Ex-Bucs president Gay Culverhouse reaches out to retired players

Gay Culverhouse, the former president of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is expecting more than 150 former NFL players at a meeting tonight set up to explain the benefit packages available to NFL retirees.

“Football’s the only job where you can guarantee 100 percent that there will be an injury,” Culverhouse said, per Ira Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune. “I’m trying to get the players the information they need to request the proper forms. We’ll meet again March 8 to help in filling out the forms.”

Culverhouse, the daughter of former Bucs owner Hugh Culverhouse, was an executive with the team in the 1980s and 1990s. In the last year she has become one of the most outspoken advocates for improving the services available to players who retired with injuries.

In October Culverhouse testified before Congress about concussions in the NFL, and she told the New York Times that after being diagnosed with cancer, she decided to speak out publicly about what she perceives as the mistreatment of NFL players by NFL teams.

Culverhouse said that as team president, “I watched our team do anything it could to get players back on the field.” Now, she says, she wants to “tell the truth about what’s going on while I still have the chance.”

22 responses to “Ex-Bucs president Gay Culverhouse reaches out to retired players

  1. screaming sheep says: February 15, 2010 5:11 PM
    How many people had to read that headline twice?
    This guy.

  2. “Culverhouse, the daughter of former Bucs owner Hugh Culverhouse…”
    Shouldn’t it be Lesbian Culverhouse?
    …or if she’s a big woodtick, Dyke Culverhouse?

  3. “how can a father name his son gay?”
    Culverhouse was named before the homos hijacked the word “gay”, which used to mean joyous. You just can’t have anything nice and keep it that way anymore.

  4. Come on, Mike, we all know, according to the NFL experts here, that these players make billions and that they’re set for life and they take the risk that they do because of all those billions they make and they don’t deserve any sympathy.
    What gets me are all the people who seem to think that it’s more appropriate to talk about the “Gay” in this story instead of the tragedy. I guess that’s why most of you don’t understand why I support the players and why I feel that the owners need to be forced to dip into their pockets even more to make up for all the crap that they put these guys, past or present, through.

  5. In other news, PFT commenters score low on reading comprehension. Let’s go over the key part again:
    “…the daughter of the former owner Hugh Culverhouse…”

  6. C’mon people Gay was a name way before it meant what it means today…. She was probably born before everyone started being gay…. Hello!!??
    no pun intended on that last line

  7. wow there are some pretty freaking immature 8 y/o kids spraying this site.
    hehe…”he said “gay” “…grow up you twits. This is a story about a former owners wife that has survived cancer and wants to give back to players in need….Fox is calling they want their brand managers back….

  8. Yo Vox your mommy’s calling and needs her feet rubbed…put down the Pepsi and Snickers and peel your fat a55 out of the basement and run up stairs to take care of your life….

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