Lions cut prices on season tickets

The Detroit Lions made season tickets available for purchase today, and in response to the tough time they had selling out Ford Field in 2009, they’ve lowered the prices of 19,000 of those season tickets.

“Season-ticket holders are critically important to us, and we want to treat them accordingly,” Lions President Tom Lewand said. “They provide us with a tremendous foundation of support.”

But that foundation of support has declined in recent years, thanks to the economy and the Lions’ pathetic record. In 2009 four of the Lions’ eight regular-season home games failed to sell out and were blacked out on local television.

It remains to be seen whether a decrease in ticket prices will lead to an increase in the number of games available to fans on local television. To ensure sellouts, the Lions may have to make their on-field product better, and not just cheaper.

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  1. They can lower the price of “Poop in a Bag” to a dollar. That doesn’t mean anyone would want to buy it.

  2. Lifelong lions fan and michgan resident here.
    While I agree that if they were winning the stands would be much more filled, even with a price reduction going to an NFL game is still pretty ouch of reach for many fans.
    Lets say im the average fan trying to take his son to a game.
    . I get a coudple of single game tickets. I spring for 2 halfway decent seats , $50 a pop. figure $10-20 to park the car, get the kid a $4.50 hotdog and a 3 coke, myself a hot dog and a coke, and then get a $6 beer. Maybe at half time I get the kid and me a couple of $3 pretzles, another beer and get the kid another coke, and grab him a $25 t-shirt and maybe a $5 gameday magazine.
    Thats $176 right there for one afternoon. Not to mention dealing some jackass that spilled his beer all over me, and the 2 other drunken jackasses that got into a fight in the stands.
    Sunday ticket is $350 a season, plus $80 a month that you pay for cable anyway.

  3. Nobody wants to watch the Lions play. Well, besides the Lions’ opponents. I saw some guy at a convention I went to recently wearing a Stafford jersey and a Detroit cap. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the poor soul.

  4. In case they haven’t noticed, there has been a boycott of supporting the Lions financially in the state of Michigan for a couple years now. It’s the product on the field that is the problem.
    I feel like Schwartz could seriously turn it around after a few more drafts, but it’s going to be a while before they’re even close to successful.

  5. BradyGazelle, you’re an idiot.
    The Jaguars reduced certain tickets $9 per game. The cheapest season ticket for the Jags can now be had for $300. That’s $30 per game.

  6. Sign of the times, not just for the Lions. Sports in general and the NFL in particular are headed for a crossroad (Eric Clapton). The prices and the salaries cannot just keep rising to infinity. Something has to give.
    Bubble coming. Watch.

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