Trent Edwards may stick as starter

T. Edwards.jpgWhen one Buffalo beat writer thinks Trent Edwards has a better than 50% chance to start for the team next season, we include it in our one-liners.

When two Bills beat writers say it, we do a full post.  (Especially during a sleepy February Monday.)

Sal Maiorana of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle tweets: “I agree with my
fellow Bills’ beat writer from the Buffalo News, Mark Gaughan, that Chan
Gailey may go with Trent Edwards
as his QB in 2010.”

Gaughan notes Gailey’s history of coaching up so-so talents like Mike Tomczak,
Kordell Stewart, Tyler Thigpen, and Jay Fiedler. 

We tend to agree with both writers because they know more about the Bills than we do and Edwards has more to work with than the other in-house candidate Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Folks expecting the Bills to find a starter through trades or free agency are unrealistic.  The free agent class is dreadful, and Michael Vick is no solution. Anyone veteran the Bills bring in won’t be handed a job.

The most likely plan for Buffalo is to draft a quarterback to develop, then pray he develops faster than Edwards or J.P. Losman did.

23 responses to “Trent Edwards may stick as starter

  1. I played HS football around the same time as he did in the same area, he essentially pooped on other schools. I never thought he’d make it to the NFL though.

  2. Fitzpatrick is more daring, he is willing to fling down the field. He has some level of moxie that Edwards doesn’t have.
    At the same time, I think Edwards is a potential winner. I like them both. For players a step below elite, these guys could both get the job done.
    Let’s put it this way. However ends up second string will be one of the better second stringers in the league.

  3. Trent Edwards might be the starter? Holy christ. Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2010 Buffalo Bills! Committment to Mediocrity!

  4. If they’re not going to get a QB who can throw longer than 10 yards, then they really should trade Lee Evans. What a waste of talent.

  5. actually jj even admitted he blew it firing gailey. the cowboys went 18-14 in the regular season with 2 playoff appearances (0-2) under gailey.
    gailey brought the run game back. and he had an aging team in dallas.

  6. “Folks expecting the Bills to find a starter through trades or free agency are unrealistic. ”
    Cody Pickett.
    Home Field Advantage.

  7. Maybe Edward will do better under Gailey. You never know because last year was not good for him. To be a good quarterback in this league you got to have a good offensive coach or coordinator. But if they start after poorly this year, you can kiss his career good bye.

  8. I wouldn’t mind drafting Trent’s predecessor in Stanford, Luck. There are no worthy QB’s in this draft for the 9th pick. So of course, you gotta make the offense work with the Qb’s you got. Don’t forget Brohm. Who is a physical specimen compared to the Fitz, and Edwards. Fitz was inconsistently accurate. Trent needed more time, played well against the Pats, then our line got hurt. Brohm has a cannon, and is still just an unused draft pick. NO QB’s in the draft please!!!! DT then OT then LB then LB, WR.

  9. fitzpatrick might be more daring but has the accuracy of losman, and has been garbage everywhere hes been.

  10. When Edwards was first made starter over J P Loseman, he actually looked pretty good. But, as he got hammered or pressured time after time for the lack of an O-line, you could see his timing and rhythm fall apart. Maybe with coaching, and time to throw the ball, Edwards could be successful in the NFL.

  11. This is unbelievably completely believable to me.
    Trent Edwards is absolutely, 100% proven to be a terrible quarterback.
    He is a scared little bitch who won’t throw the ball downfield.
    A year ago, I used to defend him.
    I used to rationalize that the opposing defenses must be double (or even triple) teaming Lee Evans, and Josh Reed on the other side of the field isn’t exactly Wes Welker/
    However, we got him a HALL OF FAME wide receiver who had 30 touchdowns over his past 3 seasons.
    And what happened? Derek Fine at one part had 9 targets in a game to lead the team.
    This is a guy who is simply too afraid to throw the ball downfield.
    If the Terrell Owens experiment did ANYTHING, it was to prove without a shadow of a doubt that Trent Edwards can’t play.
    That being said, sign me up for 10 more years of Trent Edwards if the alternative is to bring in that f—ing lowlife Michael Vick.

  12. They won’t draft Clausen. The Bills will draft an OT or a NT and then go for a QB somewhere in rounds 2-4. Trent is the best QB on the roster which is not saying much, but he has never had any coaching thanks to Dick Mauron………Trent did play well in stretches but was bad this year behind an awful line and a terrible offensive stragtegy implemented by Mauron……no huddle without an O-Line – what a fool!

  13. @Drat you clearly are not a bills fan
    Who ever is the 2nd stringer will be one of the better 2nd stringers in the league??
    what is your relationship with Trent Edwards and Fitzpatrick.
    These two guys would be out of the league. If it wasnt for the Bills.

  14. Yeah I hope the Draft goes according to plan, and the Bills get a qb late, I mean, it can’t get worse at the position.
    We need a cannon again in the Lo, u don’t have to respect deep passes from Trent Edwards or Fitzpatrick, even I can lob a ball to a random spot near a cornerback 40 yards downfield.
    But at least Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t scared with his bad throws, he’s pretty damn confident when he throws them. Trent has the durability of a tin can.
    The Qbs suck, but might be able to produce a bit more with better playcalling in Buffalo. Neither is the QB of the future.

  15. Reddog9 has it right. The QB draft class sucks. Any rookie QB behind the current Bills line would be lucky to survive the season.
    We need an OT first to protect the blind side, and/or a new NT to play well in the 3-4.
    Trent Edwards can be good with the right coaching and some reasonable protection. Bill Walsh wasn’t wrong, but Trent needs the right system.

  16. When Edwards threw that pick six against the titans and got pulled, I took of his jersey and gave it to anyone at the bar willing to take it in hopes he’d never see our field again. If he starts again this year, I’m gonna have an $80 bone to pick with chan gailey.

  17. Edward’s has been garbage since his concussion @ Arizonia in October 08′, he’s been shell shocked ever since, Fitz is a ballsy gunslinger lawyr, and was actually refreshing to watch him attempt to win, in stead of constantly checking down to Fred or Lynch and crossing his fingers.
    Buffalo desperatly needs to beef up their O line, a decent tight end, and ge ta QB to use all the WRs that are sitting on the shelf, I coudl pull my hair out thinking about this team.

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