Saints will launch new season on September 9

NFL_Brees_250.jpgAs expected, the NFL’s habit of letting the Super Bowl champion kick off the next season by hosting a Thursday night game will continue in 2010.

The Saints will start the new season on the evening of September 9 by hosting a game at the Superdome.

The news comes at the very bottom of the 2010 NFL Calendar posted at, the league’s new CBA propaganda web site.  (I apologize to the league if “propaganda” is a bit strong.  But I couldn’t think of another term that meant “propaganda”.)

As we pointed out last week, the eight potential opponents are the Falcons, Panthers, Buccaneers, Seahawks, Rams, Browns, Steelers, and Vikings.

I’ve already told Paul Allen of KFAN that I firmly believe it will be the Vikings, and that one of my goals for the offseason will be to infiltrate Allen’s broadcast booth in the Superdome for that game, as an incessantly-talking Theismann-style third wheel to the team that consists of P.A. and Pete Bercich.

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  1. So, according to your previous idiotic post criticizing the Saints for excessive celebration, the team will start preparing for this game on September 8th.

  2. “I’ve already told Paul Allen of KFAN that I firmly believe it will be the Vikings, and that one of my goals for the offseason will be to infiltrate Allen’s broadcast booth in the Superdome for that game, as an incessantly-talking Theismann-style third wheel to the team that consists of P.A. and Pete Bercich”
    Football fans everywhere will be praying that the NFLN gives that game the Matt Millen silent treatment.

  3. you mean Steve Young….jeez does that guy like to talk. He did a Raiders game earlier this season and seriously almost hit mute. Never muted Sunshine, but only because his shit was potentially off the wall and hilarious.

  4. I couldn’t think of another term that meant “propaganda”.
    How about brainwashing… disinformation… hogwash… hype… or proselytism. I’m just saying.

  5. Well, if you pull it off, Mike – it can only help what is possibly the worst NFL Gameday broadcaster in the business.

  6. propaganda? what is this, germany c.1940?
    i say saints cowboys. just to show those stupid cowboys fans that, even if they didnt get shat on by minnesota, they would have been shat on quite worse by new orleans

  7. “infiltrate Allen’s broadcast booth in the Superdome for that game, as an incessantly-talking Theismann-style third wheel to the team..”
    Those of us overseas were treated to Joey “Sunshine” Theismann doing the call on ESPN America. There were TWO great nuggets that I took from it.
    First, his observation that “Peyton is looking into the defense and since there are only 7 in the box, this play will most likely be a run.” Only problem.. IT WAS AN EMPTY BACKFIELD SPREAD!
    The one call that will force me to NEVER again endure a Joey “Sunshine” broadcast was immediately after the Saints went into the “victory” formation. His call… “and the New Orleans Saints are the Champions of the AMERICAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE!”
    Pardon me.. but the final game of the American Football League was in 1970; an AFL all-star game to be exact.
    It was so bad that I actually decided to watch the GERMAN broadcast of the Super Bowl so I wouldn’t have to endure Theismann for a full four quarters!

  8. the potential opponents of the saints for the season opener on thursday night are the falcons, SAINTS, bucs, ‘hawks, rams, browns, steelers, and vikes? 7 of those 8 make sense. I have yet to figure out how the saints would be playing themselves though. this isn’t college. there is no spring game…

  9. in the booth with PA would be a treat for you Florio, PA is one of the better play by play announcers in the league!

  10. I think it will be the Steelers to set-up a game between the last two SB Champs. Also, if Favre doesn’t come back that Saints-Vikes game will be a dud. Who want to see Brees vs. Rosenfels? Unless Favre makes a decision before the official schedule is released (which won’t happen) they NFL won’t schedule that game as their opener.
    Saints vs. Steelers is just as good a matchup and much safer from a scheduling standpoint.

  11. Florio’s descent into mainstream media- denouncing Labor as propaganda, but the information he gets from league sources is what “news”?
    Why dont you face it that you cover a pretty socialist (shared revenue/strong central government) organization that is all about its own propaganda.

  12. Of course the lone exception to the Superbowl Champ opening at home on prime time was the Ravens after they won the superbowl in 2001.
    The league always goes out of its way to screw the city & fans that had nothing to do with Modell moving his crappy team to Baltimore. AND he left all the colors and records and name while Irsay stole the Colts & Indiannapolis has NEVER suffered any punishment. Cleveland got their team back in two years..kept their name and colors..and got a new stadium to boot financed partly by the league.
    All Baltimore fans wanted was an expansion team that wrongly was given to Jacksonville who can’t even sell out their games after they covered 10,000 seats with cnavas. The Ravens have sold out EVERY seat and game since they arrived in 1996. Does Los Angeles Jaguars or Vikings sound good?

  13. Wow, I hope its the saints that get the game. I cant wait to see the saints play the saints on the saints home field. Then maybe we’ll all know Who Dat.

  14. “The eight potential opponents are the Falcons, Saints, Buccaneers, Seahawks, Rams, Browns, Steelers, and Vikings.”
    I assume by Saints, you mean Panthers, right? I don’t think football fans would be very happy to see the annual Kickoff Game replaced with a scrimmage.

  15. With all due respect to Neverforget 21, I think you were correct to assume the Saints could play against their selves on opening night. In fact, I have a strong feeling that since the Superbowl win, they have been playing with them selves frequently. I am sure that at least Drew Brees has been playing with himself.

  16. It would be very fitting for it to be the Vikings. They will come to N.O. and hand the world champions a bully beat down,setting the tone for both teams next season. For the Vikings,the start of a dominating run to Dallas in February and for the Saints, a reminder of what they used to be before the Cinderella season. An average team at best.

  17. I hope they lead off with the Vikings. That’ll cause Brent Favrah to hold out until after the game to come back, lest he take another beating.
    Which will cause PA to announce, “Where’s Favre? This isn’t training camp, man. This is the regular season!”

  18. Good. Saints-Vikings opener to help put Brees’ season to bed early with broken bones courtesy of Ray Edwards.

  19. If you get in the booth you will have your work cut out for you. It’ll be hard blowing more sunshine than PA

  20. I think it will be the Vikings, but the NFL may not want to feed Farve’s ego that much. Can you imagine the “Favre Watch” that would ensue after the NFL announcing in April that the Vikings will play the Saints to open the Season? My god, Florio would get 10 million hits a day, just on the Favre stories.
    And Florio, you would really add something to the KFAN broadcast team. This classic “analysis” from Paul Allen after the Favre interception was priceless:
    “But why do you even ponder passing. I mean, you can take a knee and try a 56 yard field goal! This is not Detroit man, this is the Super Bowl!”

    Florio, you sure could add a lot to that broadcast team………

  21. # Pete Rose Haircut says: February 15, 2010 10:55 AM
    Wow, I hope its the saints that get the game. I cant wait to see the saints play the saints on the saints home field. Then maybe we’ll all know Who Dat.

  22. Paul Allen is probably the worst announcer I have ever heard. You would improve the knowledge and logic that comes out of that booth if you just farted into the headset and made armpit noises the whole broadcast.

  23. Steelers would make sense if they didn’t have the Thursday opener last year. I’d hope the league wouldn’t have the same team back to back unless its because they won the big game back to back.
    But remember when we used to read here about how another site adjusted an error in its story without pointing out the change/correction was made?

  24. It won’t be the Vikings. They’ll save that rematch for sweeps in November. I’d actually be surprised if it wasn’t Saints and Panthers, considering that it’s a rivalry game and both of those teams ended the regular season going in completely opposite directions.

  25. please…please…please…please let it be the Vikings. So they can finally shut their pie-holes.
    There goes Pervy, are you really going to get yourself all worked up again; only to be smacked in the face with a cinder block. The only thing as predictable as Favre’s play/retire waffle, is a Viking fan building himself up for a heart-wrenching letdown.

  26. I would want a front row seat to watch Paul Allen scream at Favre too. Funniest soundbite of all time. “YOU CAN TAKE A KNEE!”

  27. The entire nation hopes it will be the Vikings. Their fans will continue to complain about the NFC Championship game during the entire off-season and tell themselves that “we really won the Super Bowl.”
    After all the hype (or maybe I should use “propaganda” for Florio) from their fans about how they were going to sack Brees every other play… and then they barely touched him… and then Edwards claims that had he actually been at the game on the sideline and been awake, that he would have delivered cheap-shots to Brees (that just may have been the funniest article to read all season), wouldn’t it be great to see them play the Saints when their Pro Bowl left tackle and starting fullback are actually able to play in the game. The only offensive players in the league THAT THE VIKINGS FANS SAY can handle their “star” defensive line are the Vikings offensive line. I guess some other players were wearing their uniforms that night.
    If the Vikings were to win that game, they would say, “It’s because WE have Favre.”
    When the Vikings lose that game, they will say, It’s because WE have Favre.”

  28. Saints v. Vikings in week 1 and then schedule Vikings v. Colts in week 2 and we would have the real 2009 SB in 2010, LMAO…..Saints won’t even win their own division next year.

  29. It doesn’t matter who the Saints play in the opener, they’re going to be ready for the game. Just like last year they had the motivation of proving to everyone that they can be a top tier team and win a Super Bowl, this year they will have the extra motivation of proving to everyone that they’re not a one year wonder. True, everyone will be gunning for them and giving them their best shot, as every Super Bowl Champion has had to deal with in the past….but this isn’t like most years. The CBA not getting completed should help the Saints retain most of their key players and also those role players who helped them get their first world championship. Also, all of the Saints opponents after the 3rd week of last season were already giving the Saints their best shot as they all were attempting to knock off the undefeated team. It didn’t happen until week 14! Yeah the Cowboys took it to the Saints, but after 13 weeks of straight victories I think it’s acceptable that you’re going to have a dud sooner or later.
    Everyone needs to face a little bit of reality that the Saints are a good team. They only lost 3 games all year and one of those games had no starters playing for the last game of the season. Also, NONE of their victories were lost by more than a touchdown when the starters were playing. To say that it was all luck and good fortune is delusional. You don’t win 16 out of 19 games in a season with just luck, you have to be a good team.
    Moreover, the defense is the real reason the Saints got their championship under Gregg Williams as coordinator. Another year in his system while adding a few newer, better defensive players should actually make them BETTER than they were for their championship run.
    I doubt that they’ll be able to reel off 13 straight wins again next season, the odds are highly unlikely, but to simply cast them off as a team who is going to return to the cellar is disingenuous and moronic.

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