The Arena Football League is back

Recently, NFL Network announced a deal to televise the games of “Arena Football 1,” the new version of the now-defunct Arena Football League.

Earlier today, however, “Arena Football 1” apparently re-became the Arena Football League.

In a media alert regarding a Wednesday conference call, it was declared that “the Arena Football League is back.” 

Commission Jerry Kurz will speak at that time regarding the 15-team league, which will include teams of the prior Arena Football League like the Tampa Bay Storm, the Arizona Rattlers, and the Chicago Rush.

Also participating in the call will be Rush co-owner Mike Ditka, Cleveland Gladiators president and co-owner Bernie Kosar, Rattlers president Danny White, Rush coach Mike Hohensee, and Storm coach Tim Marcum.

Kurz will discuss details regarding the comeback of the AFL, plans for the upcoming season, and expansion objectives for 2011.

Several NFL owners had full or partial stakes in AFL teams; it’s unknown whether any of them will be reinvesting in the new league.

30 responses to “The Arena Football League is back

  1. You know between this and the UFL the NFL could really benefit from developing a farm system similar to MLB. MLB has A-AAA farm clubs and it allows them to develop talent, why not apply the same principle to the UFL and Arena Football Leauges? It would only be logical to assume that developing undrafted free agents while combining the marketing power of the NFL would lead to huge crowds and an increase in total profits.

  2. Lets go San Jose!!! Apparently they have been good in the past. I wouldn’t know on account of my lack of caring for this light brand of football.

  3. I’d like the UFL champion to play the Arena League Champion. Winner advances to play the St. Louis Rams in a pre-season game.

  4. Class, don’t think San Ho has a team this time around which kind of sucks, the Cats were a good time and fun to watch. Who knows, they might come back if the league does well this season.

  5. Hey some type of football in the NFL offseason works for me. NASCAR and NBA and golf can only get you through so long.

  6. Yeah and apparently they can’t take any criticism. They send their message board Nazis after anyone that says anything negative (just like they did when they were the Arena League). Their hope is to stifle all criticism of their decisions. A minor league that wants to be a major league acting like a bush league – Arena Football Fever – inoculate yourself from it.

  7. Bon Jovi must be a major league jerk… we supported the team , they won the most recent title, and he still couldn’t find a way to make it work in this version of the league? BTW, Jon you still owe Philly that free concert you promised if the Soul won the championship.

  8. I miss watching Arena Football especially since it gave you the opportunity to watch football after the nfl season without having to pay for a special channel(NFL Europe, NFL Network). I hope when the teams come back that all the original rosters are reinstated. With the exception of any players playing elsewhere. I’m still going to cheer on the San Jose Sabercats and the Philadelphia Soul.

  9. Where are the Iowa Barn Stormers?? Put Kurt Warner back in the seat and watch him light it up again.

  10. Looking at all the comments you guys are some real die hards and by die hards I mean desperate individuals.

  11. @chapnasty2: the NFL already has a farm system: NCAA football.
    Why would they want to pay for a minor league system ala baseball or the NBA/NBDL when they already have one that costs them nothing?
    And think about the PR aspect of the current system. The NFL gets this farm system with NO media questioning their role in letting people in college play, practice, and train their brains out for future jobs instead of going to class. Why change that?

  12. I wonder if the NFLN’s support is a backhanded attempt to squash the UFL. I mean, how mean uninteresting, money-losing football leagues can NFL-starved fans support?

  13. Come on Tom Benson, bring back the Boneyard. You can’t tell me the Voodoo didn’t make money. All their home games were sold out. Had the best attendance record for the last three years. Two Arena Bowl sellouts in a row. I know, I was there for all of the games. Go Voodoo.

  14. Hmm. Weren’t they in bankruptcy? I guess they were waiting for a cash infusion or a TV deal that would put them close to break even or over.
    But the fact that they didn’t play for a year until this happens indicates to me that they lost less money by not doing anything as opposed to pairing back and playing with only the profitable franchises.
    I know when I watched, the games seemed to be well attended. And they were shown on ESPN. So how were they not making any money?

  15. With all of Bernie Kosar’s financial difficulties he’s still able to invest in this league? Something might be fishy…

  16. For all you Arena Football fans out there keep an eye on Spokane Shock linebacker Kevin McCullough. He is a BEAST! He lead the Spokane D to a Arena 2 championship last year and the Shock are now part of the “Arena Football League”. This kid is ALWAYS around the ball & making plays.
    Kevin McCullough:
    2006: first team ALL-BIG EAST selection while playing for the Cincinnati Bearcats

  17. If McCullough is SO good, such a beast, then answer me this:
    Why isn’t he on an NFL roster, much less being a ‘beast’ on one of them?
    AFL is fine for what it is: something to sate everyone’s football love in the NFL off-season. But let’s not get carried away here, it’s a minor league football league. It’s nothing to get too excited about or attacted to.
    Unless you live in a backwater place like Spokane.

  18. charliewade says:
    If McCullough is SO good, such a beast, then answer me this:
    Why isn’t he on an NFL roster, much less being a ‘beast’ on one of them?
    What a load of hooey. What about the guys that won national championships in college but never made it to the NFL? Does that diminish their accomplishments? You do realize that there is a College Football Hall Of Fame that has players in it there never played in the NFL and yet, their fans revere them every bit as much (and maybe even more) than their NFL counterparts?
    In the context of Arena Football, what a player does IS relevant and shouldn’t be diminished by what they did or didn’t do in the NFL. Since he was talking about the guy in the context of the league that he’s playing in, your statement is irrelevant TO THAT conversation.
    BTW, how many former “minor league” players for the USFL d0 you think made major contributions once they got the chance in the NFL? Hell, Jim Kelly is in the Hall Of Fame, as is Steve Young and so is Reggie White and Gary Zimmerman. Not bad for a bunch of “beasts” who played in a minor league, don’t you think. It’s also quite possible that former NFL Europe and Arena League QB, Kurt Warner, will be admitted in 5 or 6 years. By no means is the Arena League a feeder system for the NFL (Too many differences in the athletes required to play in each league) but that doesn’t meant that they haven’t had NFL quality players go through their system.

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