PFT Daily: The Joey Porter gaffe

Since many of you spend your Friday’s screwing around at work in ways less discreet than visiting non-work websites, there’s a chance you miss some interesting stuff.

One interesting thing you might have missed comes from Miami, where the Dolphins tried to cut linebacker Joey Porter on Friday, but failed.

For more — including a look at whether the release-and-catch was aimed at sending a message to NFL players generally — we give you today’s edition of PFT Daily.


9 responses to “PFT Daily: The Joey Porter gaffe

  1. Nah, that whole theory of sending a message is nonsense. They tried to stick it to Porter and weren’t prepared. Allowing that worthless pile of sh** to have the last laugh is proof enough how far the Dolphins have fallen. This organization has become way too focused on B-List celebrities sitting in skyboxes and not enough about football and having the right people in place to go to a Super Bowl………………….for the first time in 25 years!
    Consider my life-long membership in the Dolphins fan club cancelled.

  2. What if the Dolphins wanted to pis$ off Porter by letting him think he was cut, just to find out he actually wasn’t? After Porter publicly called out the Fins, they could have been just showing him who’s the boss.

  3. “It’s all about me, you all are below me, I make millions of dollars, while you slave for pennies”.
    “And I am still not satisfied”.
    Bloey Porter

  4. I doubt anyone in an organization run by the Tuna made a mistake of this magnitude. If it was a mistake than whoever made it had Parcells insert something large and unpleasant into their rear end as they were being kicked out of the building.

  5. Floria: I disagree in one respect. I think most NFL teams are looking forward to dumping high priced vets in a few weeks. I see no way we have an agreement before the CBA goes away. A lot of these guys may find they’re signing with a new team, other than the final eight, in a few months, for much less money. I would go so far as to suggest some teams didn’t try very hard to reach the final eight so they could get some good players on the cheap. There’s a recession out there, of epic proportions, that will even begin to effect public employees (OMG a do-nothing government hack taking a pay cut). Why not over-paid NFL players with inflated egos?

  6. It was a mistake – they forgot in the Final Capped Year that the bonus acceleration for a cut after June 1st *doesnt* go ito the next year.
    Its an oddity of the Final Capped Year not a normal event they just forgot.

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