Dansby has a four-team wish list

NFL_dansby_250.jpgCardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby most likely won’t be a member of the Arizona Cardinals a month from now.  The penny-strangling Cardinals have used the franchise tag twice on Dansby, and using it a third time would require the Cardinals to offer Dansby a one-year deal equal to the average 2009 pay of the five highest-paid players in the league, regardless of position.

And while other teams aren’t permitted to talk to Dansby until March 5 (and all 31 teams surely will respect that rule . . . no, I’m not rolling my eyes . . . I’m just checking and re-checking the ceiling for tarantulas), nothing is keeping Dansby from talking about other teams for which he’d like to play.

Recently, Dansby listed four teams in which he’s interested during an appearance on Sirius NFL Radio:  the Giants, Chargers, Dolphins, and Redskins.

As pointed out by the New York Post, Dansby expressed an interest in joining the Giants last year, before he was slapped with the franchise tag for a second time.

“That’s just like playing for the Dallas Cowboys,” he said.

So why not simply aspire to play for the Dallas Cowboys?  Even though they fall within the scope of the Final Eight Plan, the Cowboys will be permitted to sign one big-money unrestricted free agent, as long as the first-year salary is roughly $5.5 million or more.

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  1. Bring him to NY. The defense improves instantly with him on the roster. God knows the Giants’ LB’ers have been mostly shit for the last decade.

  2. Hes an idiot he probably just lost a couple million dollars with that comment.
    I really thought the Eagles would skip going after Peppers and make a play for Dansby. Im sure they would want Peppers but I dont think they would give him the kind of money he will want, but I think they would have payed more for Dansby then any other team.
    But he decides to say he would like to play for every team in the NFC East but leaves the Eagles out. He either doesnt want to play for philly at all or just didnt mention them in his top 4. Either way I dont think hes gonna be in philly now.
    The Eagles front office tends to hold grudges so they will probably take this as a slight to the Eagles even if he didnt mean it that way. So he either screwed himself out of a chance to collect a huge contract for the Eagles or is getting exactly what he wants and thats not playing for them.
    Also its not just the Eagles that will probably shy away from offering him a huge contract. Teams will look at his comments and see that he really wants to be some where else. So those other teams and the Eagles will probably offer him a contract but not as big as they would if he didnt make those comments. Teams dont want to risk alot of money on a guy if they feel like hes going to give up after he signs.
    IMO. He is really betting his future on the Giants, Chargers, Redskins, Cowboys, and Dolphins wanting him because if they dont the contracts will be alot less then he thought they were going to be by the other 27 teams he didnt mention.

  3. We are speaking about Karlos Dansby right? Zero Pro Bowls and not an edge rusher. I know it’s slim pickings on the UFA front, but there is a reason why Wiz isn’t gonna break the bank for Dansby and is in the process of giving 9-0 a new contract.

  4. Funny how he mentions the Redskins in his so called “wish list”. The fact they way overspend on free agents has nothing to do with it. Uh Huh. Why doesn’t he just say what it is: “My wish list is whomever pays me the most money”

  5. “So why not simply aspire to play for the Dallas Cowboys?”
    Because the owner is a unrepentant douchebag, the coach has only one postseason win in nine years as a head coach and/or the fans are basement dwelling, online game playing trolls. Take your choice. All solid reasons.

  6. Why Redskins? Money….every free agent should have them on thier short list this year, if money is important to them.

  7. First off Florio you’re an idiot calling the Cardinals penny pinching or whatever you said. They had spent all sorts of money since moving to the staduim where they actually get the revenue from unlike when they were at Sun Devil Stadium. Know your facts before you speak TOOL!
    Secondly why would the Cardinals pay Dansby like a top 5 lb when he isnt??? He wants to break the bank but he isnt worth it. I hope he goes to the Giants. Then the Giant fans can yell when they watch him not stay in his gaps and miss tackles left and right…oh and he can’t cover anyone either…so have fun!

  8. All of you asking why the skins… Cuz people are realizing that they are doing things differently, building a great coaching staff and gong to let go a bunch of over rated over paid players.. you retards…

  9. This guy probably knows the Cards are going no where without Warner and is working on his exit strategy.
    Who wouldn’t? Leinart was too much of a team player for not rocking the boat but that tells me he’s doesn’t really want it.
    Steve Young always commented on being the man and rocked the boat a bit because he wanted to play.
    Leinart is a pretty boy and will fold under pressure and be gone in 2 seasons after a failed attempt to be the man.

  10. Patriots could use a guy like Dansby, but they’ve spent the past year ruining a lot of what used to make them a highly desirable destination team. Guys like Corey Dillon, Randy Moss, Wes Welker, and Adalius Thomas (who was a disaster, but came in with high expectations…gotta figure he’ll end up with the Jets somehow next season) were once thrilled at the prospects of playing in New England. Now that shine is significantly diminished.

  11. “So why not simply aspire to play for the Dallas Cowboys?”
    Are you really that stupid floor-boy? You mean besides the fact new York is the largest media market, and Dallas aint?

  12. As already mentioned above he’s never even made the Pro Bowl as an alternate and is not a threat off the edge. Is he an excellent ILB….yup but he’s not even worth Calvin Pace money (and Pace isn’t worth his contract either). He’ll get far more then he’s actually worth IMO…but good for him.
    As for the Cards being cheap, they’ve been spending to the cap ever since they got the new stadium. Old label but a new reality. I’m rooting for Dansby to get a big contract since it would enable the Cards to go after a DT or edge rusher who might just be worth the money. Personally I think Robinson (Texans) is the most intriguing option. Could be a true shut down corner for a good price…

  13. to: everybody who is saying that is no ProBowl player
    true, but have you checked the cardinals DLine? a ILB is only as good as the guys in front of him (specially the NT)
    if you give me that kind of talent, place it behind a stoud NT…….you can kiss the baby
    as much as i know was Bart Scott a “pro bowl player” and he sucks wheeners in NYJ because all he was, was a system player.
    evaluate talent, not just rings and pro bowls…

  14. Banvard-the Cards are penny pinchers, though. They tried to get rid of paying their coaching staff who left their superbowl bonuses they earned, and tried to pass it off as a clerical isisue.
    And have you not heard about any of the signing bonuses players get? I don’t remember who said it, but a player got sent his contract and signing bonus check via FedEx, it was for $150,000 or something, and the check he got was for 149,984.73 or something like that. They charged the player to have his contract sent to him.

  15. Funny comment on the D-line since Dockett is widely viewed as one of the best D linemen in the game and Smith got big bucks (as did Pace) in free agency. I think Dansby is a stud and overall a great linebacker. But he’s not a Patrick Willis on the inside or a Demarcus Ware on the outside. He’s a just a very good well rounded linebacker who can do just about everything well. Thats worth a lot….but not the type of $$$ he’s expecting. If we look at the 4 teams he’s “targeting” they all have internal issues. Can you imagine any of them (lets start with the Chargers) signing him to the big bucks and the impact it would have on any of their restricted free agents?
    Personally I’m rooting for the Redskins, a year or two in that hellhole and I think he’ll wish he was back in AZ:)

  16. The full quote was omitted. Here it is in its entirety:
    “Playing in New York? Who wouldn’t want to play in New York?
    “That’s just like playing for the Dallas Cowboys, you know what I’m saying? It’s a big market. You’re going to get an opportunity to be prime time. It’s a huge market. I wouldn’t mind playing in a huge market. I wouldn’t mind at all.”

  17. G-Men need a solid veteran leader to play while the younger guys develop like Goff. Plus, Giants prolly get a high ILB in the draft.
    Y’all don’t know…Osi wasn’t fully recovered, and Tuck was hurt all year…get the two of them healthy…damn that’s scary.
    WTF’s up with the Gmen OLB? Sintim and Boley?

  18. “Because the owner is a unrepentant douchebag, the coach has only one postseason win in nine years as a head coach and/or the fans are basement dwelling, online game playing trolls. Take your choice. All solid reasons.”
    Maybe he’d like to play for the Giants because he saw them quit on their coach, fans and paychecks and not get called out for it. Honestly man, how can you stomach rooting for that gutless group of quitters?

  19. “Are you really that stupid floor-boy? You mean besides the fact new York is the largest media market, and Dallas aint?”
    Yes grasshoppa, but that doesn’t stop the Cowboys from being more visible than all NY teams combined. Besides, NY, especially NYC, is doing what it can to make sure that only poor people can afford to live there.

  20. “All of you asking why the skins… Cuz people are realizing that they are doing things differently, building a great coaching staff”
    This is different from the past 10 years of Snyder’s ownership exactly how? Remember when Spurrier, Schottenheimer, Gibbs and Zorn were doing those things?

  21. .VoxVeritas This is the first time we have a “General Manager” since the George Allen days. Synder isn’t going to have the opportunity to try and play fantasy football with Bruce and Shanahan making the decisions. I’m not saying they’re going to the superbowl this year, I’m just saying this is a new era… building the team through the draft and smart off season picks; not by signing over rated dutch bags lol… =D

  22. screw dansby i dont want him in philly anyway lol i want PEPPERS. PEPPERS and COLE at de thats scary!

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