being a very good head coach. And he should be given a couple of more years to prove himself before you start in with the presumptive comments and judgements, like the one you made about his 1-15 record.

  10. Spags, great DC, so far a crappy HC. He inherited a bad team, and only won 1 game. HC’s that have a little bit of hope can win 3-4 games with really bad teams, especially ones with a stud like Jackson.

  11. Spags will be a terrific hc,once he gets a qb and some more draft picks to mold(this draft will definitely help w/1st pick in each round)I echo Mr.Green’s statement,re.jimmy johnson.Go Rams!

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