Colt McCoy will try to throw at combine

Texas quarterback Colt McCoy, who suffered a nerve injury in his right shoulder during last month’s national championship game, said Monday that he has healed well enough that he’ll try to throw at the NFL scouting combine.

“I see the doctors every week,” McCoy said. “I go through the rehab process every day. I’m healing much quicker than normal.”

McCoy said he’s currently throwing 40 to 50 passes a day and is close to 100 percent, although he added that he won’t go through all the combine drills if his doctors tell him the shoulder needs more rest.

Heading into the combine, which starts on February 24, McCoy is generally regarded as the third-best quarterback in this year’s draft, behind Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford and Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen.

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  1. I’m waiting for the Bradford free fall come combine time. Shoulder talk, false rumors, his smaller frame…yada yada yada

  2. I wouldn’t draft a QB who quits on his team….I’m just saying he was looking out for his draft status in the national championship of his senior year. You never saw him throw a ball on the sideline and they called his dad into the locker room because he is basically the kid’s agent. I’m just saying…

  3. Third best QB? What are you smoking?
    Everything I’ve seen says McCoy is a round 3-5 QB. I’ve seen Pike and Tebow ahead of McCoy in pretty much every mock draft.

  4. maybe if he throws well he can improve his draft stock to a 2nd or even 1st rounder, i like him, good kid.

  5. Um… Who are these “generally” people you speak of? Colt McCoy is a 6th round pick to most draftniks – well behind players like Zac Robinson, Jarret Brown, and I hate to say it, Tim Tebow.

  6. Gag me!!!!
    They put out a statement during the game saying there was no major injury and no followup needed. After he received a lot of criticism for not getting his butt back in that game (Can you hear the footsteps?), they put out a statement that he had a pinched nerve and couldn’t go but that was all and NO rehab was needed. Now we’re being told he’s been rehabbing every day and will twy to thwow at the combine. GIVE ME A BREAK! I’ve come back from more than two dozen surgeries, so I’m not just blowing off steam. Widdle Colt doesn’t want to go to the NFL. They hit even harder than Alabama. Beware scouts–I’d bet this kid’s got the NFL equivalent of a glass jaw. Fragile–handle with care.

  7. Almost sounds like he is trying to say, “I’m working really hard to get out there. But when time comes I’ll use my doctors excuse to make me not look as bad for not throwing.”
    But seriously he needs to listen to whatever the doctors tell him. The combine won’t make or break him. He has compiled pretty tape for scouts to watch. Thats where most of their work is done anyway. Combine just shows how good of an athlete some one is, and shows a bit of character.

  8. Little Buckeroo Colt (isn’t that a cool name for TX qb, according to the TX Sports info dept?) is the second coming of Alex Smith, and from long ago, Pat Sullvan of Auburn. He is not an NFL quarterback.

  9. I love all the Doctors on this site that judge the kid. Have any of you had a pinched nerve? I bet not. I have and you can’t throw for shit with it in your throwing arm. I was in the army doing MMA and got dumped on my shoulder which cause a pinched nerve in my right arm. I also played baseball at the time(outfield) and could throw a good 250′ on a line but after that I was only able to throw a 15′ lolipop in warmups. Everything felt fine…my arm just didn’t work. About 10 days later it just went away on its own. The strength took a little while to return and when it did I had a hard time with control for a few more weeks till every thing worked itself out. Sad thing is a year later it came back 10 fold. Turns out I had 2 herniated discs in my neck causing the pinched nerve and had to have them fused.
    So to all you A*S Clowns talking shit about the toughness of a kid who hadn’t missed a game up until that point in his career….you should just STFU!!!!!
    And by the way I’m a Penn State fan before you cry homer

  10. Let me get this straight, Colt McCoy ran for over a thousand yards and 17 TDs and threw for almost 10,000 yards and 85 TDs and became the winningest QB in the history of D1 college football and yet there appear to be some morons (yes, I said MORONS) on here who think he wasn’t hurt in the Alabama game. I’m certain you have vast amounts of evidence.

  11. Lesson to would-be QB evaluators: If you can’t throw a football, then don’t attempt to evaluate the position.
    There are only 2 good QBs in this draft right now:
    1. Sam Bradford
    2. Dan Lefevour
    If teams were smart (which they’re not) they would stay away from anyone else in this draft with “QB” next to their name.
    The rest of them all suck…and as Belichick once said, “you can print that!”

  12. hitnbombs28:
    You go, dude. Nerves control muscles, simple as that. Your nerve goes, your muscle goes. And there ain’t nothin’ anybody can do about it except give it time.
    If McCoy had gone out onto the field, he wouldn’t have been able to do a damn thing. And the reason they didn’t have him throw on the sideline is probably so the other team wouldn’t see how weak his throwing arm was – in case that freshman QB out there collapsed in a heap under the pressure. All the armchair QBs out there are nothing but hot air, trying to make themselves feel better about their lives by criticizing a guy they don’t even know, over a condition they don’t understand.

  13. @hitnbombs28 …
    Never missed a game, huh? Did he stay in every game he played? The kid has a toughness issue. Don’t believe it? Fine. Draft him to your team–as long as you’re not a Steelers fan ’cause I don’t want him.
    As for comparing his injury to yours–“turns out I had 2 herniated discs in my neck causing the pinched nerve and had to have them fused.” So your injury was a bit more complicated than his, wasn’t it? Ass clown.
    @Big Tex …
    Just because your kid couldn’t hang with the big boys doesn’t make the rest of us MORONS for noting his deficiencies. I’m just quoting the statements his handlers issued at the time. Daddy said during the game that it wasn’t a serious injury and he wanted to come back in but they were protecting his future. He was walking around the locker area lifting his right arm and looking just swell. Could he have quarterbacked the rest of the game? I don’t know. But it wasn’t until post-game when he started getting criticism that the trainer came out and said he absolutely couldn’t play. I’m not a Tim Tebow fan, but he has guts. Whatever else I think of him, he’d never have come out of the game under those circumstances. Never.
    Glass jaw, baby. Fragile. You’ll never see the day that one pulls a Stafford and throws a TD pass with a separated shoulder, even in his non-throwing arm. And you’ll never see him hold up under the kind of onslaught Sanchez faced from the Ravens first team D in preseason. If I’m wrong, I’ll happily come on here and say so. But I’m not wrong.

  14. @Sterling …
    Just to be clear: Yes, I have had a pinched nerve. More than once. Because of my more than two dozen surgeries, I also have quite a few severed nerves. I have permanent nerve damage in my dominant hand but still write and type for a living. So I do understand Colt McCoy’s condition … well, to what degree I can given that the statements keep changing. My life is just fine and I don’t need to feel better by criticizing poor Colt. I hear he’s a good person. That’s nice. But this is football, and I’m evaluating him as a draft prospect, which is what this article is about. It’s just business, boys.

  15. (Jimmy Clausen will be a bigger bust than Tebow)
    what are you thinking?? Clausen maybe a bust, but Tebow won’t be good until he develops which means if he starts from day one, he will fall apart
    (Everything I’ve seen says McCoy is a round 3-5 QB. I’ve seen Pike and Tebow ahead of McCoy in pretty much every mock draft.)
    Tebow is a project, so i wouldn’t take him. and if you want to see how good Tony Pike is, look at his nice game vs. Florida, i don’t want him on my team. McCoy isn’t a great prospect, BUT he is better than both Pike and Tebow. Tebow won’t be ready to start until maybe 7 years, McCoy could be ready in 2.

  16. Bradford is a wuss. He cant fall on the ground w/o getting hurt. First time some massive NFL beast gets on him he’ll be done. Colt is a way cooler name than Sam anyway. OU sucks!

  17. Deb says
    As for comparing his injury to yours–“turns out I had 2 herniated discs in my neck causing the pinched nerve and had to have them fused.” So your injury was a bit more complicated than his, wasn’t it? Ass clown
    You are the type of person I was talking about on this site. Before you pat yourself on the back about your nice little come back you should know that there are not different grades of pinched nerves and it does not matter what causes them. A pinched nerve is a pinched nerve regardless if it comes from a shoulder impingement(spell?) or herniated disc. The procedure to fix the two are completely different but the resulting effect of the two on the arm would be the same. You can now have the title ASS CLOWN back…you’ve earned it 😀

  18. Colt McCoy is a pretty solid QB. He doesnt have a great arm or anything, but he’s smart enough and athletic enough that if he can stay healthly, he can make it in the nFL.

  19. Everything was fine til the third best QB line. everyone has their own opinion but there is hardly a consensus that he is the third best. Most places vary on him anywhere from 2nd to 6th round but most I’ve seen have him between the 4th and 6th rounds of the draft. He is hardly generally considered the third best prospect. That is just ridiculous to say at this point!

  20. The only legit NFL starting QB in this draft besides Clausen is Dan Lefevour – and he’ll be a ‘project’ converting to a pro style offense.

  21. Dear PFT Buffoons,
    Listen you amateurs: You need to stick to repairing HVAC, selling insurance, selling drugs (for you Raider fans), and fixing cars, etc. NFL scouts are the experts, that is why they are paid to rate football talent. Who are you? Oh that’s right, you scored four touchdowns in one JV game in high school.Stop typing and just read. Let the true pro’s do their job and we’ll call you when our plumbing backs up.
    Dan McGuire, Todd Marinovich, Akili Smith, Blair Thomas, Tony Mandarich, Cade McNown, and Ryan Leaf

  22. Hats off to Deb for bravely coming back from 12 surgeries to resume her career as a typer. You are a true inspiration to internet hard-asses all over the world.

  23. You pro-football “experts” need to come up with something better than “ass clown” to rebut Deb’s argument. Deb owns you!

  24. It’s kind of funny stating that Colt McCoy is fragile yet at the same time saying that Bradford will go before him.
    How many games did Bradford play in last year? How many times was he injured?

  25. notice to any villages missing their idiot: check the pft comment boards, there seems to be plenty floating around

  26. @Deb, when he got to the locker room in Pasadena, he couldn’t throw a pass accurately across it. The guy has FOUR years of playing the game at a high level and just because he suffers an injury, you now deem him to have a glass jaw. Have any of your 12 surgeries been for any type of nerve damage and just exactly how many times have you QB’d your team to victory.
    Colt is a good kid, good college QB, but not a top tier pro prospect. That has everything to do with his height and his arm strength and nothing to do with his perceived toughness. You don’t go from Being a QB in Jim Ned, Texas to running the Longhorns as a freshman without being mentally and physically tough.

  27. Bradford has a better arm, is more accurate, and has thrown NFL routes and made NFL reads despite playing in the shotgun.
    McCoy is a gamble at QB who may take years to develop (a la vince young… if you call that development).

  28. (Bradford has a better arm, is more accurate, and has thrown NFL routes and made NFL reads despite playing in the shotgun.)
    agreed, i think Bradford will be fine, everyone keeps complaining about the shoulder, but New Orleans didn’t complain about Brees’ shoulder, that is my last worry on Bradford.
    (McCoy is a gamble at QB who may take years to develop (a la vince young… if you call that development). )
    This is where i disagree, Colt McCoy isn’t a project like Tim Tebow is and unlike Tony Pike, i think McCoy can do well outside his system, i have him third on my draft board then LeFeavour.

  29. DeluxeReverb says:
    Hats off to Deb for bravely coming back from 12 surgeries to resume her career as a typer. You are a true inspiration to internet hard-asses all over the world.
    Little Boy … I said I’d had to come back from more than TWO DOZEN surgeries (that would be more than 24, not 12) and several cancer battles. And I have permanent nerve damage in my hand but still have to do my job, which requires daily typing. I’m a writer and also lived more than three years with the combatants in a guerilla war zone, watching people get shot and blown up and trying not to join the dismembered. So when it comes to bravery, I have nothing to prove to an Internet smart ass like you. Real life can be a little more dangerous and challenging than football.

  30. hitnbombs28 says:
    Deb says
    As for comparing his injury to yours–“turns out I had 2 herniated discs in my neck causing the pinched nerve and had to have them fused.” So your injury was a bit more complicated than his, wasn’t it? Ass clown
    You are the type of person I was talking about on this site. Before you pat yourself on the back about your nice little come back you should know that there are not different grades of pinched nerves and it does not matter what causes them. …. You can now have the title ASS CLOWN back…you’ve earned it 😀
    @hitnbombs28 …
    I was quoting your post about YOUR injury, not patting myself on the back about mine. Apparently you were so drunk when you posted that you didn’t recognize your own words. You might want to check with a doctor before pronouncing no difference between a little pinch that will work itself out and herniated discs that must be fused. Colt had numbness in his arm–no pain at all. Was that your experience or did you feel excruciating pain? All nerve injuries are not interchangeable.
    YOU are the one who brought the “Ass Clown” title into the discussion. And it’s pretty clear that YOU own it.

  31. @Big Tex …
    Apparently you are another reader who doesn’t realize that more than two dozen would mean more than 24, not 12. Three of my surgeries were for nerve damage, and several others caused nerve damage. It’s not an unfamiliar subject. I have never quarterbacked a Division I team to a national championship game. Have you? The majority of men posting on PFT and CFT are armchair QBs just like me, so you can give that a rest.
    I haven’t followed Colt McCoy’s career as closely as you have, but understand from those who have that there have been many questions about his toughness. I never questioned his character. This isn’t personal. I recently learned we have a common connection that makes me sympathetic to him on a personal level, and I’m sure he is a fine person. But I know what I saw that night before he left the field. Call it instinct, gut feeling, whatever. He may overcome it, but I think he lacks the mental toughness to hold up to the kind of drubbing Mark Sanchez took from the Ravens first-team D in the 09 preseason. And I KNOW I’m not the only person who holds that opinion.

  32. OK Deb, who are the “many” who have questioned Colt’s toughness? Does the unnamed “many” have any facts to back up this opinion? Four years of production versus one game where Colt suffered an injury. Wow, those opinions must have a great deal of merit.

  33. Well, Big Tex, the “many” I’m referencing are people just like us … people with goofy user names commenting on these threads–specifically, on the CFT threads after the NC game. Their opinions have just as much merit as yours.
    Speakng of facts … that’s total BS about four years of production. Colt McCoy has a history of leaving games, including BIG games, with pinched nerves and other assorted injuries going back to high school. In his sophomore season, Sports Illustrated named him one of college football’s 10 biggest disappointments. He once picked up the nickname “Cart McCoy” for being carted off the field with injuries that later didn’t show up on any scans … just like his injury in the NC game didn’t show up on any scans and was reported at the time as being a “light sprain.”
    His dad told CBS during the game that it was no big deal but they wanted to preserve his draft prospects. Only AFTER the game and AFTER he started receiving criticism did it suddenly become a pinched nerve that left him unable to throw. But even then, they issued a statement saying there would be NO further treatment, no rehab, NADA. Now, suddenly, all these weeks later, he’s saying his rehab is coming along and he “might” be ready to throw at the combine? Please.
    I don’t have any dew drops behind my ears, but you might want to check yours.
    He seems like a nice kid. But if you think he could hold up under the kind of beating he’d take from an NFL defense, you’re very naive.

  34. His dad was the guy in the locker room that Colt couldn’t throw the ball to Deb. His dad (who is a high school coach) was in the locker room after the injury. When the Xrays showed no structural damage, they tested his arm with a couple of easy throws before putting him back in. That’s when the pinched nerve was diagnosed. The facts were out there very quickly for anyone who bothered to do the barest of research, So there are a bunch of people on message boards worried about Colt. Think any of them might have an axe to grind? Might want to consider that question before you go around bragging about how dry your ears are. I have yet to see a viable source question his toughness. To the contrary, there are multiple scouts who say McCoy’s toughness and mental make up are “unquestioned”. Wasn’t it the Nazis who said a lie repeated often enough will eventually be accepted as the truth?

  35. Gee, Big Tex, I don’t know. I’m not a follower of Nazi doctrine so I’ll defer to you.
    As for repeating a lie … I’ve made clear that I’m simply repeating the statements issued by Colt and his father. And I’m stating my opinion, which I’m entitled to do in the commentary section of a football blog. Again, it’s not personal. If anyone in this conversation has an ax to grind, it’s probably the guy calling himself “Big Tex.”
    I’ve never doubted Colt had a pinched nerve. But his camp issued a statement following the NC game that he would not require any followup treatment or physical therapy. So why is he now issuing statements that his rehab is progressing and he hopes to be able to throw at the combine? Sounds like he’s hedging his bets.
    Can’t speak to your unnamed scouts and their proclamations of unquestioned toughness. But if you’ll research his career, you’ll find his toughness has been questioned. He’s small and appears fragile. He struggled against Nebraska and Alabama, so he’s going to have a much more difficult time with the speed and aggressiveness of NFL defenses. But if the scouts love him, someone will draft him high. If he’s got the toughness to make it in the NFL, he’ll demonstrate it on the field, and I’ll happily admit my mistake. I’m usually first on the boards to congratulate the winner when my team loses, so you won’t have any trouble finding me.

  36. I wasn’t aware that one needed to be a follower of the Nazi doctrine to be familiar with the “Big Lie” theory promoted by Joseph Goebbels. I would think someone with even a modest education in history might have heard of it. Oh well.

  37. Oh so we’ve shifted from football to history? Okay. “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” is sitting in the history section of my library in the next room. Though the theory you quoted is usually attributed to Goebbels, it’s really a simplistic bastardization of the original “Big Lie” theory coined by Hitler in Mein Kamf. There’s no record that Goebbels ever said the specific pop culture phrase you’re quoting or any of its common variations, though as Nazi Propaganda Minister he certainly practiced Hitler’s doctrine of constantly reinforcing the party line, which would have been a Big Lie.
    However, since I wasn’t repeating lies, I couldn’t quite see how your oversimplified phrasing applied to my comment and thought I should defer to you as the expert in Nazi philosophy comic-book style. Oh well.

  38. “the “many” I’m referencing” Isn’t that from one of your previous posts? So are you simply repeating the opinions of others as that statement indicates or just giving us what the McCoy family has said? Your stance seems a tad contradictory.
    As to the Goebbels reference, sorry if you could not grasp the analogy of how statements on message boards can be accepted as fact by the misinformed. Why would one admit that a phrase is usually attributed to Dr. Goebbels and then throw in the “There’s no record” statement? What, we think he said it,but we couldn’t find the tape? So I referenced something usually attributed and you call me an expert “comic-book style”. Sweet! So you own a copy of of Shirer’s book. That’s certainly exclusive company.

  39. Good grief! Now you’re grasping at wisps.
    My opinion of Colt is my own, which I’ve made perfectly clear. Yes, as I said, “many” other commenters on the blogs have questioned his toughness and their opinions are as valid as yours. But the information you characterized as “lies” came from his camp’s statements. It’s all quite simple and not the least contradictory. Sorry you’re unable to keep up.
    Although you cloaked it in Nazi cutesiness, you called me a liar simply because you didn’t like me pointing out the inconsistency of McCoy’s statements about his injury. Although you were out of line, I let the Goebbels statement stand unchallenged until YOU made the pissy comment that even someone with a modest history education would have heard of it. That’s when I corrected your shallow pop-culture version of history. You shouldn’t open Pandora’s Box if you don’t want to sample the contents.
    Hmm … I’m guessing you’re not first on the threads to congratulate opponents when your team loses. So while you won’t have trouble finding me if Colt turns out to be NFL gold, I’m sure I’ll never hear from you if he turns out to be a bust. Your ego couldn’t handle it.
    I would say it’s been interesting, Big Tex, but oddly enough, you’re not the first oh-so-clever blowhard I’ve encountered at PFT. Like I said, I wish Colt well. If he’s tougher than he seems, I’ll gladly admit I was wrong. But so long for now.

  40. “I’m not a follower of Nazi doctrine so I’ll defer to you.” Quick question, my words or yours. Sounds kind of “pissy” to me. What do you think? You claim to have a great deal of experience with nerve damage. What kind of scans does nerve damage show up on? The pinched nerves I’ve experienced did not show up on Xray. I have a brother who has partial paralysis from an industrial accident. That hasn’t showed up on any scans either (of course it’s been over 25 years now, it may show up sometime).
    I never called anyone a liar. The statement in question says that lies which are repeated often enough may be accepted as the truth. There is a difference. The inference is that just because some people say so does not make it true. Please point out where I was wrong. The statement IS often attributed to Goebbels (at least you agreed with that). I never said that Goebbels was the source of the “Big Lie” theory. I said he “promoted” it. Since he was basically Hitler’s PR man (to put it in an easy to understand form), it’s not a huge leap to say he “promoted” the theory (especially if one acknowledges the attribution). So what “shallow pop-culture version of history” did I offer that you corrected. I have very little fear of what Pandora has in store.

  41. “Wasn’t it the Nazis who said a lie repeated often enough will eventually be accepted as the truth?”
    I think you win the first-to-be-pissy award.
    My nerve issues were diagnosed with nerve conduction scans, which measure how well the nerves transmit electrical signals throughout the limbs. These scans narrow down exactly where the impingement of the nerve is occurring–in the back, neck, shoulder, wrist, etc., so the impingement can be properly treated. Because the test involves shooting electrical current through the nerves, some people find nerve conduction scans extemely painful. I just found them uncomfortable.
    I’ve also suffered severed nerves as a result of several surgeries. Those are easy to diagnose because you permanently lose feeling, and it does take a while to adjust. Fortunately, because of the location of those nerves, total numbness was the only effect. In other cases, severed nerves can cause paralysis. Sorry about your brother. I don’t believe nerve conduction tests or electromyograms, which detect neuromuscular damage and paralysis not connected to spinal injury, were available 25 years ago.
    Not sure why we’re discussing this because I’ve never doubted Colt had a stinger.
    The concept that a lie repeated often enough is accepted as truth is sound but didn’t apply to my comments about McCoy–and your attempt to apply it was offensive. It’s not my fault your understanding of the Big Lie was limited to the popular version of a statement attributed to Goebbels and did not include the fact that Goebbels never said that and the words are a simplification of Hitler’s original diatribe against the Jews.
    You keep trying to “catch” me at something, Big Tex. First you accused me of repeating comments that had no basis in fact. So I provided references indicating Colt’s toughness has been questioned and pointed out I’m only repeating what HIS handlers put out regarding his injury. Then you heckled me that I can’t comprehend the Goebbels quote that isn’t a Goebbels quote. I responded to that. Then you heckled me about the existence of scans that show nerve damage. Now I’ve responded to that. This could go on ad nauseum.
    You’ve nothing to “catch” me at because I’ve no ax to grind. As I’ve said repeatedly, I wish Colt well, and if he’s successful, I’ll gladly eat crow … but not until he proves his toughness on the field. Until then, this tug of war is a waste of time.

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