Franchise tag for Aubrayo Franklin

As expected, the San Francisco 49ers will use the franchise tag on nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the move is coming; the deadline is February 25.  Per Schefter, the Niners are expected to work toward signing Franklin to another long-term deal.

He arrived in San Fran from Baltimore via free agency in 2007, reuniting with former 49ers coach Mike Nolan, who previously coordinated the Ravens’ defense.  Franklin has developed into one of the best defensive tackles in the game, and the market for his services would be much greater this time around.

As Schefter points out, Franklin is one of three nose tackles who are expected to be slapped with the franchise tag — the others are Vince Wilfork of the Patriots and Casey Hampton of the Steelers.

13 responses to “Franchise tag for Aubrayo Franklin

  1. Dudes is solid but not worth of the franchise tag.
    Mediocre teams use the franchise tag on top 20 players at their position, good teams use it on top 5.
    If the niners thought he was that great, that would of signed him to an extension already cause great DT win championships. (Sedrick Ellis changed the Saints d as almost as much as Brees did for the Off)

  2. “If they stick me with the franchise tag and all I get is $195,000,000.00 over the next year….well, I’ll consider that a slap in the face and demand a trade elsewhere.”
    Aubrayo Franklin

  3. Another good signing by Scot McLoughan. Many Niner fans bitch and moan about Scotty Mac and many want him canned.
    Look at the roster in 2004, then look at the roster he’s built since he arrived to SF in 2005 until today, and it’s pretty impressive. More impressive to me, as a high school football coach, is the character of the players on the team and the example they will set once they take the next step and start getting some more national exposure.
    All done with great management of the salary cap by finding many bargains through free agency and consistent success with draft picks.
    I also gotta hive him credit for sticking with Alex Smith when almost everyone else had given up. Expect to see that kid take off next season as he gets the offseason to take outright ownership of the offense with the wealth of young weapons he now has around him.

  4. Ironically, all of those nose tackles work out of a 3-4. I bet the bills or chiefs would be interested in their services but I doubt any of them hits free agency.

  5. @LexLuger
    What? Franklin is a top 5 player at his position, and furthermore the article you just read (supposedly) said that they will work to sign him to a long term deal.
    Where did you get this quote because I think you are implying lies.

  6. I think Aubrayo Franklin is absolutely worthy of the tag and I’m glad he’ll be around next year. I hope they sign him long term soon, but with the way negotiations are going I doubt that will happen.

  7. Lex Luger- Franklin is top-five…sorry to burst your bubble.
    RayDaMayor- That wasn’t a quote from Franklin, that’s a lie. Also, the number you put down was 195 million…
    Big M- I agree, McCloughlan doesn’t get the respect he deserves for all the work that he has done. I’m really looking forward to this draft.

  8. @Osterhouse:
    Instead of wasting space by asking “Who?” just pay more attention during football season and do your research.
    Not sure if you’re implying that because he was not very good in Baltimore, he must not be worth the tag, or simply pointing out your observation. Either way, the dude was not that great upon his arrival to SF but we lacked a NT, so he’s gotten all the playing time since. That factor, combined with hard work and great coaching from Jim Tomsula, has turned this guy into the anchor of our defense.
    Patrick Willis almost never talks about his success without mentioning Franklin, and Jeff Ulbrich, who recently retired and is now coaching at SJSU, went as far as to say he was the best NT in the league last season.
    You barely notice him when you watch the game, but his job isn’t to get noticed. It’s to stuff the middle of the box and let Patrick Willis and Takeo Spikes make plays. I guess you could say that in the 3-4 defense, him not getting much attention from spectators means he’s doing his job.
    I believe he also leads all 3-4 NT’s with 1 interception last season. ; P

  9. From Rotoworld:
    49ers ILB Patrick Willis says he is “pray(ing) to God” that the 49ers re-sign impending free agent NT Aubrayo Franklin.
    Franklin was snubbed by Pro Bowl voters but the 29-year-old had a terrific season, helping San Francisco to lead the NFC in yards-per-carry average allowed. “I’d say he’s the best nose in the game,” said Willis. “Nobody plays with better technique. Nobody knows the game better than he knows it.”
    49ers coordinator Greg Manusky calls NT Aubrayo Franklin the No. 1 reason his defense has been so successful this season.
    Defensive end Justin Smith went even further, calling Franklin the best nose tackle in football. Kris Jenkins and Shaun Rogers would certainly take issue with that assessment, but it’s clear that Franklin is keying an improved run defense.

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