Ochocinco says he'll take a pay cut for T.O.

NFL_johnson3.jpgBengals receiver Chad Ochocinco, whose quest to get out of Cincinnati in 2008 fundamentally arose from a desire to get more money, now says that he’ll take a pay cut to get receiver Terrell Owens to town.

Ochocinco made the comments to a citizen journalist while leaving Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘n’ Waffles in Los Angeles, and the comments made their way to TMZ.com.

Bob Glauber of Newsday reported earlier today (in the portion of his article that we can see without prying open our change purse) that Ochocinco is the only person in the organization interested in T.O.

And though it might make sense for Chad to enlist quarterback Carson Palmer to the cause, Chad says during the video and he and Palmer don’t get along in the offseason.

Maybe it’s because Carson is focused on getting ready for football season, and Chad is focused on doing things other than getting ready for football season.

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  1. lol… i file this under who cares.. Cinci is more than a reciever away from a “great” football team .. leave it to chad to try and bring more cancer into the lockerroom..

  2. Let me guess you got this little nugget of stupid from twitter?
    change the name of this site to PFZ.COM

  3. He just wants more attention, and if TO was there, he figures all the attention would come to him that way. If not, just him mentioning it also gets him the attention he wants.
    Both of them are a joke.

  4. first of all, big lol at Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘n’ Waffles
    second of all, owens isnt gonna end up on a good team. they know better. itll likely be the raiders or some horrible team whos fans want to see at least something like owens.

  5. if this situation didn’t involve ochocinco and T.O. this article would have an entirely different tone.
    i can’t believe people still hate on chad after his hard knocks performance (doesn’t drink, buys imitation jewelry, makes sure his teammates/friends have cabs home) and his trip to the pro bowl via bus.
    the guy may have a lot of flare, but deep down he is as classy or classier than most of the league…

  6. Chad is a total clown and the last time Carson Palmer even so much as cracked a smile was way back in 1997.
    One guy doesn’t take his job seriously and the other takes himself WAY too serious.
    Is it any wonder these two guys are never on the same page? They clearly can’t stand each other!

  7. leave it to the unimaginative to utter the crusty tired phrase ‘cancer’ in reference to a sports figure. let me guess- it is what is is?

  8. Instead of taking a Pay Cut for the rather mediocre numbers he put up this past season (I won’t post them again, but needless to say he was about the 25th most deserving WR for a Pro Bowl spot if you base it on Stats/Performance).

  9. Maybe Ocho and Palmer don’t get along in the off season because Palmer is always hurt, every year and has to rehab while Ocho performs and entertains and still get’s kicked around by the media.Ocho is the man, Palmer is soft as tissue, Charmin tissue.
    buh bye

  10. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!! All this damn hate from you HATERS! Yeah if we sign him we might go 6-0 again in the AFC North…….and yes I feel with a # 4 defense if we can add WR’s and improve the passing game then yes we can contend…..We were top 10 against the run and top 10 overall hate all you want…We are not your brother or your daddys Bengals……
    Same fans that used us as the butt of jokes before 09′ WATCHED THEIR TEAM GET THEIR AZZ KICKED!
    Then all they could use was their history of winning PAST SB! But when the question came to “What have you done lately”???? You couldnt find them…..keep talkin

  11. No way is one locker room big enough for both of those egos, let alone one huddle.
    Two wide outs with huge mouths, egos, and used to be talent.

  12. Yeah well he also said he’d change his name back to Johnson if Revis could stop him in the playoffs (which he did handily). That tells you how much you can trust his word. LOL.

  13. You could put Jerry Rice on that team and it wouldn’t matter. Carson Palmer will still be the most overrated QB in the league.

  14. He cried Houshmanzilly out of town and now he wants TO in the locker room?
    He really does hate dem Bengals.

  15. Well first of all, this is kind of a “who cares” bit of “news.”
    Secondly, the Player Association doesn’t allow players to just take pay-cuts like that. He could restructure his contract, but that may or may not be worth very much depending on how is current contract is structured.
    But hey, it’s nice to see that Johnson knows how to make meaningless statements for the press, and that the press thinks anyone cares.

  16. 85+81= Unstoppable. If that happens I’m buying my plane tickets for Dallas ASAP. There’s no way those other bums in the AFCN would be able to stop us.

  17. Chad is interested in taking a paycut to get TO until….he actually has to give up money and he will protest

  18. Carson – Are the boys and Bungles playing an exhibition game? Thats the only way Cincy sees the inside of Jerry’s palace this year.

  19. The serious side of this is probably Chad figuring out the only way to get his career back on track is to get a No.1 on the other side to draw some coverage.

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