Nick Folk has two tryouts coming up

During their push to the playoffs, the Dallas Cowboys made a change at kicker.

Nick Folk, a Pro Bowler as a rookie in 2007, was abruptly cut, not long after the Cowboys considered putting him on injured reserve in the hopes that he’d work through whatever it was that has caused him to develop a case of the kicking yips.

Instead, he’s on the market, and he’ll be heading to one town later this week for two tryouts.

Per a league source, Folk is heading to New York, where he’ll work out for both the Giants and the Jets.

The Jets’ kicker, Jay Feely is due to become an unrestricted free agent.  For the Giants, Lawrence Tynes is under contract through 2010 at salaries of $1.1 million this year, $1.2 million in 2011, and $1.3 million in 2012.

11 responses to “Nick Folk has two tryouts coming up

  1. Where the heck are the Redskins?
    Surely they’re not ok with Graham Gano!!! Right?
    Then again, I said the same thing when we signed an unknown David Akers (as Gano) about 10 years ago before we cut him and he became a perennial pro bowler with the Beagles.

  2. “abruptly cut”. You gotta love the drama. You sound like Bob Costas. There was nothing abrupt about it. He was awful for weeks, and everyone knew the Boys were going to make a move.

  3. I hope he stays in Dallas- their kickoff specialist is just that, he’s no good for FG’s. Folk FTW!

  4. Why ditch Tynes? His field goal was the margin of victory in the 2007 NFC Championship and Super Bowl XLII. He was league average on field goals this year, so it’s not like he sucks.

  5. thanks for kicking us into the Super Bowl, Lawrence Tynes, but we don’t want you back next year.

  6. Seriously? My post with the facebook fanpage didnt get put up? Wow, just trying to pimp out your website for you, for free….
    Anyways, Nick Folk will be great for the Giants and the 2 games a year they play Dallas.

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