Rams downplay report about Bulger's locker

M. Bulger.jpgThe Rams don’t know what they want to do yet with Marc Bulger, no matter what is or isn’t in his locker.

NFL.com’s Steve Wyche writes that the Rams are downplaying a report that Bulger cleaned out his locker, saying he’s left workout gear and other belongings there.

More importantly, Bulger’s future isn’t up to him.  Wyche says that Bulger “wouldn’t mind” returning (for $8.5 million), but that he’d also welcome a fresh start elsewhere.

The Rams haven’t closed the door publicly on Bulger, with Steve Spagnuolo saying some kind words about him.

The lack of a salary cap means the Rams don’t have to rush to do anything.  It makes a lot of sense to retain Bulger until the NFL Draft to keep all of their options open.

8 responses to “Rams downplay report about Bulger's locker

  1. Since coming to St. Louis, Bulger’s been nothing but a class act. I know his last couple seasons have been aweful, but, even Warner had a few aweful seasons after a few solid seasons. I hope they can retain him at a discounted price and have him compete for the starting job next season with a rook/FA veteran player.

  2. He cleaned out his locker but left workout gear and belongings there! So what does that mean? That’s like saying i cleaned my yard but didn’t cut the grass,pick up leaves and still have pine cones everywhere.

  3. of course they arent running bulger down. they dont have to cause every week they send him out there to die.

  4. Steve Wyche says that “Bulger has left his workout gear and other belongings in his locker”… what about all of the GAME that this guy left on the field for the past three seasons, not to mention that when he’s on sideline he looks like he might as well be playing gin rummy rather than trying to motivate an offense that was LAST in the league in everything.
    He parlayed a MVP in the 2006 ProBowl into a new contract and then into FOUR forgettable seasons where this team went nowhere. I know much of that falls into the hands of Linehan, Armie and others, but Bulger is supposed to be the straw that stirs the drink which he turned into a cesspool on his watch.
    God Bless Steven Jackson, if not for him in a 2009 game, ironically against the Lions, we could have had witnessed back to back Oh-FERS for 2009-10 (Lions and then Rams).
    How’s this for panic attack… bring on Mike Vick and his bulldozer sized problems in his past private life. At least that guy is exciting to watch. If I wanted to watch Bulger play I could get that level of excitement by wallpapering my bathroom.

  5. ok, for real, I only know this guy cuz a couple years ago he had a pretty good Madden rating. Was he ever good? Ever on the path to being a pro bowler? Sounds like a decent guy with talent, never got in trouble.
    Rams take The Boy Named Suh and draft a QB in the 2nd?

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