Los Angeles group convinced they'll have a team in 2011

Ed Roski and Majestic Reality have made progress in their efforts to build a stadium in Los Angeles, and sound confident in their ability to get a team there soon.  Perhaps overconfident.

“I strongly believe an NFL franchise will play in Los Angeles for the 2011 season,” Majestic vice president Semcken told Albert Breer of the Boston Globe.  “I’ve been working on this for 14 years, and it’s been a long road. I know we’re very, very close.” 

Semcken’s group has a “shovel-ready” site in the City of Industry, but he’s missing a key component: a team.  The group isn’t going to build anything until a team commits.

What makes him think that’s going to happen by next year?

I spoke with Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times about this issue in Fort Lauderdale and admittedly don’t understand all the complexities. Still, it seems highly unlikely anything happens before a new collective bargaining is reached.

Commissioner Roger Goodell answered Farmer’s annual L.A. question like so at his annual press conference:

“The good news I think is that at least clearance has been given to getting a stadium built,” Goodell said.  “But you point out the key issue, which is the challenge of financing a facility in this kind of an environment.  And with the labor agreement that we have, the cost of building that stadium is almost entirely on the ownership, and that is a big burden to pay, particularly in this kind of environment.”

The NFL put off doing a second game in London in 2010 largely because of economics and labor uncertainty. Endeavoring to move a franchise doesn’t seem like a challenge the league needs in 2011.

30 responses to “Los Angeles group convinced they'll have a team in 2011

  1. By 2014: LA Vikings. Toronto Bills. London Jaguars. Mexico City Rams. So much for the National Football League.

  2. play the last game of the 2010 season in LA.
    treat it like a “london” game.
    Jags / Vikes.
    call it the ed roski bowl.

  3. ive never been a fan of moving a franchise…. the loss of your hometown team is devastating. i grew up in baltimore and witnessed the devastation to a city when the colts were stolen by indy. i also watched the same people who lost their franchise steal the cleveland browns from cleveland.

  4. I grew up in Iowa and moved to MN in 1992. Love MN. Have been a Viking fan since 1977. I can’t believe that MN would ever let the Vikings leave. I know one thing though,if they did, this state and it’s tight ass people would sicken me. I will not root for a L.A. Viking team either. Wouldn’t be the same for me. I would only stay here for the great fishing but have no respect for the state anymore!

  5. If it is 2011, it won’t be the Vikings. Doesn’t their stadium lease continue until the end of 2011?

  6. Looks like I have something in common with this group of jokers, I have a “shovel ready site” and I also don’t own an NFL team. Good luck in LA, they already have a professional football team without a salary cap, they are called the Trojans……….

  7. Frankly, I would much prefer that the NFL not put a team in LA so that I can continue to watch any game.

  8. There is absolutely no chance of a London franchise ever happening.
    How would the London team travel? 9 hour flights twice a week?
    I’m not even sure NFL fans over here (in England) want it to happen, I certainly don’t.

  9. move the jags,they do not sell out there games,black outs all the time.vikings , bills they sell out there games,why move them.move the jags.

  10. Ed Roski can go to hell as far as NFL fans should care. The only ones who will profit off this are the owners. If having a team 50 yrs in one area means nothing then the NFL is a sham.
    The fans of Minnesota want to keep their team its just hard as hell to get anything done with this legislature given the economy and the state defecit. That being said there are multiple ways being floated around as to how to fund this thing, hopefuly it can get done this year and LA can be put to rest in their pursuit of trying to steal the Vikings.
    All you assholes who love to laugh about the LA Vikings should be ashamed of yourself as you and your team care nothing about tradition and what the NFL used to stand for.
    Also, can a poll be done in LA about fans that would want the Vikings? Look up LA Rams history, they were beat in the playoffs five times by the Vikings in 70’s-80’s.

  11. being a diehard pack fan and disagreeing with everything pervy has ever said on here i have to agree with him on this one. it would be a damn shame to see the vikes go to LA. i would miss the rivalry and talking thrash to all those purple people. having st. louis in the nfc north wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. i love how there was just an article on espn comparing the cubs and the vikings and how both of those teams provide nothing but heartbreak to their fans and how both teams are cursed. lol

  12. i still never get the sense that people in LA really want a team. Everyone is either a Raiders or Chargers fan and everyone else enjoys watching games they wouldn’t get on TV if they had a local francise. I’m not sure the NFL needs LA and vice versa

  13. it’s more about satisfying the big money than anything else.
    but, LA is a soccer city now. and the US soccer team isnt the favorite team. do the math.
    so, the big money will be left unsated. but wilf or weaver or rosenbloom/rodriguez or ralph’s heirs may get the big money they want.

  14. All you people whining about cities “stealing” teams from one another or the NFL somehow pissing on tradition should stop and think for a moment – if the owners DIDN’T chase the money, there would be no traditions to be built. The NFL isn’t a charity – it’s a business, and you can choose to consume its product or not.
    I grew up in LA and saw the Rams move away, the Raiders come and go, and that didn’t make me bitter. I still think fondly of players like Eric Dickerson and Vince Ferragamo. I still love Howie Long and Marcus Allen.
    I don’t begrudge owners because they need to find a location that suits their economic needs. Without that ability, they would fold up and THEN who would you be rooting for?

  15. why should taxpayers be subsidizing PRIVATE business. these owners threaten to move a team as soon as the legislature refuses to buy them a new stadium. what would people say if Walmart told a local municipality that they were moving out of town if they build them a new super store? packers are the best, the team and stadium are owed buy the people.

  16. Vikings have to play in Minn through 2011, so the first year they could move would be 2012. My guess is that the legislature here will have some last-minute deal next session to make it happen. They always pull crap like that.
    If the cost of building a stadium is all on the Owner, then why the heck would he do it in a town that has never been able to support a team like LA? LA would love their team for the year when it was cool to do so — If they were in the Super Bowl or had a flashy player like Tom Brady at the helm. But as soon as they became .500 with John Kitna at the helm, everyone would go and find something else to do.

  17. LA has supported the Dodgers pretty well since 1959 — and the Lakers, too, since they moved from, um, Minneapolis!
    Hey Pervy — you said:
    “I would only stay here for the great fishing but have no respect for the state anymore!”
    Tell us — what’s the nature of your respect for the state now? In the end, I kind of doubt your respect for the State of Minnesota carries much weight in the determination!

  18. Pervy-
    I live in Minnesota as well, and let me tell you something, if the Vikings leave, it’s not because the people are a bunch of tightwads. It’s because this state is already forcing the residents to fork out an overbearing tax burden as it is and we still have massive budget deficit. And to top it off, they just built TWO new stadiums for the Gophers and Twins both on the Minnesota taxpayer. So living in a place that’s already the 6th highest taxed state in the union, it’s fair to say that Minnesotans simply don’t want even MORE overbearing taxes for half billion dollar stadiums.
    Even though I’m a Packer fan, I love the rivalry and don’t want them to leave. But as someone who wants to keep his own money that he’s earned, if it comes down to either paying more taxes or seeing Vikings go to LA, I’ll be the first person wishing them bon voyage.

  19. Vikings lease expires in 2011.
    49ers expires in 2012.
    Raiders in 2013.
    Bills 2012.
    Jags 2030.

  20. @Magnus
    The entire state of Minnesota did not pay for the Twins new stadium… it was strictly in Hennepin County. Where they raised the income tax so much where it averaged out to less than 20 bucks per peson in the state paid for that stadium. I bet you never even noticed it if you went downtown. Just about everyone in Minnesota wants the Vikings to stay but they are un-willing to do anything about it. They want the owners to fork over the money but then if they do that they will cry and moan that they aren’t spending money on the team after the stadium is built. The Vikings bring more income to this state than the Twins or Gophers.

  21. TiceWasBetter says: “Ed Roski can go to hell as far as NFL fans should care . . . If having a team 50 yrs in one area means nothing then the NFL is a sham.”
    Los Angeles Rams: 1946 – 1994. 48 years.
    All you assholes who love to laugh about the LA Vikings should be ashamed of yourself as you and your team care nothing about tradition and what the NFL used to stand for.
    Not all of us are laughing. With the exception of a few short-sighted Packer fans, I think most people on this board would prefer to see the Viking stay where they are. Having experienced the loss of a team, I can honestly say that I don’t wish that experience on any city’s fans. But I do want an NFL team here, and since the League isn’t going to expand, relocation is the only way that’s going to happen.
    Also, can a poll be done in LA about fans that would want the Vikings?
    I don’t think we do want the Vikings, per se. We just want the spot in the League that is presently occupied by the Vikings. I for one would much prefer that the entire Vikings identity — Name, uniforms, colors, and records — be left in Minnesota, as was done when the Browns left Cleveland.
    NJTrojan says: “I still never get the sense that people in LA really want a team. Everyone is either a Raiders or Chargers fan and everyone else enjoys watching games they wouldn’t get on TV if they had a local francise.
    Either a Raiders or Chargers fan? Really, NJ? I almost let that slide because you’ve clearly never been to Los Angeles, but I refuse to be called a Raider fan. Had I ever been a been a Raider fan, I certainly wouldn’t have remained one after they moved back to Oakland. As far as the Chargers go — they play in San Diego. It’s about 100 miles to the south geographically and a million miles away culturally. There’s just not a lot of overlap.

  22. Why put a team in LA? I know it is the second largest market, but they have not supported the Rams and the Raiders. Why would now be any different? A few down years and they will make Jacksonville look good.

  23. VikesFan
    Indeed the Twins stadium was a Hennepin only sales tax hike, approved by the state legislature and one Tim Pawlenty back in 2006. As a resident of Hennepin County myself, I can tell you it bothers the hell out of me that I’m paying more money to buy the same things here than other counties just to pay the huge tab for a stadium I didn’t want in the first place.
    And while it may have only been $20 a person, it may as well have been $200 because amount essentially doesn’t matter. Why should the government support ANY private enterprise? Because there’s allegiance from some citizens to the name? Then why can’t we fund new arenas for the Lynx or the Swarm? I understand that they have small fan bases and low revenue, so instead of a sports teams, why aren’t we funding a new headquarters for 3M? I assure you, they’re bringing in a BOATLOAD more capital than the Vikings. And to top it off, it’s been shown that new stadiums and arenas are not a sure revenue producer. It’s been shown that they’re extremely lucky to just break even. That is if they don’t become a fiscal black hole.
    One of the main problems is, any time your local legislator is looking to fund a high-ticket stadium, there are ten more looking to do something else along the same lines. And when you keep saying “It’s only $20. It’s only $20.”, pretty soon, $20 becomes $2,000 and before you know it, you’re in a budget crisis where the goverment is looking to pound you even harder with more taxes, just like they are right now.
    I understand you love the Vikings and that’s fine. I commend you if you decide it’s worth it to give your money to fund a new stadium. Just please don’t force me to give mine becuase you enjoy your football. If that means I should never be allowed to attend a game becuase I didn’t contribute, I’m ok with that. I do own a television.

  24. Magnus
    I understand your points… really I do. Just like you do not want to put your tax payer money towards a new stadium I do not want to put MY tax payer money towards the new Walker or any other venues like that. But because there are some people out there that enjoy these things I am forced to pay for it and I will more than likely NEVER step foot in those venues. However I would be willing to bet that a vast majority of Minnesotans have benefited in some way from the Vikings and the Metrodome and to see the franchise leave because there are people out there who put up a stink about their taxes is a shame.
    Obviously I am a little biased here and I realize that. I for one am sick of having conversations with people who love the Vikings and love football but are un-willing to do anything about keeping the team here. I don’t need to bring up the North Stars do I? This state was devastated when that team left and we had to foot the bill for a brand new franchise and a brand new arena for the Wild. The quality of life we have here with 4 pro sports franchises (yes the Wolves still count) is fantastic. Not every city can say that and we are truly blessed to be able to have 4 professional sports franchises.
    Just having an open mind is all that I ask of people.

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