Bengals no longer interested in Stallworth

The Bengals have room for one reclamation project at wide receiver, but not two. 

After signing Matt Jones this week, Joe Reedy of the Cincincinnat Enquirer writes that any interest in Donte’ Stallworth is gone.

We thought picking up Jones was a worthwhile gamble, but it doesn’t solve the team’s need for a deep threat.  The Bengals have very little speed at the position unless Jerome Simpson suddenly earns his way on the field.

Stallworth worked out for the Lions last week and should be able to find a job, but he may have to wait until after the free agent market has settled down in March.

12 responses to “Bengals no longer interested in Stallworth

  1. cedric benson….matt jones, pacman jones? and then possibly stallworth along with ocho cinco….LOL….Marvin Lewis wouldn’t have had a chance. talk about america’s team of misfits.

  2. They should stick to their knitting. Drug users, wife beaters, divas. Manslaughter DUI probably out of their league.

  3. Jones can’t provide a deep threat at 6’6″ with 4.37 speed? Caldwell is a 4.3 guy even though he doesn’t always play to it. Chad is by no means slow. Not that Simpson will ever see the field but he’s a 4.4 guy. Yes, Coles and Cosby are slower, but there is doubt to whether or not Coles will even be on the roster in 2010. Not the fastest group in the league, but we’re not running a 4 by 1. What the Bengals need are reliable targets that can run good routes and catch the damn ball.

  4. Bech72 beat me to it.
    Why isn’t Jones a deep threat? Unless he’s had injuries I’m not aware of, he has the speed.

  5. Why does everyone act like Cincy will sign anyone that has a rap sheet. We sign people with rap sheets that want to turn their life around and want to contribute/buy in to the philosophy. If they dont we send them packing. The Bengals are not as irresponsible as some would like to think. They have had it blow up in their faces more than once but hey, we are not some major market team that can just throw money around like the redskins, but alas, look where that has gotten them! I like what the Bengals do to sign players with something to prove for league minimums. Its a bright idea and as long as they are cautious, which this story indicates they will find some real gems. Who Dey! And P.S Matt Jones is 6’6 and runs below a 4.5 40. Thats something for defenses to worry about. Now we just need some TE action from the draft ASAP.

  6. come on guys, just because Matt Jones runs a 4.37 dosnt mean he is a deep threat. His acceleration is not very good. He has a very slow first 2 steps. He isnt a great route runner. Still a somewhat raw WR. Dosnt always go up and get the ball and catch it away from his body, you need those qualities to be a deep threat.
    Now a guy like Simpson, even though he ran a 4.4. He can get deep, has a good first step, goes up to catch the ball with his hands, catches away from his body. But he is very raw, cannot run routes, read defenses, or find soft sports in zones

  7. jones runs over people. true he is a raw “wideout”.
    if he was black he wouldnt have been forced to change positions.
    stallworth… he just doesnt have the drive anymore.

  8. @firstpick says:
    February 14, 2010 1:05 PM
    Dude, I am a Cincinnati guy and this sounds like some Washington D.C. apologetics…….I fail to see any bright spot in the statements you made, but then again maybe you weren’t shooting for the sun but rather into it?

  9. @1IH
    What ? I’m a bengals fan too
    There werent any bright spots in my statement because im not 100% on board with signing of Matt Jones. I dont want fellow bengals fans thinking he is our savior or the deep threat that we need.
    He has no run after the catch ability. the last season he played, jones averaged 2 yards after the catch. Thats how tall he is. all he has to do is fall forward

  10. The Bengals never had any interest in Stallworth. It was only pure speculation on Reedy’s part. The Bengals did not have him in for a workout nor did they contact his agent.
    The Bengals will take a speed burner WR in the first 3 rounds with the goal of him starting in a year or two. Marvin does not start rookies at WR so he signed Jones as a stop gap.

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