Bengals still plan to talk to Graham

S. Graham.jpgThe feeling in Cincinnati is that the team has moved on from kicker Shayne Graham. 

Perhaps in a nod to his long and successful career with the team, the Bengals will at least make one more effort to keep him before free agency starts.  Even if it’s half-assed.

“We have to talk to Shayne and see where he’s at,” special teams coach Darrin Simmons told the team’s website.

has to be a deal that’s good for both sides. I’ve talked to him once to
let him know we were signing Rayner. I didn’t want him to read about it
on the Internet.” (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Simmons’ words indicate they’ll offer Graham a low-cost deal and promise him nothing.  We suspect Graham can get a better offer elsewhere, despite his post-season shankage.