Cunningham’s remarks have yet to catch league’s attention

Former Chiefs defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham, who now works in the same capacity with the Lions, recently made clear his interest in players whom the Chiefs plan to dump.

Though Cunningham didn’t name names, the message was clear — he basically was reciting the text from the plaque on the Statue of Liberty to those players who might be jettisoned from Kansas City.

Is it tampering with players currently under contract?  Hell yeah.

Is the league going to do anything about it?  Apparently, hell no.

According to Tom Kowalski of, an NFL spokesman said that Cunningham’s comments “haven’t even registered at a league level.”

They’d register if the Chiefs were to file tampering charges.  And the Chiefs should.  In fact, we’d bet that some within the organization would like to.

The problem is that such squabbles expose an underbelly of cheating, especially when the team making the claim of tampering possibly has been tampering from time to time on its own.  Moreover, given that the NFL currently has managed to maintain a united front in the face of the labor dispute with the union, any fights among franchises would be better avoided until after a new CBA is negotiated.

37 responses to “Cunningham’s remarks have yet to catch league’s attention

  1. Ok florio we get it, teams continue to tamper. yes, ok you going to report every single time they comepletely cross the line or even come close to it. Beating the horse, death type thing.

  2. Dude…Florio…please come back on the reservation…it is not tampering…what kind of crack pot lawyer are you???

  3. Florio is so obsessed with the Detroit Lions is borders on stalker level. I know all you Florio nut huggers will try to personal attack me but isn’t odd that everything and I mean EVERYTHING he comments on the Lions is negative. I mean its almost like Florio is a jilted lover and is doing anything he can to bad mouth his former partner.

  4. Woah! You mean to tell me that a coach of a former team wouldn’t mind having some of his former players!? Way to crack this mystery, Sherlock Florio!
    Stop pushing this no-story and get back to writing about something equally as irrelevant.

  5. Rumors are posted here, not news. Nor would this be news, except for the fact that you are trying to make it. Have you considered the fact that maybe only you consider the comments tampering?

  6. The water in West Virginia must contain trace elements of something that makes one delusional.
    Cunningham’s comments weren’t even close to bordering on tampering. To state that “the Chiefs have some players we’d be interested in” is not tampering. It’s a blinding flash of the obvious, any coach is interested in players from his former team because he is familiar with them.
    Let me send you a stick to beat this dead horse with. Get off of it. I know it’s slow season, but c’mon find something remotely legitimate to carp about.
    And call the water company to run a test.

  7. Calling this tampering is like putting your junk out at the curb and saying ” Hey, you can’t have that!” when the junkman drives up and starts picking up the junk.

  8. Are you serious Florio? You are talking about the Detroit Lions right?
    I’m a stupid, irrational, no hope for the future, die hard Detroit Lion Fanatic and even I know that G.C.’s comments mean nothing in the grand scheme of things.
    The Detroit Lions are gonna be terrible for at least the next 2 years. Millen DESTROYED whatever simbilance of a NFL Team Detroit had for the foreseeable future… I really don’t think that a few F.A.’s from the Chiefs are gonna make too big a difference.
    What are you…a Chiefs Fan?

  9. Florio. Please, I beg you to stop beating this dead horse. Tampering is the NFL’s jaywalking.
    Every time you “report” tampering, I punch a kid.

  10. So we’ve established you deal in rumors.
    Now we’ve established you also deal in snitching.
    I think it’s safe to say we’ve now established you are likely a teenage school girl trapped in a grown man’s body. Well OK, more like a teenage boy’s body, but you get the message.
    If I was Gunther I would punch you in the face if we ever came in contact face to face.
    Mike Florio = scum of the earth!

  11. Cunningham’s remarks have yet to catch league’s attention
    No matter how much you jump up and down crying like little snitch baby!
    Somebody has a law degree… I can smell it… the aroma is overwhemingly “a**hole”.

  12. That comment can’t be tampering. It’s just a ridiculous quote. The fact that this turd wants Chiefs players anyway speaks volumes to the ineptitude of my beloved franchise. The Lions could be allowed to tamper all they want and it wouldn’t make a difference, no respectable FA wants to come here anyhow. Gotta do it through the draft. Way kick em when they’re down Florio.

  13. The NFL doesn’t care about tampering. Brett Favre made reservations at the Motor Lodge in Green Bay the first week of April 09 for the Packers/Vikes game. He wasn’t even released from the Jets until 3 weeks later. Google it and look at the dates. The NFL doesn’t care. They could’ve busted the Vikings in the summer of 08 for tampering. They didn’t. They could’ve busted them again in the summer of 09 and didn’t.

  14. The remarks haven’t caught league’s attention because it’s a made up issue. A coach saying he’d like to have some of his former players. Nothing specific. WWE referees are ashamed of your credibility.

  15. Mike, as an attorney, I always appreciate your legal analysis and generally find it to be accurate, concise, and easy to understand. You also have done a great job in explaining a process and potential outcomes without abusing your position of influence and I have found such reticence admirable. The lawyer jokes aside (even the true ones), I do not think you deserve the crap being heaped on you about your legal background.
    That being said, I am curious to know why you have approached this issue in this way–publishing an article with these facts and this tone at all (nevermind the sensationalist headlines) is tantamount to advocating for a particular outcome (and I think you know this). I know it’s a blog and that carries with it a certain editorial mandate, but your general level of mainstream acceptance at this point (and, perhaps your legal background?) carries with it an additional responsibility to more wisely choose when to use the bully pulpit.
    You want to advocate for better treatment to NFL retirees? Acceptable. But this? This is the guy jumping up and down on the field wanting that illegal contact call that didn’t impact the play…
    Still a big PFT fan…couldn’t live without it.

  16. Florio is “spot on.”
    But no-one cares because it’s two crappy teams.
    If it was the Jets and the 49ers, the league would be up in arms!!!

  17. Hey Florio…enough. We get it. We know that tampering goes on in the NFL. Do we like it? No. Would we like it to never ever ever happen? Yes.
    The truth is, the only way that we will ever care about tampering is if involves a pro bowl level player at the beginning of his free agency. Even then, most of us won’t really care unless it involves our team.
    So, ease up Florio. Now that you are a part of NBC, you are big time. We know. Congrats. You are good at what you do. We know. But, when you write crap like that, you just sound like a bitch.

  18. This whole “tampering” thing is a hot fart in a small room.
    I’m more worried about “tampering” with Jessica Alba.

  19. Mike, it’s not tampering. He’s expressing interest in KC’s “cut” players that “do not fit the new system/regime”. There’s absolutely nothing to it.
    Now, if he came out and said “Dorsey will never fit in a 3-4 like he would our 4-3… you know I drafted him for a 4-3 and would love to have him here in Detroit…”, now that’s gonna get some attention.
    Stating that he’d like to sign cut players from the team he used to coach is no big deal.
    Can you make a case that tampering is an oft overlooked rule? Sure, just not with this Cunningham story.

  20. In his defense, there really isn’t anything else to talk about right now.
    Gotta keep those off-season hits high!

  21. Florio, you’re the only one in the entire media making a deal of this. Get over it man. Time to move on.

  22. Wait a minute. Let’s be fair. You don’t have to mention names to tamper. That DE in Carolina, that QB in Minnesota. Cunningham singled out a group of players from a team. I doubt they sign the entire group. What if he said, “There are some talented free agents this year in the NFC South and I would like to have a few.” Tampering?

  23. Still I can’t believe Tom Heckert was quoted as saying, “The Eagles will be dumping one of their quarterbacks and I would like to be there to catch one of them.”
    Isn’t that the bigger story?

  24. How is this newsworthy? Had he said something about Derrick Johnson or Glenn Dorsey then yeah. Him saying he would be interested in having some of his old players should they get released seems to be common sense. Every coach that goes to a new team would be interested in some players from his old team.
    I know that this is a slow news period and you can’t just milk the Saints partying too much angle until the combine but this is a non-issue.

  25. I don’t understand how it is considered tampering to say that you are interested in players that will be released (“dumped”). If the Chiefs no longer want them, then how is that tampering?
    Tampering is when another team comes between a player and his team and affects their negotiating abilities. Tampering would be driving up a player’s value, making it difficult for a team to retain him at a reasonable salary. When a player knows his value outside of his current team, then they go “TO” on the team and refuse to play unless they get a new contract.
    Cunningham’s comments do not hurt the Chiefs. In fact, it could even help the Chiefs because it may create some trade value for the players they plan to dump. If they can trade the player and get some value, instead of dumping them and getting nothing, then the Chiefs benefit.

  26. What Florio, no mentioning that Tom mentioned PFT in his article? Sheesh!
    On topic, I don’t think it was tampering, I do believe that tampering only occurs when they announce specific players and/or contact them. Which is why the league is ignoring it. Gunther’s been in the game a long time, I don’t think he’d get caught tampering. Not saying he wouldn’t tamper however.

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