Chargers look into trading Cromartie for a running back

NFL_cromartie.jpgWe noted a week ago that a rumor was making the rounds in league circles, apparently perpetuated by Chargers linebacker Shaun Phillips, that San Diego would trade cornerback Antonio Cromartie to Dallas for running back Tashard Choice.

That specific trade was shot down by reporters in Dallas who insisted there was nothing to it, but ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that the Chargers do, in fact, want to trade Cromartie for a running back.

Per Mortensen, with LaDainian Tomlinson almost certain to leave and Darren Sproles about to become a restricted free agent, acquiring a running back is a high priority for the Chargers. The Chargers would apparently like to either trade for a veteran, or trade for a draft pick that would give them a better chance of acquiring a running back they want in the draft.

Although Cromartie started all 16 games in 2009, Mortensen reports that he’s fallen out of favor with the Chargers, and that they’d be happy to head into 2010 with Quentin Jammer and Antoine Cason as their starters at cornerback.

91 responses to “Chargers look into trading Cromartie for a running back

  1. Wasn’t it he who completely fanned on the tackle of Jets RB Shonn Greene that just about clinched the playoff game late for the Jets?

  2. They could probably get Lynch from the Bills and not have to give up Cromartie in the process. Unfortunately, cornerback is one area on the Bills’ roster where they are pretty set. If they threw together a couple of journeymen 3-4 defense stopgaps and a late round draft pick, I’m sure they could get Lynch.

  3. There you go New England…..You finally can get rid of that weak ass Lawrence Maroney, and get a DB worth a cuss!
    God job chargers! You will Screw the league over if you let this guy go to New England

  4. He’d look good in a Rams uniform…trade Steven Jackson for a proven starter who has more years in the tank than Jackson does.

  5. Nor Choice, Barber. I’d do a straight up deal Barber for Cromartie in a heartbeat, were I Jerry – and I’m not.

  6. kpc21 says:
    February 17, 2010 8:23 AM
    marshawn lynch for cormartie straight up….
    If buffalo is going to trade marshawn they need to be focused on nosetackle or linebacker if they have any chance of making the 3-4 work.

  7. How about Thomas Jones for Cromartie? He’s a bit older, but might have a couple more solid years in him.

  8. Ravensatron says:
    February 17, 2010 8:50 AM
    My Ravens need help at corner. We’ll give you McGahee + a pick
    no way the ravens give up mcgahee AND a draft pick for cromartie. nor should they

  9. Ozzie please get of your ass at One Winning drive and stop thinking about the draft for a second and ship McGahee to SD for Cromartie. Whatever it takes than after Webb is healthy we could move Foxworth to Nickle where he belongs.
    Hell the guy was a receiver in college he would be an upgrade for us either way.

  10. brandon jackson and a draft pick….we NEED a younger DB behind Chuck woodson and Harris coming off a knee. Tramon you are good but jesus christ jared bush

  11. Maroney?? Are you people serious? If I were the Chargers I wouldn’t give you a 7th round draft choice for that piece of trash. Give me a break. Maroney!! LMFAO!

  12. Lynch for a OT and some picksmight do but not a cb they ar already good and he wouldnt even start give them gold for bronze silly

  13. Cro has been whiffing on tackles since he entered the league, not just on Greene in the playoffs. Where have you been….

  14. I would like to suggest Chester Taylor as the veteran help they want: Helps in the backfield, but then all that’s left is Adrian “Feet For Hands” Peterson.

  15. Buffalo won’t trade for secondary, its one of the few areas that they are good in.
    THey should keep him for depth at the position, and draft a young RB

  16. If buffalo does trade with SD, it will look something like this: lynch for Charlie whitehurst, some picks and some stop gap 3-4 defensive players

  17. I’ll take the Steven Jackson trade in a minute. Cromartie hasn’t lived up to his HYPE and probably never will. The 10 interception was a fluke. He refuses to tackle and gets beat repeatedly. Give me a 2nd round draft pick or a starting RB and bye bye Toast Cromartie.

  18. Cromartie is an OK cover guy, but a horrible tackler.
    His total lack of ability and effort on open field tackling will cost you a game when he the last chance and he pulls up.
    4th round pick is the best you’ll get for him.

  19. Antonio Cromartie is soft (just watch the Jets playoff game). Even Laurence Maroney is too much for this pussy. You don’t win with guys like Cromartie on your team… least when encountering things like, you know, adversity.

  20. If they can get a RB who hates contact as much as Cromartie does, and has the same ability to avoid it, maybe they can do themselves some good.

  21. What about the Cro straight up for Addai? I think that would be semi-fair for both involved.
    Or what about the beloved Michael Bush trade?
    To be honest, the Chargers need serious O-line help, if they had their 2006 line, LT could still run effectively, look at those Pats RB’s…granted they don’t break 1000 yards, but still they are very effective.
    This one may be a bit out there, but the Cro straight + a 3rd for J Stewart…?
    McGahee is quickly to be on the wrong side of 30. He’s injury prone and only runs as well as the man in front of him.

  22. How about Tampa trades Derrick Ward for Cromartie straight up? Barber is good for one more year and could use some help while he is catching his breath.

  23. Antonio Cromartie has seven children living in five states, and has been named in at least five paternity suits in the past two years.
    Yep Bolts need to move this @$$hole.

  24. I’m thinking McGahee has got a little to much mileage on his patched up wheels to be worth it…not going to bet money either way though..

  25. All of you are missing the obvious…IamHawk, you’re almost there. With the Carolina trying to figure out what to do with Peppers, and the fact that D-Will only has 1 year left on his contract. They can’t keep both and with the strong emergence of Stewart they could very well be players in a trade that would give them another formidable corner opposite Gamble.

  26. boltpride42,
    your saying how sorry he is and you think you’ll get a 2nd round pick are you crazy?
    I would give up brandon only because hes injury prone and you can find running backs anywhere, I thinking brandon and a pick for cromartie sounds better

  27. Everyone seems to think the Chargers will take their flostam and jetsum for Cromartie, but the Chargers have been pretty good in the draft, so why not just take a draft pick and try to sign Chester Taylor from my team? Unfortunately, he’d be a perfect fit.

  28. Only someone who knows nothing about the Bills would ever think that the Bills would trade Lynch for a late round draft choice. Of course his performance was down last year, but that was primarily the result of a pathetic O-line(decimated by injuries), three games lost to suspension and reduced carries due to Fred Jackson’s success. Still, it is unlikely that the Bills will be able to get fair value for Lynch this year, so it is far more likely that they will keep him, fix the O-line and then be able to get much more for him next year. Lynch is still the player selected with the #12 draft choice, who is capable of rushing for 1,500 yards and getting another 500 on receptions, with a decent O-line and a reasonable number of carries. He will turn 24 in April, so he has a lot of good years ahead of him.

  29. It’s nice to see that at least the Chargers fans know how overrted Cro is. I say take whatever we can get for this douchebag. I’ve seen pop warner kids put more effort into tackling. Yes he’s athletic and can be a decent cover corner…but too much drama. And AJ hates drama. See ya Cro!!!

  30. # IamHawk50 says: February 17, 2010 9:52 AM
    To be honest, the Chargers need serious O-line help…
    Well then we’ll give you JaWorthless Russell for the Crow. Russell can suit up as a right tackle. All that bling he wears would blind a poor defensive lineman.

  31. McGahee is the answer…And why are people bashing him like he’s some old bumb? He may have had major knee surgery after college but really has not had significant injury problems besides the one year missed and a few games in the ’08 season. The guy is only 28. I mean, who would the Chargers really like to have more between the people who are “out on the market”? There’s not many options, and taking a known commodity in a solid, pro-bowl RB for a corner you want to get rid of, really isn’t a bad deal. You Chargers fans should now…Week 2 Stats vs SD- 15 Carries, 79 Yards, 2 TD’s, Avg 5.0/carry, 2 rec, 10 yards. The real problem SD needs to fix is their offensive line, complete garbage.

  32. please give me feedback if this makes sense. Dominik admits that he wants to stay young. Why wouldn’t he now that Carnell Williams has proven that he is indeed healthy enough to carry the load trade away Derrick Ward who seems to be a botched trade from last year to San Diego. Ward wants to be a feature back, and Ronde Barber is not getting younger. The Buccaneers need secondary depth, and I feel like San Diego could use a larger back like Ward. thoughts?

  33. Want to trade Head-Aches … how about Lynch & Roscoe Parrish for Merriman …
    AJ Smith wants rid of him. Whatever balance picks could be negotiated.
    Cromartie doesn’t fit Bills … he fits TB & GB as stated above
    McGahee sucks BTW … AJ won’t touch that

  34. As if Brandon Jackson has any value whatsoever! I wouldn’t even trade for Ryan Grant, much less his backup.
    Even ahead of the Maroney idea, B Jackson has to be the worst suggestion here thus far. He’s damn near cuttable in GB.

  35. lynchs performance was down more cause of him and not the same bills line that fred jackson got 1000 yards behind even while losing carries to lynch when he got off suspension and dick jauron insisting on using lynch.For the better part of lynches carries he looked like crap and thats why perry fewell stop the switching him in and out with jackson and just went with jackson. san diego can have lynch for volek. just have to take ryan shitzpatrick with him

  36. Seriously, Anyone who trades the gum under their shoe has given up too much for this clown.
    He is a locker room cancer and got the Ryan Leaf syndrome. Stay away from this loser.

  37. The chargers are stupid. Running backs are the only position in the league that are pretty much a dime a dozen. They could pick up Montario Hardesty or Dixon from Miss St to in a later round and probably run as good as any back they’ll pick up. If they want to let him go they should be looking for something else to trade for.
    And Buffalo DOESN’T need a nose tackle. Stroud is plenty big. It’s a matter of adjusting to the scheme. The same for any player they could draft except for Mt. Cody.

  38. @Evan2442 …
    McGahee is the answer…And why are people bashing him like he’s some old bumb?
    McGahee has got physical and mental issues … classic keep-me-happy sphincter monkey …
    Not worth SanDiego’s time!

  39. “How about Thomas Jones for Cromartie? He’s a bit older, but might have a couple more solid years in him.”
    Reminds me of that Bud Light commercial for “Mr. Ridiculous Trade Suggestion Guy – With all seriousness, you suggest trading the 25th guy on the bench for a 9 time All Star.”
    I’m not saying Cromartie is as good as a 9 time All Star but he brings more than Thomas Jones. Many people believe Marion Barber may get that trade done and Jones isn’t in his class. All that aside, the Cowboys don’t need a high priced CB. They’ve got 2nd year guys Scandrick and Jenkins (Pro Bowler) as well as Terrence Newmann. Cornerback isn’t a real high priority. Even though Newmann is getting older, he’s still playing at a high level.
    I sure as heck wouldn’t trade Choice for Cromartie but I would pull the trigger with Barber. I thought the league learned it’s lesson when Washington traded Champ Bailey for Clinton Portis. A good CB is harder to find than a RB.

  40. The Chargers send over Cromartie and a 1st to the Miami Dolphins for Ronnie Brown and a 3rd. Dolphins move Sean Smith to S and draft CJ Spiller with pick 1A and Brandon Spikes with pick 2a.

  41. How about Cromartie for a used freaking treadmill? Get rid of the Vag now. I still wonder what the D coaches say to him in film review when they watch him back off on hitting ANYONE!!!!

  42. Carolina needs a bigger CB (along with Gamble) to go against the Maques Coltons and Roddy Whites of the NFC South.
    The Chargers need a younger back, good speed with bulk, that a high character guy.
    Mr. Cromartie, welcome to Carolina. DeAngelo, pack your bags, you’re heading to San Diego!

  43. Cromartie for AJ Hawk! Screw RB!
    Reggie Bush is going to hit the open market soon and will fit in with Norv’s scheme. This will allow Sproles and LT to walk to greater pastures and will allow the Chargers to have the two headed monster in Bush and Tolbert.
    Their running game will go from worst to first.
    AJ Hawk will replace that do nothing Cooper and he and Siler will be as effective as Godfrey and Edwards in both of their hey days.
    Not to mention that AJ Smith knows how to hold players until the best possible deal is met so I could see Cro putting the Chargers over the top even though he won’t be on our team. His value is better through a trade at this point than on the field.

  44. JoeSchmoe-
    You’re definitely right. I don’t know who on here thinks the Chargers would even entertain the idea of trading him for Brandon Jackson, let alone actually follow through with it. I’d love it if the Packers could pull that one off because that would be a huge boost to their secondary with Harris’ injury and age along with the worthlessness of Jarrett Bush. But the Chargers aren’t stupid, they’re not going to take an average to below average back for a guy who’s young and has shown the ability to be a huge playmaker.
    And Stuart Scotts Left Eye
    That would be a pretty good trade actually for Hawk. Hawk has shown he CAN be effective, but just not at the level they expected him to be drafting him at #5 overall. Hawk is able to play in that defense and has shown improvement over the last year. If the Chargers still wouldn’t take it, then throw in Brandon Jackson. He’s very expendable but serviceable.
    Any of this happening is unfortunately unlikely though. Packers GM Ted Thompson has shown he likes building primarily through the draft and usually isn’t one to cut or move his more notable draft picks. At least I can hope.

  45. or they could keep cromartie, and sign chestor taylor. it would be a great 1-2 backfield. but as a viking fan, i don’t want chestor to go anywhere if we still have butterfingers taking the lead.

  46. Reggie Bush for Cromartie so Malcolm Jenkins can make the proper transition to Safety and we won’t have to force Darren Sharper into decline.

  47. How about Cromartie for Ted Ginn Jr
    they both play like they have twats
    The best post i read on the board. I’ll take Hershall Walker for him at this point. I would take a fifty year old man over this young punk!!
    Cromarti isnt worth crap! Not a 1st-2nd-3rd-round pick. Anyone who takes him, better have Ray Lewis on there team, cuz he gets everyone playing like they got heart when playing with him. Cro has ne heart. Scared punk. What a waste.
    Not worth snot on a hanky. Not worth gum on the bottom of your desk.

  48. The dude has talent, but reading the SD posts he seems like a real butt head. I’d do Magahee for Cromartie. Willis is still a very good RB who would do very well in Norv’s scheme. Runs with power, hasn’t lost any speed. But there is no way in hell we trade Ray Rice. He is a multiprobowl player assuming he stays healthy which is always a big assumption in the NFL for RB.

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