Will Allen thinks he'll be back as a starter

Miami Dolphins cornerback Will Allen has been a starter throughout his NFL career. And even though he’s coming off a serious knee injury and turning 32 in August, he doesn’t see that changing in 2010.

I’m starting,” Allen said, per the Miami Herald. “You can put that wherever you want. I’ve started every year. I don’t expect that to change now.”

Allen suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee during the Dolphins’ October 25 loss to New Orleans, but he said he’ll be 100 percent before the regular season begins.

And he said he expects to start, even though he thinks the Dolphins’ starting pair of Sean Smith and Vontae Davis did well after his injury. Allen said that Smith and Davis “learned so much last year” that it should benefit the secondary as a whole in 2010.

“I hope it turns into something great,” Allen said.

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  1. I’d rather let him walk. The Fins don’t need declining dbs that are getting up there in age, really.

  2. Hahahahahaha!!! He must be delusional. He wasn’t that great to begin with and both the Rooks are damn close to his equal even at this early stage. Maybe the Fins can convert him to Free Safety? He’ll make a really solid backup CB – depth this tram could use.

  3. To add to my previous comment: I do like it when players want to play and believe in themselves, so maybe I was being a bit harsh. The truth is, though, there’s no way he starts.

  4. Delusional? Declining? I love it when “fans” blurt out their opinion without knowing the facts first. Statistically Will Allen’s best season came in ’08. Last season, before he was injured, he ranked 7th (among 100 qualifying corner backs) in the league with a 55.6% success rate.
    Sean Smith (27th)
    V. Davis (72nd)

  5. He will start as a nickle CB and nothing more. Vontae and Sean played well last year for rookies and the trifecta will not sit one of them when we are almost finished with our youth movement. After we get Karlos Dansby in FA and draft McClain in the first and Mt. Cody in the 2nd the Phins will be contenders at last.

  6. I mean really? The guy at worst will be a great back up and here a bunch of you are saying let him walk? I like his competitive sprit. That kind of attitude can only be contagious which is what the team needs more of and less of the Mr. I play all three downs, I don’t come out for anyone yet I can’t tackle, defend the run or cover a TE.

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