Report: Gabriel, Bream could be next to go in Chicago

With the Bears abruptly dumping director of pro personnel Bobby DePaul, our friends at WSCR in Chicago say that there are rumors the Bears next will part ways with director of college scouting Greg Gabriel and trainer Tim Bream.

Gabriel, like DePaul, is a respected and experienced personnel exec.  Both have at times in the past been considered for G.M. positions elsewhere.

Meanwhile, momentum continues to build regarding the arrival of former Seahawks G.M. Tim Ruskell in the Chicago front office.  But as KJR host Dave Mahler, whose beat includes the Seahawks, said earlier today on the Danny Mac Show on WSCR of Ruskell:  “He doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing.”

If that’s the case, many Bears fans would say that Ruskell could fit in perfectly with G.M. Jerry Angelo and coach Lovie Smith.

Mahler says a lot more, and it’s definitely worth a listen.

10 responses to “Report: Gabriel, Bream could be next to go in Chicago

  1. I wouldn’t use the word “respect” in reference to anyone involved with the Bears’ drafting, but I’m sure the new guys won’t have any problems finding picks to follow in the steps of such greats as Curtis Enis and Michael Haynes.

  2. The reality is there are about 6 very well run franchises operated by people who are very good at their jobs which is why we see those teams in the playoffs virtually every year.
    Another half dozen or so franchises are decently run and they don’t always compete in the playoffs, but usually have decent regular season records.
    Most of the rest are a fine example of people rising the level of their incompetence. We see horrible decision after horrible decision that always ends up not being management’s fault even though there is no other place the blame should legitimately fall on. And until a far higher percentage of the management and coaching personnel become very very good at their jobs it will remain this way.
    And in fact this is another reason not to expand the league with additional teams. The talent base among management and coaching is not large enough to properly operate more teams than are already out there.

  3. Well Florio, you might want to show both sides of the fence when ripping someone. Maybe like showing his good acquisitions?

  4. There are 2 stories here that will be playing out during the season. Oh yeah this is a prediction post. One is Angelo’s hectic shuffling of the chairs and seemingly unrelenting decline, and the other is Martz rising. The Bear will have great success under OC Martz. While this should have the effect of rallying support for Angelo it won’t work out that way. Instead his moves will be perceived as panicked grasps for answers and this will bury him. It will be one of the more ironic management shuffles of the last few years.

  5. Dave Mahler was absolutely awesome during his time on with Danny Mac and Spiegs. Tim Ruskell seems like the perfect candidate to fit in with the organization that runs off the talent and hires the failures.

  6. hey rawhide… what’s your favorite organization?
    & purpleguy must be a closet bears fan. that idiot is always posting when the bears are involved. you should worry about the NFC championship that you didn’t win. go ahead and bring favre back! thats all you got. once he is gone, it’s all over for you….

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