Ravens have 27 free agents

The Baltimore Ravens finished the 2009 season with 53 players under contract.

More than half of them will be restricted or unrestricted free agents in less than three weeks.

In all, 27 players will fall into one of the two categories.  Of that amount, 19 will be restricted, making it much easier for the Ravens to retain their rights.

The full list of AFC North free agents can be seen right here.

26 responses to “Ravens have 27 free agents

  1. Many are guys that need to leave, so it’s alright.
    Cough*Mark Clayton Demetrius Williams LJ Smith etc etc* cough

  2. Sigh….yes, let’s rebuild a team that made it to the AFC Championship Game, losing to the eventual SB Champs two years ago….then followed that up with another playoff appearance this past season, losing to the eventual SB Runner-Ups. The Ravens need some top notch WR’s and they will be back in the thick of the SB hunt all over again this fall. Rebuild my behind!

  3. “how do you let 27 key players become free agents?? whata baffonery running the ravens”
    – chickenfoot
    PS. The Saints have like 25.
    Please apply for a job chickenfoot!

  4. ladybucs&steeelrsnut – without Polamalu what are the Steelers? …sittin at home watching the playoffs! Without Brady, what are the pats? Same thing. Without Manning, what are the Colts? Same thing. Any team with a good QB is nothing without him…but glad you at least recognize the value of Flacco & Lewis…but this team has a lot more in stock than do the Squealers!
    Yeah – this is not a team in rebuilding mode. The core of their entire offense is 2 or 3 years in the league. Add 2 WRs and a TE and the offense is set for years. They need a young DE, and they need a corner…nothing a FA or two and a draft that is widely regarded as DEEP in talent won’t fix.

  5. ladybucandsteelersnut….you are going to ask that of the Ravens??
    I guess you could say…without Troy, who are the steelers…oh wait I guess we found that out this year…
    Do I really need to comment on the Bucs….

  6. You seriously sent me a text about this at 4:46 am?
    yeah, it is stupid to have that many FA’s.
    I’m willing to wager at least 1 if not both do not make the playoffs next year.
    Don’t be suprised if your beloved Packers are in this lot too.

  7. “More than half of them will be restricted or unrestricted free agents in less than three weeks.”
    In a word no. your math is wrong. The Ravens (like other teams) had more than 53 players under contract at the end of the season. Three of the players among the 27 were on injured reserve.
    The Ravens had 68 players under contract at the end of the season 27/68 or 40%, still a whole lot but not over half.

  8. Yeah, and half of them are thugs or felons that should be behind bars… The whole team is getting old except for Unibrow and Ray Rice, so SOME rebuilding is in order.

  9. @ButtBurghlar….The Ravens look old???? How about your team…your D looked really old this year!!! Has-beens!!
    Please name all od the thugs and felons on this team…..go ahead……IDIOT!

  10. Rebuilding? They just went to the playoffs, beat the favored Patriots! What else do you want? Not every team wins the SB every year, man. You going to tell the Colts to rebuild because they didn’t win it? Come on- the Ravens were 9-7 and won in the playoffs and their defense was decimated with injuries from the beginning of the season with Rolle, then Fabian, then Webb, Suggs, and Reed. They will be fine. The FA’s that they have are players that would have been let go anyway. And in an uncapped year they can sign whoever they want. Ya’ll get on here and make these asinine comments. You do know that you can proofread your stuff on here before you hit SUBMIT, just to see how much of a clown you are, then re-write it, it’s ok.

  11. OH NOOOOO!!!!!! Now we’ll have to hear the sissy Raven fans spew off at the mouth with excuses as to why the Ravens are headed in the opposite direction. That’s what the Ravens are good at: getting their butts handed to them, then coming up with 1,001 excuses as to why they were beaten.

  12. I love all the venom coming the Raven’s way. If I were a stooler fan I’d be worried too-
    All they have to do this offseason is address the holes in your entire secondary, offensive line and defensive line. Then get your QB out of his rape lawsuit.
    Good luck with all that…
    P.S. You lost to the Browns, Chiefs and Raiders. AND missed the playoffs.

  13. Steelers: On the couch watching the Super Bowl. Ravens: On the couch watching the Super Bowl. Doesn’t matter how ya got there, now, does it.. We beat Baltimore, so I guess that’s not saying much about your team then. And Ray Lewis stabbed someone…felon, Suggs poured bleach on his baby mama…felon… theres at least 2!
    Cmon, I’m bored at work, gotta bust some balls or I’m gonna fall asleep..

  14. The Stealers are headed in the wrong direction if you ask me. Give “unibrow” a WR and the unibrow shall screw you sideways…
    really? and you notice this how? oh yeah you sit on here and read ravens stuff all day when you’re not even a fan, now whose the real loser? I mean c’mon lol

  15. C’mon Buttburghlar…I’m sorry was Ray Lewis convicted of stabbing someone???? How about Suggs…was he convicted???? Anyone else Butt???
    How many thugs are on your team??? lets see…James Steroid Harrison (domestic abuse), Big Jen (accused of Rape), and SanDubio Holmes (possession of Marijuana)….do you really want to go there…..
    We beat the steelers so…..you call what you are doing busting balls or making an ass of yourself….

  16. Look everybody its katmanduche……..
    Comes in spews a bunch of shit and then does not return……..
    I am not going to dignify this idiot with a response because he cant backup anything he posts….sure sign of a fan that really is not a fan nor does he/she know anything about the steelers….
    Katmanduche maybe you should shut your yap and watch real steelers fans like Prez charlie, Deb, Sitllers43, FrankBurns and a few others…..they all have my respect as true fans.

  17. The squeelers are not an issue. The coaching talent(or lack there of) is catching up to them. They will not be a force to contend with for many years until the rooney rule coach gets run out of town. Then it may be too late. Looks like last place. lil ben will be history & so will up the hines ward.

  18. Love the little nicknames you guys give out (Squeelers, Big Jen, SanDubio Holmes), how clever! @Ravenmaniac, I’d respond more if I could understand the “grasp” of the english language in your posts.. Ravens beat the Steelers earlier in the season, I never said they didn’t.. But when Pittsburgh beat that ass in December (with the help of Derrick “Dropsalot” Mason), that mentally took the wind out of your sails for the playoffs….and again one and done. Come talk to me if you get back to the AFC Championship, let alone the Super Bowl..

  19. Some posters ae morons.
    Yup, that Mason drop really took the wind out of the Raven’s sails.
    Didn’t they then move on to beat the raiders in Oakland (somethign the steelers didn’t do) AND thrash the Patriots in their own place?
    And “one and done” means you make it to the playoffs and then DON’T win a game.

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