Bengals still plan to talk to Graham

S. Graham.jpgThe feeling in Cincinnati is that the team has moved on from kicker Shayne Graham. 

Perhaps in a nod to his long and successful career with the team, the Bengals will at least make one more effort to keep him before free agency starts.  Even if it’s half-assed.

“We have to talk to Shayne and see where he’s at,” special teams coach Darrin Simmons told the team’s website.

has to be a deal that’s good for both sides. I’ve talked to him once to
let him know we were signing Rayner. I didn’t want him to read about it
on the Internet.” (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Simmons’ words indicate they’ll offer Graham a low-cost deal and promise him nothing.  We suspect Graham can get a better offer elsewhere, despite his post-season shankage.

11 responses to “Bengals still plan to talk to Graham

  1. I think it is an uncharacteristically classy move for the Bengals to give the guy even a semblence of a shot. He’s been very good for them for a long time and this is a nice payback for years of productive service, even though they ended badly.
    I think he can turn it around elsewhere, and will. After all, he’s the most successful NFL Hokie since Bruce Smith.

  2. bengals dont need to waste money on a kicker if they hardly get in field goal range wut they need to do is purchase an offensive line so they can actually throw the ball instead of solely rely on cedric benson

  3. Bengals: Shayne, let’s talk.
    Graham: Umm, ok…
    Bengals: Get your sorry ass out of town!
    Graham: Ok.
    Bengals: We hope you’ve enjoyed this talk?
    Graham: Not so much.

  4. unfortunately i think the city will miss his charity work the most of all… wherever the ginger lands i’m sure he will get involved in the community there as well. so good for them. and good luck, shane-o

  5. They should offer him a deal with a clause that he pays back a portion of his signing bonus for any game-winning kicks that he misses.

  6. The only deal agreeable to the Bengals is this schmuck paying back the $2m Mike and Pumpkin were dumb enough to give him…

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