Jamal Lewis might not be able to retire

During a difficult season with the Cleveland Browns, veteran running back Jamal Lewis decided he’d had enough; he began openly talking about retirement.

But with Lewis not officially retiring, the team opted to cut him loose.

And though it’s possible that he might never play again, he apparently has more than 25 million reasons to consider an eleventh NFL season.

A reader has tipped us off to a December 2008 civil judgment against Lewis and two other defendants.  It appears that the plaintiff, Stillwater Asset Backed Fund, L.P., had at some point obtained a judgment against Lewis and two other entities in Georgia, and that an action was filed in Ohio in the hopes of pursuing any local assets of Lewis and/or the other two defendants.

With interest and attorneys’ fees, the total bill as of December 2008 was more than $25 million.  (To explore the matter for yourself, click here and then insert Lewis’ name.)

It’s unknown whether the matter has been resolved, but anyone possessing a civil judgment worth more than $25 million holds a damn strong chip.  Unless Lewis found a way to stick the other defendants (Top Flight Investment, LLC, and Matthew White) with the bill, Lewis either wrote a big check or still needs to write one. 

Either way, there’s a good chance he needs more football money.

32 responses to “Jamal Lewis might not be able to retire

  1. Heck, what would be the most he would make? 1.5 mil, and to have all of that go to a lawsuit? Might as well not play at all.

  2. He could go back to Baltimore.
    Don’t they need a convicted drug dealer to gowith their set of murderers and a woman beater?

  3. “# RichieBugs83 says: February 17, 2010 6:24 PM
    Sucks to be him.”
    Wow…the level of thought that goes into the replies on these posts is diminishing faster than the future prospects of a great many current pro athletes!

  4. Hes not going to make $25 Million in football next year or even close to that. I hope he has plenty saved up. Remember when this guy rushed for 2000 yards?

  5. I thought he didn’t deal drugs, he just put a woman in touch with someone who could sell her drugs (back when he was in college). He didn’t rat anyone out so they threw the book at him. Seems to me like a waste of good jail space on someone who happened to be famous. I doubt they would have done that to an average guy.

  6. Or he could file a voluntary petition for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and attempt to wipe out his unsecured creditors.
    I thought you were supposed to be a lawyer, Florio? Maybe now we know why you aren’t.

  7. “Don’t they need a convicted drug dealer to gowith their set of murderers and a woman beater?”
    Steve-O, who are the murdererS on the ravens team (and ray didnt kill the guy, he was just there)??? and who is the woman beater? are you talking about suggs??? that chick wanted a lot of money and not custody of her own kids. sounded like a gold digger the whole time…and it was dropped. but good try

  8. Now see, this is where Jamaal was smart. Many professional athletes do not have any skill to fall back on in times like this, but Jamaal has prepared himself. His experience in the sale of illicit narcotics might come in handy right about now.

  9. “Steve-O, who are the murdererS on the ravens team (and ray didnt kill the guy, he was just there)??? ”
    I think he was referring to Stallworth Chief

  10. @kaakwha says:
    February 17, 2010 6:53 PM
    sux to be steve-o
    Must really suck to be a fan of a garbage team, stolen from Cleveland with a bunch of whiny players that cry and moan after every game they lose. Then their ignorant loser fans from a garbage crack head city who can cry limke the little pussies they are when their low life team signs a new crop of felons.
    You must be so proud. Oh that’s right, you’re from Baltimore so you’re probably busy pimping out your mother for another rock of crack.

  11. It must have been buy 46 get one free at the chromosome store the day steve-o was born.
    Actually, I don’t know him or care about what he said, just wanted to pile on like Rothlisberger in Vegas.

  12. Lewis was convicted for supposedly telling a police informant that he could get large amounts of drugs. Fortunately the deal never happened for lack of money and drugs but since he wouldn’t rat out his childhood friend and he was a SUPERBOWL winning athlete Atlanta, the worst police force in the country, see ray lewis, olympics bomber,etc, decided to put him in Jail. If making bold statements was a crime everyone of the geeks chiming in on this site would be incarcerated by now! Heck Brady Quinn should be in jail right now for telling people he’s an NFL QB!
    On the flip side, the guy is one of the FEW NFL players who’s built a company while he was on the field so hopefully this bad investment idea won’t jeopardize that. He’s actually moved past his transgressions unlike the crappy team he plays for who still has manjerkoff as headcoach! I guess some browns fans just can’t get past the fact that your team sucks and the one that left town is a now in a much better place

  13. Oh boo hoo all the little Ravens fans are upset!
    Yes Ray Ray is a murderer. T Suggs is a wife beater. Your new player is another murderer. J Lew fits in perfectly.
    You whiney idiots cried like the pussies you are when your first team ran away from your scummy little city of crack whores especially since they own your sorry asses now. So blame the refs, blame the rules, cry like your loser team does every time they lose. If I lived in that sewer of a city I’d be bitter too.

  14. Steve-O Funny. Kevo must be a Ravens apologist. Ray was never a part of a murder investigation, Jamal never sold drugs and Terrell never would hit a woman…

  15. I wonder about the validity of the judgment given the fact that it is an enormous amount and there is absolutely no press regarding the lawsuit. Is it the right Jamal Lewis? Did they improperly serve him on the Georgia case?
    I’m guessing this turns out to be nothing, but even if it was it would provide little incentive for him to go back for another season. Whatever he did earn for that year would not even be his.

  16. Hey jamaltimore, what is with the Browns bashing? They gave him a chance and he gave what he had but now Jamal is old and washed up.
    Slow and lumbering with happy feet and concussion syndrome does not make a good NFL back even on the Ravens. And after all, they did let him go too, remember??
    Stop being a whiney, paranoid little twit.

  17. Stallworth. He drove drunk and killed someone. That would make him a murderer. How do you want to spin this case to make it sound like it wasn’t his fault kevo126?

  18. As I was reading along here I noticed someone say Jamal should just file for chapter 7. Oh but it were that easy. Since we don’t know what the judgment was for we don’t know if it would be dischargable in bankruptcy. Further, with the recent changes to the bankruptcy law they could hold Jamal to making some form of payment over the next three years. Guess we’re pretty sure not everyone on this site is lawyer, but likes to critize as if they are.

  19. I guess nobody knows a thing about Baltimore…. They just want to scream “crackhead this, crackhead that”…. no silly, it’s DC that has a crackhead problem….. Baltimore has a problem with SMackheads…. hahaha

  20. why do theses players insist on making investments? just put half of your game checks in the bank and live off the interest.Jamal Lewis made 6,500,000 this past season so lets say he kept 60% of that after taxes wich is about 3,900,000 divide that by 17 game checks and you get roughly 225,000 take 8 of those checks and you get 1,800,000 well… in a simple savings account with about 2.125% he could earn well over 100k per year.Oh nevermind he can’t live off of that I forgot to factor in his 8 cars 12 houses and bling.By the way why would you ever lease a vehicle when you make that much money? Or have a house payment?Stupid stupid stupid

  21. lol thats not even him….just cuz he is a black male named Jamal Lewis doesnt mean it’s him lol. It says his birthday is 04/26/1988. And God knows that’s not right. lol I don’t know what reader tipped you off but jeesh lol

  22. steve-o
    You are one angry dude.
    If you weren’t so angry about your empty life you might realize B-more is not as bad as all that. There are plenty of cool things and happy people in B-more. The Ravens made the playoffs two years straight and have a bright future.
    You on the other hand are angry about something so you attack others to mask your own deficiencies.
    Keep your rants flowing dude. All that anger inside of you will eventually eat you up!
    LOL, what a scream.

  23. Stallworth wasn’t exactly the backbone of the Browns….the face of the Ravens was in a car with a bunch of people that jumped out and killed people…

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