Ruskell on the radar in Chicago

In the wake of the Bears’ abrupt decision to dump pro personnel director Bobby DePaul, there’s a strong feeling in league circles that he’ll be replaced by former Seahawks G.M. Tim Ruskell.  (Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune has noted that “speculation” linking Ruskell to Chicago already has begun.)

One source tells us that Ruskell recently had been calling G.M. Jerry Angelo “daily.”  The two men worked together in Tampa before Angelo was hired by the Bears in 2001.

Ruskell received no buyout from the Seahawks; he left not long before his contract expired, presumably after being told that he would not be getting another one.

And so this move apparently has no bearing on anything DePaul has done.  Instead, Angelo apparently sees it as an opportunity to acquire a trusted friend and ally whose carries with him all of the advance work he performed for the Seahawks in preparation for 2010 free agency and the draft.

DePaul, meanwhile, walks out of Halas Hall with the end result of several months’ worth of free agency planning, making him a potentially useful acquisition as the uncapped year prepares to launch.

7 responses to “Ruskell on the radar in Chicago

  1. Very interesting. DePaul hasn’t been very good lately in the player-personnel department. Although he did engineer the Cutler trade; not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

  2. ruskell took over a super bowl team and turned them into a dumpster fire, should be interesting to see how low he can take the bears.

  3. Goofy bastard, he let Hutch get away from the Seahawks and other boneheaded moves.
    Very happy he isn’t in Seattle.

  4. dlodown1-Roofles is talking about the Seahawks. The first year under Ruskell they went to SB XtraLeavy and his horrendous personnel moves, stupid smurf draft picks, driving Holmgren out, hiring clueless Mora, Jr a year ahead of time to replace Holms is what lead the Hawks to be one of the minimally talented teams in the league. I will give him props for getting a second first round pick this year, but am overjoyed that that maroon won’t be the one picking the players. Last thing the Hawks need is 2 more 5’8″ 180 pound DB’s.

  5. @dlowdown
    100% agreed. And something overlooked when talking about the Chicago side of The Trade is that Kyle Orton isn’t exactly winning them over in Denver.

  6. dlodown1
    Could agree with you more! But to use a Grateful Dead song to discribe the Bears is just disgraceful! The Dead deserve better than that!! haha!

  7. He’s a top notch talent, don’t let him get away. Bears should be on him like a dead salmon!

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