Union will brief agents on CBA progress February 25

Regardless of any complaints as to the lack of information flowing from the NFLPA to agents as to the status of the labor talks, the union plans to meet with a select group of agents on Thursday, February 25 for a briefing as to the CBA negotiations.

But even that approach is creating some consternation.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, some of the agents who have been invited to the February 25 session believe that the meeting should be held on February 26, before, after, or during the full-blown agent meeting due to occur that day.  The current schedule requires the agents invited to the Thursday session to get to Indianapolis a day earlier — and to attend multiple meetings that likely will include at least some overlap.

The union presumably hopes to share the labor-related information with a smaller set of agents in order to promote discretion, but one thing we’ve learned over the years is that agents like to talk.  Whether all of the agents, some of the agents, or only one of the agents will attend the Thursday session, anything said by the union eventually will be shared with others.

[Editor’s note:  In a prior version of this item, we had the specific dates wrong.  Thursday is the 25th, not the 24th.  Friday is the 26th, not the 25th.  We apologize for any confusion.]

3 responses to “Union will brief agents on CBA progress February 25

  1. Gee – I wonder if Tom Condon and CAA will need to attend these briefings? After all, he’s set a lot of the rules for years….

  2. There is a simple truth to all this posturing and podium rattling.
    In 2010 the owners have more power, they hold the winning cards, the owners have been planning for this stand-off since 2006 when many of them were not happy with that CBA… they now have negotiated contracts with the networks that will pay them even if there is no football in 2011. And the smarter owners have many of the players’ contracts ending in 2010, anticipating years in advance this outcome, some even have coaches contracts that are void if their is no football in 2011.
    The economy is weaker, which means the smartest thing for owners to do is FREEZE ticket costs, and other fan costs… and I don’t think the owners have any intention of increasing player salaries and benefits while doing so.
    The Owners will get what they want, or they will lock the players out in 2011, the sooner the NFLPA deals with that reality the sooner they can accept what is offered by the Owners and then bide their time until we are again in a thriving economy and the owners aren’t so well prepared for a fight.
    Its plain stupidity to start a war when you are certain to lose, and lose badly.

  3. Florio beats this subject down like he beats the OT rule down. What sucks is that he’s right on both counts.

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