Report: Bulger cleans out locker

NFL_bulger2_250.jpgIn a move that comes as no surprise yet nevertheless feels surprising (if that makes any sense and it probably doesn’t), Howard Balzer reports via Twitter that Rams quarterback Marc Bulger has cleaned out his locker.

Bulger, a former West Virginia quarterback who attended the same high school as Dan Marino, entered the league in 2000 as a sixth-round pick of the Saints.  He ultimately landed with the Rams, where he rose to prominence as the successor to Kurt Warner.

But once Bulger cashed in with a big contract, his passer rating plunged from the 90s to the 70s.  Three seasons later, the Rams simply can’t justify paying Bulger $8.5 million in 2010, given that neither G.M. Billy Devaney nor coach Steve Spagnuolo had any role in acquiring Bulger or financially rewarding him.

So if Bulger is released before March 5, he’ll hit the free-agent market before the market officially opens, giving agent Tom Condon plenty of time to find a new home for him.

How about a reunion with former Rams coach Mike Martz in Chicago?  As Martz learned in 1999, the guy at the top of the depth chart in August might not be the guy who’s holding the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season.  So if Jay Cutler takes a helmet to the knee in the preseason, the Bears will need someone other than whoever it is that backs up Cutler. 

And that should be good for about 20 e-mails telling us who it is, and one or two identifying the number Ike Hilliard wore in Tampa.  (Only founding members of PFT Planet will get that one.)

38 responses to “Report: Bulger cleans out locker

  1. What is it about WVU alumni that seems to make them want to just mail it in after they get a payday?

  2. He’ll end up somewhere and do much better. It’s not his fault they have no offensive line. No one would have looked good playing QB for that team last year. While it may be a quarterback driven league, it’s all irrelevant if said quarterback has no support and no offensive line. i.e. skins.

  3. Not Tampa…….the original story asked for who wore #88 for the NY Giants.
    The answer of course was Ike Hilliard

  4. That would be Caleb Hanie (Cutler’s back-up). No question Bulger would be a better option for the Bears.

  5. i think it would be cool not to have media and TV talking about the offseason/FA/draft…………… when the season kicks off, then we can see which teams got which players, so it could be like a surprise

  6. Rams are complete idiots. they jettisoned Warner for Bulger! all time bonehead move. any idiot could have told you that would turn out bad.

  7. I think Bears fans are hoping Cutler takes a helmet to the knee. In fact, I hear the team is begging all preseason opponents to sign Rodney Harrison to ensure this happens. It came from a good source, so I know it’s true.

  8. It’s amazing to me how quickly the Rams plummeted and how long they’ve stayed down.
    Yet my Patriots despite injuries and huge player turnover have managed to have nine consecutive winning seasons.
    Bulger ends up somewhere, but not at that money.

  9. if bulger goes to chicago now, cutlet will scream for another trade.
    if bulger goes to az now, leinart will scream for a trade.
    probly both will want to go to seattle.

  10. As a RAMS fan (yeah, I can say that with pride, despite these past 2 terrible seasons), the line is responsible for a great portion of it. Also, Bulger started to get shell shocked as well and throwing terrible passes. And the current administration had nothing to do with his contract as well, so it’s time for him to move on. Good luck, wherever he ends up.

  11. Bulger doesn’t instill fear in these NFL QBs anymore. He’s a backup now. That’s his title for now on.
    St. Louis? They are going to go hard for Michael Vick. If they can’t get him, they are going to go for another veteran QB with a big arm. They are going to draft linemen and pick up a QB in the later rounds. You might even see them get a TE and WR in later rounds, as well.

  12. Please God- No…. Don’t let him end up coming to the Browns. Haven’t they yet learned their lesson about bringing in players who are (way) into the downside of their careers?
    Besides, I don’t want a guy named “Bulger” on my team. It’s too weird. (Brady Quinn might get excited, though…)

  13. Bulger is probably retiring unless he can find himself a better starting situation in free agency.
    Rams will draft a QB #1 overall.

  14. To put Bulger in the same sentence as Marino is just a disgrace. Bulger couldn’t hold Mercury Morris jock strap and Mercury would go on ESPN to tell the world about it. Bulger might have been a average QB but the Rams Oline is terrible and has been for years. No wonder he gets hurt every year.

  15. Ray is right about Bulger being shell shocked. He got that way 3 yrs. ago after 4 Olinemen went down w/ season ending injuries to start off 07. However I will say that there’s a misconception w/ bad teams that all their players are bad (due to the 1-15 record). While it’s true they’re not chock full of probowlers? The Rams did make a few moves to shore up the Oline in the last couple of years, like bringing in what looked like good FA acquisitions at the time (Jason Brown OC from the Ravens in 09, Jacob Bell OG from the Titans in 08). Unfortunately the Rams are complete IDIOTS when it comes to evaluating potential FA talent, & also maximizing the talent they have by coaching them up. Case in point? They cut Incognito due to an inability to control his outbursts, & he was the best linemen they had!
    Bottom line is that the Oline was responsible for Bulger getting shell shocked in the first place, but I disagree that they were completely responsible for the HORRIBLE QB play last season. Most of that blame falls squarely on the QB’s pads IMHO. There’s a reason why Steven Jackson was selected to the probowl this yr. after all, & it wasn’t because he did it all himself. This ignominious end to Bulger’s career as a Ram only proves how IDIOTIC a move it really was when they cut Warner yrs. ago. Sadly though looking back on it? It was the right move, because if Warner stayed he would’ve been destroyed by these shoddy Rams units they’ve fielded (just like Bulger has been). I still can’t ever forgive them for cutting Warner though, or completely mismanaging the Super Bowl nucleus that Vermeil built. MORONS! Hopefully things get better now that they’ve gotten sold, or at the very least not get worse.

  16. A few of you stole my thunder…he’s a natural fit for Cleveland if Holmgren is confident he or his minions can work with him a bit. He can’t be worse than Quinnderson.

  17. 305phinphan says:
    “To put Bulger in the same sentence as Marino is just a disgrace.”
    You just disgraced yourself.

  18. After the Eagles trade Vick to STL, they should sign Bulger, just cause. If they trade McNabb to anyone, which they hopefully will not do, they should sign cause Kevin Kolb and Mike Vick will flop big time

  19. You heard it here first. Bulger to Arizona – following the same path Warner took and dare I say that if this happens that Arizona will go to the Super Bowl again.

  20. Per Adam Schefter via Twitter: “Rams QB Marc Bulger did not clean out his locker. Rams equipment men did, just as they cleaned out everyone’s locker at end of year.”

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